Traditional Mafia Round 0: The Weebs Invade Thriller Bark

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Host - @novaselinenever
Players - 15+
Start date - First Week of September

In celebration of our new Traditional section, I'll be hosting this game to kick off the festivities. It is part of the series of Weeb games I've been hosting, however it's more of a stand-alone sequel. The setting of this game will be Thriller Bark.

Along side your sign ups, you must have two submissions. They can be from any theme, as well as any form of entertainment (anime/manga, books, videos games, movies, tv series...), or even based on real people. Even objects or concepts can be submitted, basically anything you could imagine. That being said, characters having appeared in the previous installments are unavailable as picks as well as any submissions related to One Piece.
Wrath of the Weebs -

Aizen - Bleach
Kan Ki - Kingdom
Orihime - Bleach
Yumeko Jabami - Kakegurui
Orochimaru - Naruto
Bakugo - Boku no Hero Academia
Joe - Megalo Box
Yukihira Soma - Shokugeki no Soma
Archduke Lewis - The Promised Neverland
Nanbu - Megalo Box
Sawada Tsuyanoshi - Reborn
Jin Mori - The God of High School
Akainu - One Piece
Luffy - One Piece
Madara - Naruto
Robin - One Piece
Shin-Ah - Akatsuki no Yona
Richie - One Piece
Yoshikage Kira - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Raizel - Noblesse
Komatsu - Toriko
Rak Wraithraiser - Tower of God
Gintoki Sakate - Gintama
Sebastian - Kuroshitsuji
Mirio Togata - Boku no Hero Academia
Guts - Berserk
Gohan - Dragon Ball
Conan - Detective Conan
Shura Kirigakure - Ao no Exorcist
Sir Crocodile - One Piece
Genrar - Pokemon
Ippo Makunochi - Hajime no Ippo
Doflamingo - One Piece
Big News Morgan - One Piece
Omegamon - Digimon

Revenge of the Weebs -

Arthur Morgan
Yugi Muto
The Batman Who laughs
Ophiuchus Odysseus
Al Sama
Darth Vader
Blue Lantern Flash
The Punisher
Illumi Zoldyck
Donald Trump
Hiruma Yoichi
George Costanza
Billy Herrington
Zak Saturday
UI Goku
Franklin Richards
Sign ups will stay open for a week. :pepemusic:

Players - [49/51]

1. @Dr. Dandy [Taylor Swift ; Elijah]*
2. @AL. [Tobirama ; Nick/12th Supernova]*
3. @Larsi [Kabuto ; Lich King]*
4. @Ali [Dabi ; Kurapika]
5. @Gambit [Hinata ; Akane]*
6. @Iwan [Hans kelsen ; GOD]*
7. @Waindo [Zeke ; Lord Nibbler]*
8. @Shion [Junko ; Cersei]*
9. @Dragomir [novaselinenever ; Kim Jong Un]*
10. @Naomi [Bugs Bunny ; Haley Quinn]*
11. @Shottie [FURATTP ; Soo-Woon]*
12. @Dr.Respect [Inigo Montoya ; Archeon Everchosen]*
13. @Beky [Legion Commander ; Swain]*
14. @Nessos [Tommy Oliver ; Toka]*
15. @Oreki [Oreki Houtaro ; Nero]*
16. @Nana [Walter White ; Barney Stinson]*
17. @Papa Rak [Perry the Platypus ; Keroro]*
18. @aa-dono [Obi ; Retsuko] -- [@Kibi]*
19. @The Poet [Henry David Thoreau ; Edgar Allen Poe]*
20. @Rej [Megumin ; Natsumi]*
21. @Stray Cat [Terumi ; Slaine]*
22. @MistyCat [Ahri ; Kyokai]*
23. @Div [Avatar Roku ; Jon Snow]*
24. @GTR [Hit Girl ; Homelander] -- [@Zemmi]*
25. @Bonnibel [Rick Sanchez ; Saitama]*
26. @Samael [Slappy ; Pumpkin Head]*
27. @Robin [Sybell Spicer ; The Sisterhood of Elune]*
28. @Udell [Master Chief ; Zatch Bell]*
29. @Salah Eddine [Garen ; Mahrez]*
30. @Hatz [Aiz ; Geralt]*
31. @ToBeThriller [Godzilla ; Welfin] -- [@Haku]*
32. @A famous historian [Bernie Sanders ; Naru]*
33. @Mat D. Bizzo [Darth Ravens ; Ryner Lute]*
34. @Smileyman [Kurama ; Reddington]*
35. @Reniki [Ging Freecss ; Roy Mustang] -- [@God Usopun]
36. @Sallucion [Annabelle ; IT]*
37. @Okosan [Zetsu ; Mr. Bean]*
38. @Too Much Red [Neziko ; Mercy]*
39. @Akiyousei [Kunieda ; Yamaguchi]*
40. @Roogy [Zim ; Grim Reaper]*
41. @Ryu Kishi [Chu Feng ; James Bond]*
42. @shade0180 [Duterte ; Putin]*
43. @Izaya X [Garou ; Rindou] -- [@RAIL_GUN]*
44. @AceNTama [Maeglin ; Murtagh]*
45. @Saphire24 [Lubbok ; Kirito]*
46. @NeoRetro [Industrial Revolution ; Shigeru Myamoto]*
47. @Cooler [Lisa Ann ; Yamcha]*
48. @Michelle [Miyamoto Musashi ; Dracula]*
49. @Frayz [Hal Jordan ; Han-Jee-Han] -- [@Dragon D. Luffy]*
50. @Gintoki [Lucifer Morningstar ; Pegasus Seya Tenma]*
51. @oddoddfruit [Salt ; Michael Phelps]*

Game Style -

  • Traditional Setup - This game will prominently feature an uninformed majority against an informed minority.
  • Semi-Closed Setup - The list of characters potentially present in the game is public. However, no other information about the setup of this game will be revealed in the game thread until the game has ended.
  • Plurality Lynch - The player with the most votes at the end of the Day phase will get lynched. No-lynch is an option.
  • Day start - This game will begin with a Day phase. Day 1 will exceptionally last 48 hours.
  • Phase length - The game is divided into cycles with each cycle consisting of 2 phases, a day phase and a night phase. Each phase will last 24 hours, with the exception of D1.
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Yagami Light - Death Note
He was a role in the previous game. Need another submission.

"I'm going to make the world know I'm here… that somebody is passing righteous judgement on them."

You are Light Yagami!

[Passive - Kira] - Light believes that the world is 'rotten', and he's on a quest to rid the world of evil people. His definition of evil is very simple. Each player that kills an innocent player, or participate in the lynch of one is guilty in his eyes. Players that killed through abilities will appear as their role name in his list, while players that lynched an innocent player will appear by name.

[Passive - Ryuk] - Ryuk is a Shinigami who gave Kira his death note which the later uses as a mean to complete his goal. He is invisible to everyone except Kira, and is always following him around. He knows the identity of every player that targets Kira, and that Kira targets. However, he is indifferent to Kira's goal and he's just in it for the fun.

[Passive - Always A Step Ahead] - Kira avoids the first attack targeting him every phase. He is immune to Role-crushes, and most debuffs.

[Passive - Memory Loss] - If Kira is investigated, he will always appear as Innocent. However, when this is triggered he will be role-crushed for the remainder of the cycle having forgotten his goal and lost his Death Note. Prior to that time, he may task Ryuk to hand the Death Note to a player of his choice for the duration of that cycle.

[Passive - It's Just A Book] - Kira is immune to any Trackers and Watchers when performing an action through his [Death Note]. He may not be redirected, and he's immune to deflectors or bus-drivers.

[Passive - Short Temper] - Kira is justice, and he will not sit by and be accused of being evil. Each time someone accuses him in the thread, he must respond and always have the last word in an argument. If he fails, he will mod-blocked the following night and start questioning if he's really destined to be the 'God of the New World'. If a player votes against Kira during two distinct phase, they must be evil. He may write their name in his death note as an extra-kill.

[Active - Apples] - Ryuk is very fond of Apples, so much even that it can be considered an addition. It's Light's only weapon to manipulate him and get him to help out. Once per cycle, Light may give Ryuk some apples to try to get something out of him. He starts the game with 10 apples.
--- [1 Apple] - Effects of the actions that targeted him during a certain phase.
--- [3 Apples] - Identity and role of the player that visited him the most recently.
--- [4 Apples] - Identity of people that visited him during a certain phase.
--- [5 Apples] - Roles that visited Kira during a certain phase.

[Active - Death Note] - Each cycle, Kira may write the name of a player in his Death Note. There are several rules, that he must follow in order to successfully use it. First, alongside their name, he must submit their correct role name. Second, he must submit the date of death as well as the reason of their death. The date of death must be no later than 2 cycles from when he first write the name of the target, and the reason of death.

[Active - Shinagami Eyes] - At any time, Kira may decide to make a deal for [Shinigami Eyes] with Ryuk in exchange for half of his remaining lifespan. He will be able to investigate a player each cycle, and learn their full role (including any hidden ability) bypassing any kind of immunity. He will also learn the entire history of their role, every player they ever targeted. As a consequence, he will lose all his defensive passives and he will start each phase with 2 votes on him. [1-shot]

Wincon - Cleanse this rotten world.​


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I wanna sign up but I just wanna be the character I picked :pepeban:
Where's the fun in that? Gotta play the odds, more exciting that way :pepemusic:
Gambit was in the last one. Also need 2 submissions, no cheating the system :weirdpeep:

"I wrested alligators before I could write my own name. This just feels like goin' home."

You are Gambit!

[Passive - Static Interference] -
Gambit creates natural static because of the charged potential energy always in his body that shields his mind from intrusion by telepaths. He is immune to redirections and any kind of possessions.

[Active - Molecular Acceleration] - Remy has the ability convert the energy stored in an object and convert it to kinetic energy. Each day, he can mark a post number and charge it with kinetic energy. The player that post on it will be role-blocked for the remainder of the phase.
--- [Playing Cards] - Instead of charging a post number, Gambit can charge one of his many playing cards and target a player with it. He will redirect their next action to a secondary target of his choice.
--- [Kinetic Shifting] - Gambit can charge his own self by accelerating his regeneration process. He will role-block any player that visits him during that phase. [2-shots]

[Active - Dissolution] -
Gambit can also cause objects to pull themselves apart instead of exploding violently making them harmlessly melt down to nothing. He will negate the next ability that is performed. [2-shots]
--- [Friendly Fire] -
He can target a player. If Town, their next negative action will fail on an Innocent player. [3-shots]

[Active - Disruption] -
Once per cycle, Gambit can tame his explosive acceleration to temporarily scramble a persons sensory awareness knocking them out cold. He may target a player and disable any defensive passive they have as well as drain their vote.

[Active - Thief Guild] - Each day, Gambit may target a player and steal any artifact they posses. If they do not have any artifact, he will steal their vote. This may fail on certain roles.

[Active - Horseman of Death] -
As Horseman, Remy wield new powers and completely change his appearance. At the end of D3, Gambit will revert into Death and gain new abilities. Any cycle he uses his Death powers, he will invest as [Guilty] due to his appearance. He is immune to role-blockers in that phase as well due to his enhanced psychic resistance.
--- [Toxic Transmutation] - As Death, he has the ability to convert breathable air into poisonous gases. He is immune to any kind of poisoning or debuffs. He will poison any player that visits him during that phase. Poisoned players die after a cycle, if not healed. [2-shots]
--- [Corruption] -
Gambit displays the ability to corrupt other creatures and subvert them to his will. He can target a player and take control of their role as well as their vote. They will show up as Guilty during that time due to the change of their appearance to mirror his. [2-shots]
--- [Death Charge] -
As Death he can use his cards to break down living matter on contact, totally disintegrating a victim. He may target a player and super-kill them. They will be however janitored, and he will not learn their identity. [1-shot]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
Guts - Berserk
Guts was in the first one,

"I'd rather fight for my life than live it."

You are Guts!

[Passive - Resilient] -
You are the personification of persistence and resilience, never yielding to fate or destiny. As such, you are immune to vote manipulation.

[Active - Dragon Slayer] - This is your signature weapon, with it, you can target any player and threaten to slay them. You will ask them a question, and if they lie, you will kill them. [1-shot]

[Active - Cannon Arm] -
The cannon in your mechanical arm allows to target any incoming action from an anti-town player, and destroy it. [2-shots]

[Active - Berserker Armor] -
This is your last resort in your hunt against these scums. It allows you to fight with superhuman scum-hunter skills and agility. [1-shot]
You will gain 3 lives, however since the armor take a huge toll on your body, you will loose 1 life every cycle until you are back to normal.
- Your [Dragon Slayer] will bypass lie-detection immunity.
- You will gain a kill-shot and become immune to the first hostile action.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
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