One Piece sanji will fight queen , zoro will face king , sanjis connections to the sun

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sanji vs queen because of queen being an okama with technology (a mechanical arm ) as revealed in one piece 925 and sanjis history on okama island and him having a raid suit

to add to the idea of sanji fighting queen queen rules over the prison where they can only get one piece of food for every block they bring leading many to starve like old man hyou and sanji due to his past and feelings on starvation would be pissed about that

and this would mean that zoro would face the king calamity who is a fire swordsman and zoro showed an interest in cutting fire

and the king calamity and queens relationship have been compared to sanji and zoros

and sanji and zoro have faced opponents who had a similar dynamic to them in the past like kaku and jabura,

Some trivia regarding King. In Oda’s One shot, Monsters, where Ryuuma was first introduced, the Strongest Swordsman in the country was called the KING of Swordsmen and Ryuuma ( who looks just like zoro) was traveling to find and defeat him. I won’t spoil who the King of Swordsmen was but short story shorter, Ryuuma ended up acquiring the title of King of Swordsmen by the end. I believe the use of the name King for the Calamity has a double meaning. First it matches the Card theme of the Beast Pirates and second, it’s a reference to Monsters, to say that King is in fact the strongest swordsman currently in Wano. and zoro will fight him

plus Zoro cutting Ryu Ryu user that happens to fly and fight with fire so Oda will play a little trick to homage Ryuma’s feat. in wano

Uses tech + wears Sunglasses like RS Sanji
Blonde like Sanji
Smoker like Sanji
Food obsession
Opposite of Sanjis code to not let anyone starve, he starves people to keep them under control
Obsessed with pretty women he reacts to Komurasakis death same as Sanji.
Sent his men after Sanji that Sanji dealt/is dealing with already
Has a comedic side to him with his dances and reactions like MR2, Jabra and Absalom all had their quirks.

And now hes also the guy with a plan like Sanji, managing to capture a Yonko like Sanji stopped a Buster Call against all odds, and hes revealed to be a martial artist using wrestling moves in combat like the Brachio Bomb.

Also somehow i just recently realized the connection between Soba Mask and Queen ruling over Udon. Soba and Udon are both iconic type of japanese noodles

Also important to note, Sanji’s Hell Memories was fueled by remembering the torture he has gone through within the last two years and Queen is not only likely a Okama, also a cruel guy which is responsible for breaking the spirits of the prisoners. It’s the perfect opportunity to push Sanji to his limits…

I like to add that when Sanji was fighting with Judge and thought about their past, his Dj(Poele A Frire) glowed brighter than than usual.

against judge

Diable Jambe and Poele A Frire against Doflamingo:

also on queen being an okama

The word “okama” generally refers to homosexual men, trans women or heterosexual men who are considered feminine or flamboyant (similar to “onee” or “new half”).

so queen would be an okama though he has shown attraction to women due to his feminine traits and “ having all of the mannerisms of an okama, “

and there is a bit of a pun with queen I mean he is a massive man named Queen with make up and okama mannerism who can transform into a creature classified as a Dragon( his brachiosaurus fruit is classified under the Ryu Ryu (Dragon-Dragon) Fruit family therefore making the dinosaur he turns into being classified as a dragon subspecies. This is so as the Japanese word for dinosaur, Kyoryu, is written with the characters for “Fearful” and “Dragon”.). In other words, Drag Queen.

In it Kamen Rider Black RX is a cyborg whose motif is a black grasshopper, which mirrors Sanji’s own epithet as Black Leg. Grasshoppers are known for their incredible spring like leg muscles that allow them to jump incredible heights which allow them to launch themselves in the air to fly. However he also has another motif and that is based on the sun. Kamen Rider Black RX is a photosynthetic warrior who is powered by the sun.

Since Kamen Rider is powered by the sun, he can set his legs and fists on fire to increase the lethality of his kicks and punches, which is basically what Sanji’s Diable Jambe does

and he hada form called the prince of anger where once he reaches a certain point of anger he transformed and

this would be foreshadowing

so either sanji will get pissed off enough that he uses the raid suit

so he will either havea physical transformation there’s a tokusatsu that we know Oda likes, which would be a much more explicit inspiration for the Germa 66 : Kamen Rider. specifically the villainous organization shocker

Shocker was a terrorist organization that planned on ruling the world (in the original manga is shown that Shocker had some influences over the governments of the world), with virtually all of its members modified in some way. The founders had mostly Nazi ties

so it fits that germa66 not only references the nazis but the shocker organization from kamen rider

Shocker’s scientists performed surgical alterations that gave the subject superhuman fighting abilities. Even the most basic Shocker soldier was tougher, stronger and faster than the average human civilian. The most powerful of their forces were the Kaijin, modified humans who were combined with animal DNA and human cybernetics to create living weapons.

In an attempt to create the ultimate warriors, they were responsible for the rise of the very first Kamen Riders 1 and 2, whom defected and became the heroes who would ultimately lead to the fall of Shocker.

and sanji and his siblings were altered genetically

and the kamen riders specialty is the kamen rider KICK

both sanjis experience as a child and duval was a reference to the man in the iron mask .

Though based on a real prisoner in the late 1600’s who Louis XIV forced to always wear a velvet mask to hide his identity and who was made to serve other prisoners, one of the most popular versions of the story is that of Alexandre Dumas, translated into a film in 1998. The prisoner, now shown wearing an iron mask, was Louis XIV’s twin brother

sanji had encountered the same fate as written in Alexandre DUMAS book (The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later). Declared dead for the country but condemned to wear a mask and to spend all his life in an horrible prison

and louis XIV was known as the sun king and kamen rider black rx is solar powered

and sanjis and zoros rivalry parallels inuarashi and nekomamushis rivalry ( and inuarashi is called the ruler of the day and has a group under him that reference the three musketeers by alexander dumas (a french story ) and sanji was dressed up as a musketeer and oda said in an sbs that sanji in the real world would be french

porche-chan . tumblr . com/post/134501849916/weve-located-zoros-fashion-twinkie-everyone

porche-chan . tumblr . com/post/138118772526/i-made-an-observation-a-while-back-about#notes
porche-chan . tumblr . com/post…is-an-imposing-figure?is_related_post=1#notes

both nekomamushi and inuarashi (zoro and sanjis counterparts) losing the precise limb that could incapacitate zoro and sanjis respective fighting styles

about inuarashis similarities to sanji I have to point out that inuarashi has a group that operates under his command called the
Inuarashi Musketeer Squad Among them are three minks known as the “Three Inuarashi Musketeers”,

The name of the squad is a reference to the novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas.

a french story and oda stated in an sbs that sanji would be french in the real world

and the suns fire is actually white so maybe sanji will actually use white fire

It is a common misconception that the Sun is yellow, or orange or even red. However, the Sun is essentially all colors mixed together, which appear to our eyes as white. This is easy to see in pictures taken from space.

Even though red typically represents hot or danger, in a fire, it depicts cooler temperatures. Blue, on the other hand, while representing cooler colors in society, actually epitomizes the opposite in fires as some of the hottest flames all around. When all flame colors combine, they produce white, the hottest color of them all. (though some say blue fire is the hottest and it would fit for sanji to use use it since sanji is associated with the color blue )
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There is another connection between Queen and Sanji.

But this may lead to Queen-Sanji tag team vs Zoro :dogkek: