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You play a character in the One Piece world; which is either a pirate, a marine, a cipher pole agent, a revolutionary or a bounty hunter. You post in islands as your character, narrating what they say and do while there.

After choosing an organisation you then choose a race. The available races are Humans (balanced), Giants (physically strong and durable but not that smart), Fishman (fairly strong durable and fast, faster in water), Skypieans (physically fast and balanced, can have CoO early), Dwarves (physically strong and fast but not that smart), Humandrill (balanced and good at fighting, not very smart), Minks (very balanced, better in two things), Sentient Beasts (Balanced but can’t use most fighting styles due to being animals, not very smart).

Then you have your stats, starting at level 50 you get your level times 5 for your total stat points

There are 8 main stats that you initially will be putting your points into, with 6 of them having substats.

Strength (how strong you are)
-Reaction Speed (how fast you can react to attack and things)
-Movement Speed (how fast you can run)
-Durability (how durable you are)
-Stamina (how much stamina you have)
Martial Arts (how skilled at fighting you are)
-xx (fighting style(s) go here)
Haki (unlocked at level 40)
-Armament Haki (how good you are at armament haki)
-Observation Haki (how good you are at observation haki, has two types and can be used at level 30 as a skypiean)
Devil Fruit (skill at using devil fruit, only used when you have one)
Mind (optional)
-Medicine (how good you are at healing at creating healing items)
-Science (how good you are at creating inventions
-Navigation (how good you are at navigating the sea, also used to create weather abilities)
-Cooking (how good you are at creating food that give beneficial effects)
-Beast Mastery (how good you are at controlling beasts)
Cyborg (optional)
-Destruction (used for cyborg weapons)
-Armoring (used for cyborg armour)
-Energy (used for cyborg power which is used for techniques)
-Utility (used for gadgets)

Each of the substats use the points put into the main stat times two: so if you put 21 points into speed, you have 42 points to put into reaction and movement

To get Experience you have to do canon islands or Battlegrounds; canon island events matter but give 50% more experience. Battlegrounds are non canon fights that events dont matter; so you can die in them etc. You have 3 battleground slots; so 3 threads, one of which is a special slot: the special slot can be used to make your character a different level, have a Devil Fruit or even be a completely different character.

The Activity thread is used to make sure you are active in the RP, it also gives you money and experience. You post 2 links to two posts you made in that week to do it, or if you miss a week you put 3 posts within the three weeks. Both canon threads and battleground threads count towards activity, the posts have to be since activity was last checked. Activity is checked once a week, usually around Wednesday/Thursday.

For more information use these threads:

For examples of characters use: https://thrillerbark.com/threads/biographies.92/
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