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So I was thinking if One Piece will show something that will shake up the entire world, maybe it will uncover the dark side of the World Government, and what they have been hiding from the entire world. This will affect many marines who have been thinking all pirates are bad, especially who have been siding with Strawhats. Many of the marines will protest the World Government and propose a revolution in the system. But the World Government will not allow that and the marines who are conservaties and hold absolute justice like Akainu will try to hold the WG hegemony.

This will result in civil war. Marines who want a change of the WG system to a better one and those who stand with the WG.

Probably that's the war which is going to be many fold bigger than Marineford. Pirates, Revos will support the left marines while some kingdoms will side with one side and others (maybe one of them is the evil black drum kingdom) will side the conservative marines

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I think this was already foreshadowed.
Final war will most likely end up being somethink like a World War.
Pro Luffy nations like Drum, Albasta, Dressrosa, FI and the Nation of "One Punch Man"-King will join Strawhats(and allied Pirates), Revos and Nations who not part of WG (like Skypia, Elbaf and Wano) to fight the Marines, the Celestial Dragons, other WG forces (CP,...) and the remaining WG-nations.

So yeah I totally agree with you.
And yeah there might be a few Marines who will end up switching sides.
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Only after when One Piece is found, we shall see that world war because the truth will finally be revealed about why the world government is the true evil in the world. Which will bring forth several marines to switch sides right away because they figured what they were fighting for was wrong. Key names shall be Fugitoria, Smoker and Tashigi
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Pirates are always Bad, it's not like after WG is defeated & changed, they will decide to befriend Pirates
They will always be considered Criminals & that's who they are for sure

Marines are always Good, because they represent Law Enforcers & their Aim is to always protect the Innocents & stop Pirates
But sure, just like any Organization, there are bond to be Bad Members (Such as Morgan & Nezumi)

The World Government in itself & how it looks to the General Eye, is the Alliance of over 100 Nations who all stand as Equals with each other & there is no Supreme Ruler among them as indicated by the Empty Throne, however there is one Exception that ruins this WG & they are Celestial Dragons

The ones who really need to be eradicated are Organized Pirates (Yonko), Pirates protected by WG (Shichibukai) & Corrupt Rulers (CDs).
Shichibukai System is already Abolished & 2 Yonko are already at War & their Positions endangered & CDs are already in Danger against Revos.

So Final War should simply give Conclusion to all of this.
WG, Revos, Marine HQ, Two Yonko (At least), Straw Hats ofc & Supernova/Shichibukai as Wild Cards.
By the End of it, CDs will be Defeated (Along with Im), Revos will be Disbanded and Yonko System is no More
Shichibukai get Closure to their Stories, Supernova become more Famous & maybe some Accomplishments & SHs achieve their Dreams.
And possibly some Changes to Marines

However i believe these Mentioned will fight in the Same Place which is the Main Battle.
But due to some Yonko losing, WG & Marines at War & the reveal of Im-Sama + One Piece + Ancient Weapons perhaps ... etc
Will result in Worldwide Chaos & we will get to see Wars everywhere, Pirates attacking so many Nations due to lack of Yonko & Marines to protect them, some Nations fighting each other due to lack of Order ... etc

The Nations that might lend a hand in the Main War (Aside from Wano & Zou ofc) are Alabasta (They are possibly still in Mary Geoise),
Dressrosa (Because they are close & they definitely want to repay SHs) & Fishmen Island (For multiple reasons). The rest are too far to help, but we will still see them struggling with the Chaos
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It'll be mass Civil War on all levels, a complete fragmentation of all facets of society the world over. This won't simply come down to a battle between two or three opposing sides. We're talking the complete fracturing of the world at large.

All thanks to Blackbeard, and some of the truths hidden w/i Laugh Tale. Even Im will see herself powerless before the chaos he'll usher, forcing her to take one decisive drastic last step in order to attempt rectifying everything. She won't succeed tho.


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Yesyes, it will indeed be a civil war, the dogs of the celestials versus those that wish to liberate.
Seems like S.W.O.R.D. will lead this civil war, and lets not forget Kuzan and possibly Garp. Both act independently most likely. Makes me think that S.W.O.R.D. acts independently too. But Akainu seems to know things we dont know and he seemingly acts independently too as I could guess from his interactions with Kong and the 5 Elders.
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