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The 6th round was wrapped. The prince drew a tie in playing Paper. It was technically his 6th failed attempt to analyze the situation. He remained calm, thinking.

His first theory of probability and ratio failed. The second theory of compound experience also failed. Playing just the way he wanted it and let the luck prevail also failed. Last round, he came to a conclusion that the soul never repeats his call also failed. It was also not true, that the soul plays the exact hand sign of the would-be winner of the previous round.

Still staring out of space with his fist clenched as it's held against the ground, Gambit recalled all the four cues, the ghost announced pre-round.

Rock Paper Scissors was cued loudly for the 1st round; I lost to Scissors but Rock should have killed it.
Rock Paper Scissors was cued loudly for the 2nd round; a tie between Rocks; Paper should have killed him.
Scissors Rock Paper 3rd round was cued loudly; I lost to Paper but Scissors would have won.
Paper Scissors Rock 4th round was cued loudly; it was another tie between two Scissors.
He stopped on the 5th. Why?

1. The same order of the first cue, if followed would have given me three consecutive wins.
2. The same order of the second cue would be the subsequent plays the ghost did for the 2nd to 4th rounds.
3. The same order of the third cue was played by him for the 1st to 3rd rounds.
4. Every even round gave a tie.

1st round result: Paper vs Scissors - lost
2nd round result: Rock vs Rock - tie
3rd round result: Rock vs Paper - lost
4th round result: Scissors vs Scissors - tie
5th round result: Rock vs Paper - lost
6th round result: Paper vs Paper - tie

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I am losing patience in this game. Why?! Why?! What is going on?!!

I have been trying to decipher this game or if there's any pattern or hint, but none of them made sense!!!

Huff. Huff. Huff.

What if?!

I am destined to tie every even round. Because I played all the hand signs on all those meetings. If he intended for me to lose, he would've given me a tie.

I also played Rock twice on odd rounds, but I lost. I once played Paper, yet I lost, too. Scissors!!!

Is that it?!

It's worth a try. Nothing's gonna change anyway.

Gambit playing rock paper scissors has been one of the more frustrating experiences. I literally feel his pain:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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