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A Family Hunted #10 @Larsi

Power overwhelming. That was Kallavan's sudden transformation in his dragon form. A suffocating tension as Katakuri's fear started to creep upon him. Would he be able to get out of this place alive? Would he even be able to escape at all? And what about his family? Numerous questions he began raising in his mind, all while staring a beast ten times his size in the face. Mochi would form around him, forming two large circles that hovered in mid-air. From those two massive fists would emerge, as if they had portaled in. With a boxing stance entered, Katakuri prepared himself for the worst.

A wicked grin was etched upon Kallavan's dragon form. He still wasn't used to this beast form just yet. It was a lot more bloodthirsty and wicked than his previous dino form. And a lot more easily get lost in the senses of the animal. Some of its emotions tended to seep through. Luckily he still had all of his mental factors in check. His eyes glowed red for a split second.

"JOURNEY BEFORE DESTINATION!" The massive dragon shouted, a voice almost heard throughout the entire island. If he wasn't already seen, given his enormous size. A recognizable creed for those affiliated with Foxhound but simple gibberish for those who weren't.

After that singular shout, Kallavan would start to inhale sharply. Taking in vast amounts of air.

5. Town Level + 3(A) +2 = 10. Large Country Level

From the dragon's mouth, the same flame-like beam emerged as it did within the auction house. But Katakuri would note that compared to the one fired inside, this was much faster but also much larger in scope. Naturally, since the man was the size of a building everything moved according to the scale he was now in. This beam would do much more than simply tear a hole in the wall, it could evaporate a building if he so desired.

A single shot was fired and then a second, a third and even a fourth. And before Katakuri would know it a rain of pure hellfire was spawning towards him. Its true focus was to simply overwhelm him with sheer numbers.

Whether the son of Big Mom was too occupied with this attack to notice it, remained to be seen. But after 5 or 6 of these shots. The dragon repositioned his head and aimed his last two shots towards the auction house and the direct location of Cammy, Perospero and Bruleé. Would he be able to defend himself and his siblings at the same time? At the very same time, flame clouds were moving towards the auction house. Slowly creeping in.

5. Town Level + 2(B) +2 = 9. Small Country Level
Lowering the DPR since it's two shots of an already 'weaker' Boro breath.


Cammy her power shout had been bounced back, again the same mirror deflecting even her sound-based abilities. Haki was aiding that witch with her devil fruit powers. It was the only logical explanation for why her mirror was even to hold on despite all the punishment it was receiving. Already in her dash to circle the two pirates, she'd found the shout was heading towards her. Life-return mitigating the shriek itself. Again she'd brace for impact, this time she was without secondary options. That was until the floor cracked and she heard Kallavan's shout.

"Journey before destination"

She shouted as well, eyes wide open. A code word only the two of them would understand. Cammy's body was now enveloped with a red vapour. Her body now well and fully overclocked she'd execute a dash within the Hasshoken arsenal. Boosting her movement speed even further than normal(120). Going forward like a rocket with a tier in speed above the two siblings. What followed next would all depend on whether Kallavan's attack had reached this part of the venue.

If it did Cammy would've moved in a straight line to Kallavan and Katakuri's fighting ground. She had to get as far removed from the impact as possible. The two Boro pellets would impact from the roof into both Brulée and Perospero, one directly on top of them and once a bit more away from them. But still close enough to cause a significant area of effect damage. Perhaps even toppling the venue on top of them.

If Katakuri had managed to defend against these two pellets and nothing was coming towards them, Cammy would have used her significant increase in temporary speed(120) to enter close-range combat. Out of her dash and between Bruleé and Perospero, the offensive was finally hers. With the former her back towards her and the candy man facing towards her, she'd aim for an amazing corkscrew punch. Straight to Prospero's chest. The residual shockwave from unleashing the punch could sweep Bruleé off her feet.

3. Large Building Level +4(S) +2(Haki) = 9. Small Country Level

It was a race against time as Cammy was overclocking her body well beyond her ordinary limit. She would not be able to keep this up forever.
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