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Pirate Festival: The Worst Generation

Outer Rim @L’Emperor
Shabbab. Or as Fujitora called him. Vice-Admiral Sharrib had completed his mission. Buena Festa’s body thudded on a Marine Warship. Chains would erupt from the Warship’s hull, taking hold of the mogul’s body. Hina appeared over the railing, smoking that infamous cigarate, nodding to the bird man as he took flight. The Marine ships were under attack by the Vampirates. As the choking of fighting in the Center Lake came, the fighting in the outer rim intensified. Sharrib had taken flight, making the Marine ships roar behind them. A bombardment followed the Vice-Admiral’s attack.

[Hina] “Hina grateful! Back-up is nearly here! Go get ’em, Vice-Admiral!”

The Marine Ships had taken shelter behind the Vice-Admiral's charge. Yet, their orders had not changed. They had engaged the Vampirate fleet, yet their sails blew them to the north. The Marine ships were fleeing with the held of Vice-Admiral Sharrib. The bird man was right, Sengoku would be angry if he’s let them sink. A chance for the birdman to redeem himself as the hero.

Following behind, some of the big names left in the Marines stood waiting to see the response. Coby, Hina, Helmeppo, Tashigi, Strawberry, Onigumo, the legendary Garp, and others waited for the Vampirate’s fleet to respond.

If the Vampirates wanted a war, they’d have it.

East Section ————> Outer Rim@Mr. Anderson
A race to the ships. Rayleigh had been lost over the smoke. The legendary right hand of the Pirate King said he had something important to do, as did Pandaman. Wounded, but able to stay conscious, Pandaman nodded to Bepo and the Vampirate. Bepo grabbed Pandaman and followed Cletus’ lead. The destruction from Bullet was island-ending. They could all feel it: the island was crumbling. A tidal wave made by Gambit only exacerbated matters. Cletus had to destroy incoming debris, explosions, and falling buildings. Yet, the path and race was clear: to the Outer Rim where the Vampirate fleet awaited.

Upon arrival, still on land, Bepo and Cletus could see the Marines and Vampirate fleets clashing. In particular, Vice-Admiral Sharrib was in the sky and in control, counter-attacking from the Vampirate’s offensive. Many prominent members of the Marine waited. Before they could cross over to the sea, the group would run into an infamous figure, the culprit of the Festival trap.

The G.

[Tsuru] “All that puffed talk earlier, young man. Is this your limit?”
[General Maiting] “Tch! Dammit! What is that ability?!”

The Great Advisor, Tsuru, was in the shores of the Outer Rim. She had wounds all over her body, and her break was quick. Yet, she stood in all her proud strength. In front of her, on his knees, was General Maiting. A man who was the striking resemblance of Gambit, only older, using the same cards as a weapon. General Maiting had a large wound on his chest. More importantly, his legs and right arm were ”washed”, laid to dry, ironed into the floor. Tsuru looked down on his opponent and grinned. The old woman, youthful fire in her eyes, lifted her arm, intending to strike the man down.

The War was on all fronts. Cletus had a duty to deliver Pandaman. Yet… here something grave was about to occur. One cannot be everywhere at once. Choose your path.


Center Section @Gambit @Guren @Dream
The group rushed Bullet. Nothing short of a coordinated attack would even put a dent on the behemoth; he who would be Pirate King. The coordinated attack forced the behemoth to stumble, hit everywhere and feet as quicksand. This allowed time for Special Admiral Fujitora to exclaim and tell the Worst Generation to concentrate their attacks on the Colossus’ head, where Bullet's real body was. This was a paramecia, after all. The group nodded in unison, now invigorated by Bullet stumbling. As the behemoth stood up, he’d meet the unified attack of the Worst Generation.

From the Sky, a large meteor was pulled, this one bigger than the last three. Fujitora had flown beside it and infused it with his haki, launching it towards the head from above. The meteor was so large, it would cover the whole behemoth’s head - the first proverbial chink in the armor. To the left cheek, a giant mass of tornado, compacted and black. Crocodile. To the right cheek, a giant slash brimming with harrowing haki, product of the legendary Emma. Ichiryu. Each attack’s blowback power to engulf the whole head. The second and third proverbial chink in the armor.


The last attack would be up for the Sleeping Weapon, Link. He would be the last blow to fall, the strongest. An attack to mark the history books. An attack to wipe his prior crimes by making The Demon Heir fall. Unlike before, these were successive attacks, in aims of eating away at the head of the Colossus to tear through the armor and expose Bullet’s real body. The Worst Generation did their worst to take Bullet off the throne.

Assuming, but not deciding, the successive attacks would be successful, Bullet would see light for the first time, shocked, exposed. In that moment, it happened. Part of the magma attack from the Blacksmith erupted (see Gambit’s next post), would be teleported. A shocking turn of events as the Surgeon of Death, who had been climbing the behemoth’s back, had arrived at the shoulder. The Sirgeon had telegraphed his strategy to the one on the other side. Law’s impassioned voice echoed.


Suddenly, Bullet would theoretically be taken out of the colossus. Teleported from his seat at the throne and switched with the magma that sought the body. The magma would begin to melt the behemoth from the head down. More importantly. Bullet would be teleported mid-air in front of the colossus, without his precious armor… and right in front of the Worst of the Worst Generation: Landayan “Gambit” Morrow.

Law had come in quick succession and aimed to tear Bullet from his throne and serve him up on a platter for the Prince. A Prince who sought to ascend the throne. Now was the time. One shot. One opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment. Would you capture it. Or just let it slip?

As the attacks shook what was left of the island, and the final attack was unleashed, Fujitora’s voice echoed through the lake, den den mushis, and the world.


Fujitora DPS: 14. Planet Level
Crocodile/Ichiryu: 13. Moon Level
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The Surrounding Water of Delta Island
With a mere gesture of his titanic transformation, Douglas Bullet unloosed a canon of shockwaves traversing the island and beyond the shorelines. The Buster Fleet was almost wiped out, incapable of responding to the attack. Uncontested, the wrath pursued the by-standing Fleet of the Silver Vampirates Soviet Union ─ The Strongest Pirate Fleet there is and will be. Seeing the incoming, the commanding officers of the fleet responded emotionally to the uproar of their mad chief ─ The Gambit. An all-out attack was set in order! And with that, Kevin Garnett, the 2nd Fleet Commander leapt off his lone tank, swinging his cursed axe, Raging Bull in answer to the Tiamat. Going wild with a bang, he neutralised most of its potency before Prince Namor, the 1st Fleet Commander assisted him using his cursed trident, Neptune, fashioning a string of tides tackling the rest. Here comes the party of navigators and fishmen race, blasting the ocean with their combined expertise and innate talent to harness tidal waves in conjunction with Gambit's seismic genius, sending a tsunami into the island, careless and bold. A wave, hundred-plus feet in height tried to break into the battleground and succeeded.

Vampirates rejoices!

Ryan Reynolds saw Vice-Admiral trying to deal with the waves. An immediate response is necessary. "Ready the guns!", the 3rd Fleet Commander Reynolds ordered to his snipers and gunners ─ The Artillery Division. 1,000 Mafiosos and Ambushers manned the ship mast of Deadpool Battleship with a capacity of 300 crewmembers, dancing through the tides at 65 knots. Fortified with Multi-layer Titanium coatings, their confidence is at the highest level. "Whenever you're ready Commander.", Sgt. Balde Mor, the officer of the sniping unit said. "Activate the 360 Vampirate Dome!", Reynolds renounced! It is Naval Area Defense System. An electronic combat system to neutralize torpedo missiles fired at ships and submarines, as well as remote-controlled weapons stations that can dispatch electro-optic highly accurate missiles to be used above ships. It contains the following tracking and communication system. "Activated!", Sgt. Balde Mir said.

With that, the Den-Den Muship of the Shipborne Communication System was cast upon the entire fleet, easing the radio signals. Then, with the help of the Sea Spotter, the Naval tracking system that follows the logic of echolocation blocks the enemies' network. "Performance block initiated!", Sgt. Balde Mur shouted.

"Release the Underwater Seismic Torpedo Launcher!", Reynolds commanded. It is a modern torpedo unleashed underwater and propelled towards a target with such accuracy. It has an explosive warhead designed to detonate either in contact with or in proximity to the target. Topping with the current tidal whirlpool, these missiles would swim along with the ships and head directly to them upon landing back on the surface of the waters. 100 shot of these was launched towards the Navy.

DPR: S, requires 100 Navigation to use, 81 Science and Shipwright to create
DPR: Following Gambit's Navigation 120 (Speed and Damage). Small Country Level.

Meanwhile, Vice-Captain Kube who just recently secured the Dark Fortress saw what the Vice-Admiral did. "Boys! Activate the Hydro Cannons!"

With the Naval Defense system activated beforehand, the Vice-Admiral's attack would be neutralised and converted into ionized plasma through the process of fusion upon contact. As soon as this happened, they will be firing plasma bolts powerful enough to destroy a mountain towards the birdman to interrupt whatever plans he has in mind. "Fire!"

2x S-rank AOE weapons from Small Emperor Title Item (can only be used by Dark Fortress for now)
Hydro cannons - These convert water into ionized plasma through the process of fusion, firing plasma bolts powerful enough to destroy a mountain.
DPR: S, requires 100 Navigation to use, 81 Science and Shipwright to create
DPR: Following Gambit's Navigation 120 (Speed and Damage). Small Country Level.

The surface of the ocean continued to shake in accordance with the endless firing and shaking of the sea bed, courtesy of Gambit. But it wouldn't stop the grit of the fleet. They are starting. T-Bag finally saw the backup forces of the Navy. And as the highest ranking official onboard, he'd have to command the crew to respond to that. "T-Bag.", Kube said. "I know.", he said nodding.

"All units! Activate the Sunrise Cannon of all 20 ships. Now!", he roared. In just a few seconds, the machines of the ships started to whir. Loud and mad! And after a while, they will start to press a certain button in the respective captain's den, roaring altogether as if their lives depended on it. "Sunrise Cannon Fire!". The prows of the ship began to harness energy as the barrels of these parts of the ship opened up like a huge mouth. A devastating energy shock shot out accordingly, reverberating as it transcends to the air space between them and their foes.
Sunrise Cannon beam cannon - It is a powerful cannon hidden within the prow of the ship, the cannon itself fires a blast of air that resembles an energy beam.
DPR: S, requires 100 Navigation to use, 81 Science and Shipwright to create
DPR: Following Gambit's Navigation 120 (Speed and Damage). Small Country Level.

"We got some heavy hitters right there. Alert the shipwright of the fleet and attend immediately each a ship is damaged.", T-Bag continued.

"How long has it been since we stir the shit out of each other?"

"Long enough to fight some Hero like him."

"Oh! You mean Garp?"
, he scoffed before saying, "We gonna die trying."

"Chicken out?"

"Hell nah. Let's go!"

And with that, the two Vice-Captains readied their gears, T-Bag activating his Raid Suit while Kube, smoked his body, thanks to Smoker's fruit he just looted a while ago.

Bullet against the World
The Tsunami the crew created for him was augmented even further using Gambit's navigational genius. A technique only he could muster. A testament to his intellect being far from anyone else present today. As the calamity he made entered the vicinity, fodders all over the land suffered from this peril, lying dead in an instant. Only the stronger ones remained at bay.

Down on his knees after Crocodile assisted in softening the ground, Bullet bellowed and would take a fatal blow upon contact with the towering Tsunami. But Douglas is not your ordinary legend, he's witnessed battles since he was a kid and knew exactly how to respond to such a storm. Fortifying his fortress a dozen fold, he created a barrier out of thin air, edging against the punishment of the lord of the tides.

Now occupied with dealing with the tides, both Crocodile and Ichiiryu, both legends in their own rights would cement their names into the temple of justice. Together, they teamed up to launch a coordinated tempest of sand and devastating air slash on both sides of his head. Enter the God of Gravity. Special Admiral Fujitora invoked a celestial body using his devil fruit ability, calling forth a massive union of mass. He leapt to the sky and joined his summon, coating it with his own Haki, magnifying its velocity and destructive potency. Faster than a blink of an eye, the meteor thrice as large as the prior ones plummeted towards the head of the behemoth. All eyes are on it. Link followed suit, manifesting the physical dominance that only he possessed giftedly. Even mightier than Gambit himself. With a combination of both swordsmanship genius and Rokushiki mastery, he would fill the gap this war presently has.

Landayan Morrow, The Gambit. Prince of All Pirates. And the fated King of all Harems is floating in the sky. Charred his body is. His white hair fluttered against the peril. He puffed his last cigar before tossing it away. From his location, he could see all four attacks above gunning against the god. His veins pumped multiple times, trembling in excitement as witnessed this one-of-a-kind event. A history on top of the pages. He turned in the direction of Bullet's shoulder, he saw Law. They exchanged a brief glance before the prince gestured below which the other would turn, too. And with that, a plan was made.

Morrow flew higher than all the rest and into the clouds, distancing himself from the upcoming. Using 2 of his 6 remaining weather eggs, he created another colossal dark cloud that quickly manufactured bolts of lightning he could use. He twirled his weapon as he stayed there. After a few moments, the lightning compressed into his weapon. His body sparkling in dominance.

Back to Law who has now finalised the idea, the pressure holding the magma Gambit formulated underground has begun to weaken, and because of the endless shifting of the plates and softening of the ground, the surface could no longer withstand the boiling earth and fire underneath. A huge amount of it has started to materialise to the surface. Two seconds later, the mantle cracked open and beneath the behemoth as a lake of fire beneath the curtain erupted. "NOOOOOOW!", Gambit roared. Law immediately orchestrated the mayhem. ”RRRRRRROOOOOMMMMM… SHAMBLES!”

Gambit's voice boomed in sync with the incantation of Law's power and he's done just the same. Chanting the god of earth and fire, the prince summoned the strongest version of all his seismic ability. As Law switches the junk from inside the colossus, the magma intercepted the insides of the beast, melting everything in it. "Rise of Giol, Ragnarok!"

Landayan Morrow, Prince of All Pirates
Seeing Bullet finally out in the open, the prince did not waste any more time. He lodges himself into the air, dragging his warhammers. As Fujitora announced the end of his dream to become King, the prince took every opportunity to bag the throne with him. "Douglas Bullet!"

Holding his weapons with both hands, he said to his foe, "There is a reason why Roger became the King of all Pirates. You were part of his crew.", then he stopped on his trail, puffing.

"The path to becoming king has never been easy. The King needs soldiers. Followers. They need masters to guide them to their triumph.", as he said the master, we got a glimpse of General Magiting's battle against Tsuru. "They will be the ones to shape us into becoming the next man to sit on the throne."

"A true king is prepared to shake the hands of his mortal enemies only to defeat a common enemy. That's mutual respect. I respect you, Douglas."

Gambit clad his weapons with the most advanced form of Willpower as he remembered the times he trained with General Magiting. "That's not how you use metal cards in battle, idiot!"

He remembered the times Larsi let him board the Silver Bullet ship, "Welcome aboard kid.". He also recalled when he and Larsi trained in the Art of Flaming Jutte and eventually mastered the most advanced principles of Armament Haki. Sarge said, to the old man who trained them, "to master Haki, you have to let it flow from the core and outward. Think of it as the extension of your desire to infiltrate the insides of your enemy. Look at that mountain. It cannot be destroyed by physical strength alone. You need to pour your spirit into your hand and breathe it out like the air we share. That's Haki."

He remembered the times they fell against Blackbeard. Their victory against Golden Lion Shiki and Patrick Redfield. And their reign against Crocodile back in Alabasta. Flashes of his crew's face emerged inside his head and he couldn't help but have tears at the corners of his eyes. The willpower coating the weapons continued to flare like flames of hell.

"But I had to kill you first in order to get closer to that dream of mine.!"

Using his vampiric ability, he turned into a crimson mist and vanished in front of Bullet only to reappear in front of him. As he got there, he would swing his right weapon upwards, aiming to strike the chin of his enemy. If successful, he would trail him into the sky with such speed incomparable to anyone at this war, before lodging his left hammer downward to smash his head, making him plummet back to the ground.

But he would not stop there, if Bullet tried to trade punches or not, he would summon all the demons in him to launch 7 consecutive strikes against the Demon Heir that would send elliptical shockwaves during their contest.

"I need all of us, now!"



And then all together, 8 voices, including Gambit's cried their lungs out, "7 PRINCES OF HELL!!!"
Crimson Leap: The technique allows the users to move at a disappearing speed in order to avoid attacks or to attack at an incredible speed and with greater power. The user's movement speed is increased by Mastery/5.
- Unranked, requires a minimum of 11 Mastery to use

Nirvana: The user focuses all his energy, speed, and strength on his hammer. As the weapon catches fire, he will dash forth the opponent and starts with an upward stroke to the chin sending them mid-air. Jumping above his target, he will launch a downward strike to the head sending them back to the ground.
- DPR: S, 81 Undying Ember, 81 Strength, 81 Movement
DPR: Large Continent Level

Hell Fire, 7 Princes of Hell: Gambit mauls the ground and then electrocutes the earth element using Dengeki Blue/Navigation in order to convert them into lava substance. He then launches himself at the opponent to deliver 7 powerful blows using his hammer to the opponent's body, aiming to crush them. With each blow, volcanic elements emit from the weapon, magnifying the power of the attacks.
- DPR: S+, 100 Undying Ember, 100 Navigation/Dengeki Blue, 100 Strength, 100 Movement, 5* Alchemy

DPR: Moon Level
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Pirate Festival - Post 30
@Guren @Ichimonji @Kaka @L'Empereur

The gambit of my onslaught was in the hope of bringing the great big bad to his knees, it sounded and felt much better in assumption but in reality, was far more gruesome to bare. Debris would scatter at the moment of impact, though just as it came causing a temporary crack that began to shuffle and regenerate, moments before the regeneration would edge before me all I could do was backflip off Bullet's head with the understanding of the unmovable object I was witnessing.

Scoffing to myself ... ' Well ... shit ... '

Coming to terms with the fact I wasn't able to even make Bullet even acknowledge me as a threat even at the end, I had shattered any means of limits I had even if momentarily were just futile due to his devil fruit. Though something did catch my attention just moments before I came down to unleash my attack, a certain sword, certain dragons ... taking a deep breath of air inhaled, and exhale as I allowed gravity to bring me down with a landing that would be the center of a crater.

Turning to a certain someone, licking the corner of my mouth, my body exuded in body heat due to fatigue only capable of watching as an ultimatum attack against Bullet would ricochet from a gust of wind being blasted in all corners.

Reaching into my inside pocket and pulling out a den den mushi resting it on my shoulder until a voice would be heard, " It's me, I need you to go take the present to the Vampirates and get ready to depart from here soon " then ending the call and placing it back into my inside pocket the last few words as I lay witness to Gambit's absolution, grinning with interest.

Still exhausted, my instincts still wanted me to attack, so there was no going back, it was time for me to unleash a secret maneuver, something that I had kept under my sleeve for a long time and now was time to reveal the ace, crouching down in my stance preparing for what was to come.

' Never in my imagination, i would think I would use this again ... ' ... charging at tremendous speed in the direction of Bullet, tightening my grip on the sword handle with me emitting a high caliber of armament haki with my eyes glowing crimson.

" FLURRRY ... RUSHH! " unleashing a barrage of sword strikes, though one was a sword and the other was none other than the seastone black key being utilised as a sword.

Link Base Str = 120 = Town Level
Flurry Rush / Perfect Doge + Counter Attack or Blitz
Perfect Dodging is accomplished by jumping out of the way of an enemy's attack at the last moment. Doing so temporarily slows time down in Link's perspective, allowing Link to quickly strike enemies with a Flurry Rush. Link then charges forward and unleashes a barrage of flurry strikes.
(81 Mastery + 100 Reaction + 100 Movement Speed + 81 Strength) - DPR: S (each hit)
DPR S = +4
+3 Ryou
Total DPR = Large Continent Level (x4 Hits)
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Shaarib had been wanting to break Bullet’s jaw for a while now. Knocking the old man out and bragging after. He would be in history books forever. Ever since he was a child, he had dreamed of becoming a warrior respected by all the people of Skypiea, he had wanted to be Gan Fall’s right hand; he had wanted to prove to the damn priests that he was worth it. Circumstances changed, he was not on the White Sea anymore but the dream remained. He now wanted to become an Admiral and worked tirelessly to make that dream a reality. He had spent a lot of time trying to build a more than correct resume, he elevated through the ranks fast. But when he finally stood at the gate, things began to turn sour. Shaarib began to feel like he was banging his head against a wall. The government sent him on a mission and asked for his return before he could even finish it. They made him follow Doflamingo’s tails for a bit before letting another pirate save Dressrosa. The skypiean had been angry and went to say his truth. And no matter how many pirates he killed or how many citizens he saved, his standings never seemed to move.

One day, he decided that things needed to change, if the government wasn’t going to recognize his works, he was going to shove it down their throats. He went to Marineford and challenged the meanest soldier in the force without any authorization. The bout never ended and they destroyed parts of the base. It was then that the stellar rise stopped and gravity began to act. Shaarib was now unwanted in the forces. He was sent on leave and had now been trying to climb back. Bullet was the perfect tool for his ascension. At least that is what he thought. As he sat down on the little cloud, he realized that him defeating Bullet was maybe not meant to be.

As he sat there, one hand in the sea, watching the battle going on, he realized that he needed more than his fists to get to the admiral position. Absolute Justice had always been about the mission, getting to the objective by any means necessary. Shaarib liked it, he didn’t have to think much, just kill pirates. But now, prioritizing the ships over Bullet came with an unpredicted outcome : Shaarib was cheered on by the others soldiers. Being the main character by wasn't meant to be. Maybe he was meant to do something else today, something that would bring him closer to the troops at least. It was not a hard realization to accept, but as the minutes went by, as Shaarib felt the incoming backup around him, he began to feel a sense of relief, maybe teamwork wasn’t as bad as it seemed. If Morrow were to be the one to kill Bullet, Shaarib would do his best to destroy his armada. An eye for an eye. The marine began to laugh, not the sarcastic or sardonic one, a really awkward one. Today, the prodigal son was going to be a Hero !

The applause did not last, the armada began to respond with their scientific bullshit. Shaarib's wave was deflected by a magical shield. The government had Vegapunk as an ally and even them did not have this in their ranks. The current had been changing, he could feel multiple bodies moving toward the government's ships. The birdman needed to act , he put another hand into the water and began the counterattack. He gripped the sea and began once again manipulation the current. He needed more concentration since he couldn't go underwater. He needed to guide the torpedos to another location. From his fingertips was created a flock of sharks. The sharks began to feel the space. With a controlled movement, Shaarib guided them to the torpedos causing explosions everywhere.


Mizugokoro (literally meaning "Water Heart"): The primary technique of this style that the user initiates by first performing a bowl-shaped gesture with his webbed hands (one hand over the other) while underwater right before giving the water itself around him a mighty yank. This allows the user to physically grab and redirect currents as if he were manipulating cloth.
Requirements: 81 Mastery, 61 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: B

Shin Murasame
Requirements: 81 Mastery, 81 Strength
Destructive Potency Rank: A ==> 101-119: 4. City Block Level + 3(A) + 2(Haki) ==> 9. Small Country Level
AOE = Mastery/2 ==> 50 meters

What Shaarib did not see coming was two blasts of energy tearing through the waves. They had targeted Shaarib from the start and the Vice-Admiral's hands were still in the water. If he moved them, the untouched torpedos would connect with the ships. If he moved, Hina's ships would probably sink, with it Buena Festa. The birdman opened its beak and let out a cry creating a burst of energy strong enough to destroy the beam.

Tristesse : In his phoenix form, he let out a cry which create a burst that blast things around him.
DPR: A, requires 81,61,41 ==>
101-119: 4. City Block Level + 3(A) + 2(Haki) ==> 9. Small Country Level
AOE = Mastery/3 ==> 33 meters

Shaarib let out a huff of relief, they were able to resist the Vampire's assault. Science country wasn't that much advanced if you ask him. The birdman began to yell toward the newcomers when suddenly, the battlefield got illuminated by blue light. The armada wasn't done, since the beginning, they had been preparing it. They were able to keep Shaarib's focus away from the cannons and now they weren't anything he could do to protect the other ships. With haste, he yanked one of his hands out of the water and began looking for a dial. He wasn't looking fast enough so bet on himself and coated the glove made out of kairoseki with Haki before throwing it into the wind.

Seastone = mountain level durability (must be purchased) + 2(Haki) ==> 9. Small Country Level

-" What the fuck is happening..." said Shaarib hoping the other ships were able to survive the onslaught. They didn't even have the time to counter.
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Pirate Festival #24 The Vice Admiral and the lone General

@Ichimonji @Gambit

Outer Rim

As the battle between the Demon Heir and the Worst Generation began reaching its climax, Cletus and Bepo attempted to make the escape from the apocalyptic scene. But not out of cowardice. Nay, they were carrying precious cargo. Pandaman. The man that held information so valuable, it would jumpstart Gambit's ascent to the throne of the Pirate King. It took defeating the CP0 and surviving the race to the sky islands to get to this point. They just had to get away.

Earthquakes, summoned by the science of Gambit's navigational prowess, birthed a tsunami that aimed to swallow the entire island along with Douglas Bullet. However the Demon Heir would spawn a barrier made created from the island itself, blocking the brunt of the wave and surrounding the island in a dome like structure. Falling buildings, explosions and debris crumbled in their path. However, the lunarian refused to let them slow him down, kicking and punching any stray rubble that had the misfortune of falling their way.

"We're almost there Bepo!"

Nothing could stop them now, their destination drew near. The Outer Rim.

Upon arrival, the lunarian witnessed the Marine and Vampirate fleets clashing. One marine Cletus that recognised from Centre Lake, was in the sky taking control. They tried their best to counter-attack the offensive efforts of his fellow Vampirate’s, trying to aid the Navy in its escape from the choas of the island. Before they could cross over towards the sea however, Cletus noticed something strange happening not too far away. A confrontation between a Marine and an unfamiliar face.

“All that puffed talk earlier, young man. Is this your limit?”

“Tch! Dammit! What is that ability?!”

Cletus looked on in confusion as the injured marine woman stood before the kneeling stranger. His body had been effected by what he could assume to be a strange ability of hers. Signalling to Bepo to crouch down, they stayed out of sight for the time being. Cletus couldn't risk getting Pandaman caught up in a fight.

Strange, the rest of the Marines are fleeing. Yet this one chose to preoccupy herself with this nobody. I wonder why...

The Lunarian pulled out his Den Den Mushi out of his pocket, preparing to contact a certain someone....

"Gacha-Purupuru.... Gambit this is Cletus. We've arrived near the shore with Pandaman. There's a strange marine woman here. Appears to be of the Vice Admiral rank. How do we proceed?"
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