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Self-Evaluations and Submitting Reviews for Exp

In an effort to both expedite the process of reviewing completed threads and awarding exp, as well as decenter the responsibility and authority of judging and evaluating the quality of players' respective RP/individual style, we will be moving on to using self-evaluations for reviewing threads.
In the instance of reviews for official RP events—the old system will be used and threads will be graded by a specific official review team selected by the GM’s. An exception to this rule will be made for the Anniversary Events--and for many of you these will serve as warm up as your first ever review!

How it will work
  1. Once a thread is completed, everyone will be responsible for scoring their own performance
  2. All Hosts and RPers will then coordinate in a group PM and make sure that all are in agreement about everybody's individual scores​
  3. If a dispute arises that the group is unable to resolve among themselves, a neutral player (who is not already involved with the thread being scored) on the official review team can be brought in to assign a value to the score being disputed​
  4. Once a consensus has been reached, a representative from the group will submit the final scores to be processed within the Experience Thread here:
  5. Sit back and relax as a GM or someone on the Review Team processes everyone's scores and awards the corresponding EXP <3​
Criteria for Evaluation

Each category is scored 1-25
A score of 12 represents the “average” or “passing” grade for each category—anything lower being below average and anything higher being above average. Scores in the 20’s are reserved for demonstrable excellence within a given criteria--a score of 25 being for absolute perfection. If an entire category is not applicable to your RP (ie: there was no combat or you did not use any graphic descriptions) then a value of 1 can be assigned as default for that category.

Personality: 1-25
Story: 1-25
Combat Prowess: 1-25
Description: 1-25
Enjoyability: 1-25
Rule Breaks: 1-10
Post Count:
Experience: (left blank until processed)

Scoring Guidelines for Your Consideration

Personality: For how 'fleshed out' your character feels. Do they develop and grow? Do they have opinions or emotional responses to what happens around them? To what extent do they engage critically with other characters' ideals and actions?
Story: For how 'fleshed out' the narrative choices you make as a writer are. Do your posts illicit imaginative and creative responses to them narratively? Do you respond in interesting and creative narrative ways to the posts of other's RPing? Do your posts take a proactive or a passive approach to the collaborative narrative unfolding?
Combat Prowess: How closely you successfully adhere to the rules and mechanics outlined within the Skills&Abilities Section. Do your combat decisions feel forced or plausible? Are you afraid of writing your character getting wounded? Is your writing dynamic and exciting? Do you use stats as framework to write and explore creatively within, or do you write what you wish to write even if the stats do not permit it? Does your character have a sense of unique personal style?
Description: For how vivid and immersive the world you are creating feels and reads. Do you activate my senses through my imagination? Do you take the time to set the scene? Do your descriptions flow with the tone taking place in the overall story? Or do you write how you want to write no mater how anyone else is writing? Do your descriptive flourishes feel natural or forced?
Enjoyability: For how readable your RP is. Do I find myself bored or engaged? Where was effort placed and where was it left out or overlooked? Did I have emotional responses to actions and events that took place? Was I invested? Did it seem like the creative back and forth between RPers was interesting for them? Could you tell if they were engaged and having fun with it? Did I laugh?

Rule Breaks

Rule Breaks are given for every violation beginning with 0 for none, 1 for the first offense, and capping at a value of 10. If a rule break is in flagrant and deliberate violation of the rules, the official review team can be consulted via PM to see if awarding multiple points for a single violation is warranted. Examples of what constitutes a Rule Break are:
  • editing several days after a post is made or editing your post at any point after the next person has posted are rule breaks
  • performing an action that does not correspond correctly to the relevant stats at play is a rule break
  • controlling someone else's character is a rule break (the exception to this being minor and rare instances where all parties are previously in agreement about something like traveling from point a to point b on an island as a group or being carried by another character etc. these instances are rare but sometimes are necessary for the progression of the story)
  • not correctly citing the GM aproved descriptions for each technique proposed in your post is a rulebreak
  • this list is by no means comprehensive. If you think that you or someone in your thread has made a decision that goes against the spirit of the rules of the RP but are not quite sure if it constitutes a rule break specifically--ask a neutral member of the review team or a GM
  • also see the general rules for the RP section here:
On a more personal note, I ask that you all be patient in the coming weeks while the GM team works to implement big changes to the RP. Why are we working on these things in secret? We are performing open-heart surgery and adjusting to the new normal of the RP same as you. We are working on making the RP clearer, more open and transparent--and I hope more inclusive and community driven. I can tell you right now that the three most important things to me right now have been 1. centralizing and clarifying the rules of the RP for all to access and reference with ease, 2. Streamlining the official channels of discussion between the GM's and the rest of the community so that we can be working on things together where we need to be and no body feels left in the dark about why and how things are (within reason), and 3. Offering immediate and practical relief to what I view as the biggest crisis of the past few months: reviewing threads for experience points!!!! I hope that this is a step in the right direction as we try to get our momentum back <3

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