[FIN] Traditional Mafia Round 00: True Mafia - Wolves vs. Village

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:lazyflirt: @Naomi told ya the convert was a good choice
congrats to scum! grats to drago for this nice setup!
lmao, you saved me from loosing in the long run. :lazyflirt:

I am happy we survived this far @Oreki :lazylaughplz:
congrats naomi and rej
Thx for the game Drago
Thank you Nana! :ghostie: And grats to you and oreki to ^^ lol

Lol never blinding trusting Oreki day 1 till he confirmed, total scum! :angrylazeplz:

@Waindo you where correct, he was scum!
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Any thoughts on tje game @Dragomir?
Why did you push Rej and Naomi so hard when you had Nana right on the money?
No, the only reason you found everything scummy related to us because you knew we were scum cuz drago told you. You can't be surprised if you know the spoilers
Actually, I made Rej guess who the scum were before telling him and he got you immediately.
I've left the mafia chat early. But I did record down all the actions in a Google doc if you guys want to see them.
The setup:

Town: 10
5x Cops
3x Doctors
1x Odd night Vigilante
1x Jailkeeper

Mafia: 2
1x Bus Driver and Doctor
1x Role Blocker and Role Cop

1-shot bulletproof Jester

Hidden Mechanics: Only the first cop to submit his action has its work. The other cops' actions will make their target appear guilty for that night but they won't receive any results. The player to submit the faction kill becomes detection immune and bypasses the miller effect. If the doctor claims in the thread, their protects don't work anymore. When the jester is lynched, they have the option to pick another person to be jester for a 2nd jester in the game. If they're night killed then, they can't.
what about a classic OJ styled game with fakeclaims and role madness with themed roles
Unfortunately, I won't be hosting a 3rd game :pepehands:
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