Regular Mafia [Sign-up] Round 18: Fate/ Mafia

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Hosts: @Mango Senpai
Co-host/ Coach: @Rej

I hope you guys are as excited for this as I am, because I think I've made a game that people can enjoy.

I know that some people may be questioning me as a host after the Town of Salem chaos game, but it was never meant to be balanced, and I thought I was advertizing that. But I can understand the dissatisfaction when it goes against expectations!

This game I decided I wanted to experiment a little bit using mechanics that you can expect to see in a Monster Mafia game, with health and avoids, I implemented this to create a little more depth, and also to give players more chances to do something before they may be killed.

To those who knows flavors of fate, some roles may have gotten some personal interpretations to also make the game a bit more diversified, but all in all I've tried to my best ability to make them as faithful to their source material as I could.

If anyone has feedback for the game, mechanics, roles, or whatever I hope to hear them after the game is over to hear what you liked/ disliked about it.

Here are the rules of this game:
  • The game will start at Night 0 where only a handful of roles have abilities.
  • Day 1 will be 48 hours, but all other phases will be 24 hours, including night 0.
  • Mafia may only talk during the night
  • Minimum posts required are 5 per dayphase. Failure to comply may result in a substitution.
  • Flavor claiming/ hinting is not allowed, however you may claim your abilities using strictly mafia terms only.
  • Lynches; Mafia/ Independent roles will take 2 damage from a lynch, while town roles will be instakilled.
  • Noble Phantasm abilities will take up all of the phases' actions, and you may not use any other abilities, unless specifically stated.
  • Avoids only applies to damaging abilities and their effects, however roleblocks/ crushes/ debuffs will still apply if it is not connected to an attack.
  • There may be light bastard mechanics in this game.
  • Plurality lynch
Game will start soon after all slots has been filled!

1 - @Juliet
2 - @Ekkologix
3 - @~UwU~
4 - @Fujitora
5 - @A famous historian
6 - @T-Pein™
7 - @ZFR
8 - @Man in the Box
9 - @Chris Mic
10 - @Vandyfan402
11 - @NotJuice
12 - @Lance
13 - @Nessos
14 - @Gambit
15 - @Melontonin

- @Pepper

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> scums might need to be lynched twice
> noble what now???
> avoids lmao
> l-light bastard mechanics


im atleast glad u allow action claims but mor flavor ones :ROFLMAO:
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Sign me up, I want a nice game of coasting and arguing dumb Fate mechanics because Nasu has zero consistency
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