Pirate Rouge

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Biographical Information
Rouge C. Sang
Alias: ???

Personal Description
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:
May 17th
Age: 39
Hair Color: Beige

Professional Status
Sweet Pirates

First Appearance

Racial/DF Boosts:
Strength+2, Vitality+2, Speed+2, +3 Anywhere
Strength: 66(Race:+30, MA: +5, DF: +20)=101(121)
Speed: 66(Race: +30, Mind: +5, DF: +15) = 101(116)
[Movement: 101(116) | Reaction: 101(116)]
Vitality: 66(Race: +30, Mind: +5, DF: +20) = 101(121) [Stamina: 101(121)| Durability: 101(121)]
Haki: 100 [Color of Armament(Offensive): 100 |Color of Observation(Awareness): 100]
Ryu Ryu no Mi; Allosaurus: 100
Martial Arts: 100
-Kenzin Karate:100
-Life Return:100

Leftover points: 8
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Current EXP: 461,666
Current Funds: TBA

Week September 5 - September 11
New Money Total: 1,497,341,838 Beri
New EXP: 208,287

Week September 12 - September 18
Karate Island Cleared
New Money Total: 1,516,841,838 Beri
New EXP Total: 216,477

September 26-October 2nd
New Money Total: 146,841,838 Beri
New EXP Total: 234,477

Week of 03 to 09 October
New Money Total: 166,841,838 Beri
New EXP Total: 235,477

Week December 12 - December 18
New Money Total: 186,841,838 Beri
New EXP Total: 236,477

Week December 19 - December 25
Sold Brachio Fruit to Cross for: 1,000,000,000
New Money Total After Activity: 1,206,841,838
New EXP Total: 237,477

Week of Jan 23 - 29
New Money Total: 1,226,841,838
New EXP Total: 238,477

Week of February 6 2023 - February 12
New Money Total: 1,829,992,398
New EXP Total: 214,477

Week March 6 - March 12
New Money Total: 2,683,150,300
New EXP Total: 215,477

Week March 13 - March 19
New Money Total: 3,699,645,278
New EXP Total: 216,477

March 20 - March 26
New Money Total:
1,543,163,768 + 600,000,000= 2,143,163,768
New EXP Total: 212,477

Week March 27 - April 2
New Money Total: 1,992,704,600
New EXP Total: 292,446

Week of April 03 to 09
New Money Total: 3,183,983,171
New EXP Total: 293,446

Week of April 10 to 16
New Money Total: 4,372,782,639
New EXP Total: 294,446

Week April 17 to 23
New Money Total: 5,655,386,017
New EXP Total: 295,446

Week of 24th April - 30th April
New Money Total: 6,878,892,932
New EXP: 292,966

Week May 1 - May 7
New Money Total: 8,410,432,008
New EXP Total: 312,966

Week May 8 - May 14
New Money Total: 9,923,249,850
New EXP Total: 345,292

Week May 15 - May 21
New Money Total:10,454,788,926
New EXP Total: 346,292

Week of 29th May - 4th June
New Money Total: 12,104,603,952
New EXP Total: 347,292

June 5th-11th
New Money Total: 343,292
New EXP Total: 13,740,653,952

Week of June 19 2023 - June 25 2023
New Money Total: 2,342,615,962
New EXP Total: 218,292

Week of 10th July-16thJuly
New Money Total: 5,201,289,900
New EXP Total: 220,292
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Rouge is a member of the Sweet Pirates, a group consisting of the strongest members within the Sweet Pirate Fleet.




As a member of the Sweet Pirates, Rouge is one of the strongest pirates in the crew, possessessing incredible destructive power and speed.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes
His speed is so immense people can barely register his attacks. Many would only see a quick motion before they were struck down.

Enhanced Strength
Rouge has incredible physical strength. Able to unleash attacks with a large amount of force.

Rouge is one of the very few individuals in the world who can use Haki.

Kenbunshoku Haki (Color of Observation)
Rouge is highly proficient in Kenbunshoku Haki, able to sense the emotions and nature of others. He could also use it to sense the strength of others on a wide scale, being able to observe and accurately determine the strength of his opponents.

Primary Path​
Secondary Path​
The user can sense anything within 120 meters of themselves when CoO is activated. Adds sensing emotions, killing intent, power level, and general health.​
The user has increased reaction speed +5 within 20 meters of themselves when CoO is activated.​

Busoshoku Haki (Color of Armament)
His Haki Path is offensive. This path focuses on overwhelming offensive power, sacrificing defense. Therefore, it grants him the following boost when Haki is in use.
- Offensive COA: +2 to DPR, +1 to Durability
Zolan has an extremely high level of skill in Busoshoku Haki, allowing him to effectively bypass the powers of a Devil Fruit user and touching the "substantial body" beneath whatever protection the fruit provides. Zolan's supreme master proficiency in Busoshoku Haki allows him to use it for overwhelming offense. He is also able to harden his entire body, or parts of it.[/Spoiler]

Master Combatant: Rouge's combat skills are far beyond what trained fighters are capable of. Conventional weaponry such as guns are virtually useless against him as he can block or dodge such attacks before they reach him, and his intelligence and adaptability to any situation allows him to counteract unusual weapons and fighting styles.
-Tenketsushin Tenohira: The user uses the Tenketsushin technique using palm where he hits the vital organs which will cause destroyed organ or near death injuries.
(100 Mastery, 100 Strength)DPR: S+

-Eight Trigrams Palms: Revolving Heaven: A defensive technique which forms a sphere around using water to protect person inside but can't move around.
DPR: C, requires 31 mastery, 31 Strength - 3 turn cooldown, 1m radius
DPR: B, requires 51 mastery, 51 Strength - 2m radius, 2 turn cooldown
DPR: A, requires 71 mastery, 71 Strength, 5m radius, 1 turn cooldown
DPR: S, requires 91 mastery, 91 strength
Rouge has complete control over his body parts, even parts that cannot normally be controlled, such as his hair.
Perfect stamina control: Kallavan through having advanced mastery over life return is now able to fight much longer than what's normally possible. Through his stamina control he is able to fight without wasted movements, which allows him to execute draining techniques more often. 71 mastery, no effect on s-rank moves and above.

Enhanced recovery: As the name implies Kallavan is able to boost the recovery speed of his body. Allowing him to return to a previous fight much quicker granted if his issues are only stamina related. Losing a limb for example is still a huge drain on stamina even with his enhanced recovery. This is purely if Kallavan runs out of gas when he has been fighting for days. 51 mastery, limit of once per island

Muscle Control; Invincible: Allows the user to either defend from powerful blows, through instantaneously clenching all of their muscles at the moment of impact; tensing and tightening of the muscles increases the solidity and density of the user's body, thus preventing the impact of outside attacks from inflicting much, if any, damage.This gives the technique massive defensive power. Follows Tekkai Guidlines.

-Muscle Control; Ironbreaker: A strike-enhancing technique that is delivered while tensing and tightening the muscles in the user's hands or feet. It produces an attack powerful enough to leave an impression of one's fist in their opponent's body. 41 Mastery 41 Strength DPR: B

-Muscle Control; Ironbreaker: Chain: An application of Ironbreaker as the name implies, is a continuous barrage of Ironbreaker enhanced strikes.
61 Mastery 61 Strength DPR: A

-Muscle Control; Bone Bindiing: The ultimate level of Muscle Control. Using precise and delicate muscle control, the user is able to move body parts where a bone has been broken.
81 Mastery

Sensory Control: increases the performance of one sense at the cost of others. For example, he can increase her sight at the cost of his hearing, or his sense of smell at the cost of his sense of taste. 41 mastery
-Sensory Control; Eyes of the Lord: The user Increases the performance of their sense of sight, in exchange for their sense of taste. As a result, the user gains a +10 boost in reaction speed. 51 Mastery. 2 turns Maximum, 3 turn Cooldown

Temperature Control: Kallavan can control his natural temperature to help deal with extreme heat or cold.
41 mastery for basic usage. If you have a tier above their mastery: 1 DPR lower on attacks that use heat/cold, if you have 2 tiers above its 2 DPR lower

Excretion: Kallavan can deal with, decompose and excrete harmful substances that enter his body, such as if he gets poisoned. He will normally exhale or spit the harmful substances out to a certain extend of course. 51 mastery, has limits and requires 1 turn to reduce the effect and another to get rid of it

Lung Control: Kallavan can hold his breath for extremely long periods of time and go without breathing. He can inhale and exhale extreme amounts at the same time. He can also scream very loud, to the point where his screams together with hasshoken can cause shockwaves.
21 mastery for basic usage. 41 for B rank scream

Adrenaline Pump: Kallavan can increase his adrenaline to fight longer and feel less fatigue. Overuse will result in the suppressed fatigue coming crashing down. Defensive prowess.
61 Mastery and follows the same rules as the adrenaline shot.

  • Occult Studies​
  • Sailing​
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Personal Treasure Chest


King Item
Create a custom large chain of islands that you become king of
-allows you to gain some immunity from the World Government due to fear and allows you to go to Reverie
-level 80 named NPC
-level 70 named NPC
-level 60 named NPC x2
-level 50 named NPC x10
-level 40 named NPC x50
-level 30 named NPC x100
-level 20 unnamed NPCs x500
-level 10 unnamed NPCs x5000
-gives 1.250 000 000 beri weekly reward
Price: beri
Two Sea Stone Gloves

Terror of the Seas
Terror of the Seas - a great pirate that wrecks havoc across the seas, influential enough to soon be compared to the Emperors. Gives a level 70 NPC, as well as a pirate ship made out of Adam Wood, with 2 S-rank ship weapons. Gives 500,000,000 a week (need to qualify for that week's activity).
Only buyable by a Pirate.
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Aro Carcharias

Tranformed by an old woman's curse, Aro is the loyal guard dog of the ship and the Goodest Boy of the Sweet Pirates.


80×5 = 400
Strength: 62+32= 91
Speed: 62+32= 91
91×2 = 182
Reaction Speed: 101
Movement Speed:81
Vitality: 72+32= 101
Durability: 101
Stamina: 101
Haki: 100 = 100
100×2= 200
Armanment Haki: 100
Observation Haki(Precognition): 100
Ryu Ryu no Mi Model; Allosaurus: 100

A physical attack in which the user charges and slams into the opponent with their whole body.
Req: 11 Mastery 21 Strength
21 Mastery, 21 Strength: Destructive potency: C
41 Mastery, 41 Strength: Destructive potency: B
61 Mastery, 61 Strength: Destructive potency: A

11 Mastery, 21 Movement Speed.
The user closes the distance between them and their opponent with a straight and fast run, making it hard to change directions. The user's movement speed is increased by Mastery/5.
11-40 mastery: 3 turn cool down
41-80 mastery: 2 turn cool down
81-100 mastery: 1 turn cool down

The user unleashes a barrage of strong bites that creates the illusion of them having multiple heads.
81 Mastery 81 Strength DPR: S

Doggy Paddle: A technique that allows the user to travel at incredible speeds, resulting in traveling at least as fast as a fishman underwater. The user moves their fours limbs alternately in a manner that quadrupedal mammals use to swim. It is effectively a "trot" in water, instead of land.
81 Mastery, 41 Strength and 61 Movement Speed

Speak: Aro barks and creates a huge blast wave that decimates anything in front of him. It packs enough power to uplift the ground, sending hundred of his opponents flying.
100 Mastery DPR: S Ranged (100 feet)

Take Down
A combination of "Pursuit" and "Tackle" where the user coats their entire body in armament haki before performing a reckless full-body charge attack, slamming into their target.Gives turn-based +20 sub-stat boost in MA
100 Mastery, 100 Strength, 100 Movement Speed, 100 Armanment Haki DPR: S+

Dark Maul
A stronger version of "Maul". The user coats their teeth in strong armanment haki before unleashing a barraged of strong bites that contain bone crunching power.
100 Mastery 100 Strength 100 CoA
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