Island Punk Hazard

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This was as good a proof as any that the event about to unfold here was as Vergo being the traitor of world government, Ian able to have look at the documents before marines decide to burn down the entire place. Ian wasn't sure how should he take this, he doesn't even know what justice means anymore, at least as far as he concerns it has no meaning. It may have some meaning, and it may be that he will have a chance to find out, it may that this word will get rehabilitated to its original meaning. After all, only when it has plenty of time does the justice toy with its people.

At last, there was a little bit of peace. Bounty hunters loaded the body of Monet and Cesar in the ship to claim their bounty in the G-5. While looking, Ian had asked himself if he had really ever been aware of truth this much or if he had merely been having a long dream.

"... This getting to an interesting point," Ian whispered.


When Nero come in front of her to protect her from the attack, but simply from recalling that moment caused such distress that she thought process ground to a complete halt almost immediately. Back when she looked into the maddened eyes of the Ceasar, she predicted her unavoidable death. She felt absolute terror. This was the fate of the prey. At the same time, a familiar scent gently wrapped all around her.

Ah…. When she cautiously opened her eyes and looked behind her. And she Nero standing there, busy glaring with angry eyes at the Cesar while stopping the attack like it was nothing.

It was true that her heart skipped a beat at that moment. But then….

"Why did he made that expression?!" She barely managed to get those words out, her voice had a fair bit of dissatisfaction mixed in it. Slowly but surely, the temperature had begun to drop. And slowly but surely, the remaining light had begun to fade.

"It's over," Nero said. The last traces of the evening sky had almost all disappeared from the sky. The night was almost upon them.

Trying to push back down the anxiety that suddenly began to well up within Miyagi, she put on a smile and spoke to Nero in as cheerful a voice as she could manage. "I hope we could enjoy a scene like that with better settings next time, together!"

"… Maybe" He replied without batting an eye. Miyagi grimaced and looked up excitedly at the sky. A night sky without stars created a serene atmosphere.

"That was quite terrible," She broke out in a smile, like a flower blossoming. Then she looked at Nero and said: "Let's go!" as she starts moving towards the ship, Nero glanced her in the darkness.

Nero had a bad feeling about this. No, this wasn't just a feeling, it was the experience of knowing something is about to happen. From the very start, Nero was a lone wolf. Yet ever since becoming bounty hunter, Nero have been surrounded by different types of people. As he watched these people with a completely different lifestyle from his, he somehow felt uncomfortable. Probably even having thought of questioning his own way of living his life. Nero, have not had any intense, life-changing experiences.

Once, he was involved in some trouble that no one should have been through before he try to face that alone distancing himself from the people more and more. No matter how much he thinks about it, but it was without any point, he knew he could die tomorrow and no one gonna bats an eye. It was neither taught to Nero by someone nor did he learn himself. Even so, he knew if anyone comes in his way, he will be a cold-hearted person who would not bat an eyelid when killing his enemies.

Nero gazed at the sky, "Why he betrayed the marine?" The smile was long gone from his face. He said this with a completely emotionless face.

Nero laughed. It was unclear just how much he was sure about future upbringings. Did he have a plan to carry on, or was he happy to be going by luck either way? Nero's smile was endlessly human, and that was what made him seem so unnatural. He did not hold his breath in the darkness, but let it shine, exhibiting himself unbound by good or evil. His laugh was only the starting point.

It was the beginning of an extremely twisted story.

The End
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# Shaarib was exhausted. Being a pirate was tiring, at least trying to be one was. His plan worked perfectly. As soon as they got past Marijois, he killed every of the prisoners he got from Impel Down. He then put most of them on the emergency raft Naglfar had. But for the plan to work he needed an officer to bring the news and he chose his right-hand, Ayol. The problem was that she didn’t knew about this and the image of her eyes full of dismay couldn’t erase itself from Shaarib’s memory. The winged-man broke one of her arm and threw her on the raft. They were still near the World Capital so he knew she would find a way to survive until the raft get there. Ayol wasn’t like the men he chose. The captain had a bright future and she was from a good family, he didn’t want to tarnish her resume.

Morgan’s Times did not spread the news yet so he couldn’t be sure about what was happening. Maybe the government wanted to keep it quiet, at least until they were ready to announce that heir newly promoted Vice-Admiral was now fighting for the other side ? Maybe they already began to create a crew charged to arrest him. That was fun ? Sengoku didn’t call yet so everything was probably good. Now that he was a pirate he needed to find an island to submit. The first island of many, he needed to create a certain reputation and attract big names. The first island he thought of was Punk Hazard. The island was deserted and he burned down Caesar lab so the government didn’t care about the island anymore. and if you add the climatic situation of the island, it was the perfect hiding spot.

The travel from Marijois to Punk Hazard was perilous without a full crew following Ayol’s orders. Shaarib was back to square one, like in the old days with the 169th. His crew mates did the best they could and they arrived safely. Unlike the first time, Shaarib knew where was Caesar’s hidden pathway. For the first day, they planned to set a camp in the ruins of C.C’s lab and then search in the lab. At Shaarib surprise, the structure didn’t get destroyed with the fire, he thought they were going to find a buried hideout. The mountain in which it was clamped, protected it at least on the outside. Inside it was another case, the fire burned most of it but still permitted them to find an hidden room after a little exploration. It was a bunker, the scientist prepared himself for himself in case something tragic happened. At least that was what his notes were saying. Shaarib needed to sleep. So as soon as he found a bed, he dived in Morpheus’s arms not even giving instruction to his team. They were former marines so they just had to follow the protocol.#

- Yare Yare ...

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# Shaarib was happy about his choices. Two weeks passed and his crew began accommodating to the bunker. They quickly freed the lab and made a training spot, he couldn’t let his children follow him on the piracy path if they weren’t at least meeting the requirements. He had now 5 people under him and each of the was their own man.

First was Genjo, his left hand. A man he met on Loguetown. Nothing has changed personality wise. The young man was still shy and couldn’t get angry at others even when they were disrespecting him. The grey hair weirdo on the other side was a rough diamond as Shaarib predicted. Genjo had a talent for Rokushiki and Shaarib knew already what to do with him. Genjo was the youngest of the group and was the one always getting bullied by Ren and L’Homme. To Shaarib, Ren was just jealous of Genjo while L’Homme had weird tastes.

Ren was difficult, he never listened to anyone. So when he was recruited, Ayol beat him to the ground leaving a nasty vertigo scar on his mouth. He had angry issues, was always in competition with others. He was strong but this path wasn’t leading anywhere. Ren wasn’t very talkative. The only real friend he has was maybe Genjo. They were both using the same fighting style and trained together so the younger grown on him. Time to time he could be seen with Savane. Ren had a normal height, was rather slim and had dark hair.

Thirdly was L’Homme, a quadragenarian okama that loved to wear lucha mask. He was the weirdest of the group. He always told to the newly formed crew that now that Ayol was gone, they needed to call him Mama. L’Homme was the one always checking on others. He measured 5 meters and weighted much more than Shaarib. If you see him for the first you’ll be scared but you won’t fine nicer. The only problem with him was the fact that he really thought he was Genjo’s mother which made him fight with Ren many times.

In fourth came whom Shaarib could call his right hand : Troya. Troya was the jokester of the group. A dark skin man with white hair like his boss and an odd visor tattoo on his left eye that was always close when he wasn't shooting, measuring the meter 80. A smoker that could only be serious when he was behind his sniper. Troya was the one everyone respected so he naturally came to the position of right-hand. He talked to everyone when Shaarib was asleep, organized things. The bunker hadn’t a place where he could train so he was most of the time outside to try to shot something on the icy side and time to time, Savane would help him and be a moving target.

Lastly came Savane, a man measuring 2 meters and with a partially shaved head. He was very slim. Savane was a zealot ! He was a talented swordman and a good soldier but his problem was he was that his life resolved around Shaarib. The man bought sun glasses and began wearing a cap to copy his idol. Besides his attitude he was the one doing most of the chores and doing the island identification. He knew it like the back of his hand and ! and ! he was the one that made their outfit ! It was plus !

His crew was full of weirdos but they were his children. They left a glorious future in the Marine for him because they believed in his view of Justice. They had already lost too much time on this island. It was they make a move and he had already a target in mind. He would leave Savane here because he needed someone reliable on this island incase someone wanted to take back his hq. Mostly because nobody could take care of the bunker like he did. With the 4 others he got on Naglfar and set sail towards a new chapter.#

- Yare Yare
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