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@Amaterasu please add me, I need to be here, please :catcrysweat:
I love him so much and here everyone know that :catcrysweat:

Later I will put some fanart or other related thing here.

Let me join!

What I love about Ace is that Oda takes alwaya new and very special measures to keep us bond with Ace. The big war the Tama storyline...I know there will be more in and after Wano. That's why I am more interested in him and thus I like him more and more as character and can call myself a fan!
I'm glad you're a Ace fan ^^
I also believe that we will see more of him in a longer flashback in Wano and I also hope to see more of the Spade Pirates (Deuce the first nakama and Ace's closer partner, Kotatsu the lynx, Miharl the teacher, Skull the intelligence officer, and the other crewmates, according Novel A) in that same flashback. After Wano I think we will also see something more of Ace, even a little ^^

I just love the relationship between Luffy, Ace and Sabo. Yup, Luffy knows almost nothing about his family XD. I mean Ace was a WB commander and he didn't know that either
If Ace (who apparently was informed of what was happening in the world, because he used to be an observant person, at least more than Luffy) didn't know that Sabo was alive and had an important position in the revolutionaries, it was probably because the existence of Sabo was hidden from the public. I've always believed that Sabo worked as an undercover agent and his identity wasn't openly known in the World before time skip. If it had been restricted information that only certain people like the Marines knew, I imagine Garp would have known and at least have told Ace that Sabo was alive.

(Please like the video on the video page itself. I want proof that you like the video itself, and aren't just throwing likes out on principle. I am really sensitive about these matters.)
Done dear, I like your beautiful video ?

Im in :3 i still cry thinking of ace QQ
Me too :catcrysweat:
Lately I have been reading reviews of people who have seen Marineford for the first time and I remember everything Ace suffered (and Luffy too) and it makes me sad :catcry:

Years go by and I will never get over Ace's death, never! Sorry u.u
Ace didn’t deserve to die :catcry:
I agree with you :catcry:

I undertandHugs to you @Amaterasu @MistyCat :cathug: :cathug:
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I know that user and doubt they will come back :/ maybe the person on the second place can take over the fanclub.
Ace doesnt deserve abandonance!
I bet it will be the same as in OJ and someone else has to open a new club...

All the Ace fans must be hyped by the great news from magazine vol 9!
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