Traditional Mafia [Sign-up] Round 17: The Umbrella Academy Mafia

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The Umbrella Academy Mafia
Same Weird Family. New Weird Problems.

During the mid-20th century, 43 superpowered infants were born to women who showed no signs of pregnancy a day earlier. Sir Reginald Hargreeves, adopted seven of those children to train them to save the world from an unspecified threat. The seven children all have their own unique powers and are numbered by their usefulness according to their father. Years have passed and they had been away from their home. Around this time, Number Five have returned with news from the future. The Umbrella Academy must reunite and fight the threat which might change the world forever.

General Information

Hosted by: @Poison Chan. Mentor: @AL.
Number of Players: 13
Lynch Type: Plurality Lynch
Setup: Closed Setup
Phase Length: 48/24 hours
Starting Date: Whenever filled
Minimum Post Requirement: 7
SoD/EoD: 11 am EST

General Rules
  • Editing/deleting a post is strictly not allowed.
  • Communications outside the given thread, if not approved by the host, are prohibited.
  • Changing usernames or playing with another alt account will not be tolerated.
  • Revealing any kind of information about the ongoing game will get you mod-killed. If already dead, you will be banned from playing any of my future games.
  • You cannot copy/paste the Role PM or screenshot it and post it in the thread. You'll be instantly mod-killed.
  • To Vote: Vote Lynch (Player's Name)
  • To Unvote: Unvote
  • To Change Vote: Change Vote Lynch (Player's Name)
  • Everything must be in bold letters.

Host Note: This game would be having Bastard elements including some spoilers [Although, I have made some changes to the main storyline.]

Players List:
1. @Shottie
2. @T-Pein™
3. @Gambit
4. @oddoddfruit
5. @Udell
6. @Pepper
7. @Man in the Box
8. @Ekkologix
9. @Mango Senpai
10. @A famous historian
11. @Rej
12. @Nessos
13. @Typo

1. @-Best-
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