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Welcome to Sanji Fan Club!!

Allow me to pioneer the Most beautiful FC ever.. We all love the man, so if you share the same interest as I, come join us and get all the girls around One Piece series..

  • All content within the club must follow the Thriller Bark guidelines, there are no exceptions.​
  • Be sexier than ever but not rude​
  • Minimize flirting to Sanji-level only​
  • Be lovely​
  • As much as possible no Zoro vs Sanji toxic topics here and respect others' opinion.​
  • And above all, feel free to add any suggestions to make this the most active FC in TBF.​

Let's sail to the All Blue and locate the everlasting SALT...


  1. @Pirate Prince, Stealth Black Sanji
  2. @Queen Zemmi
  3. @Godsanji
  4. @Princess Nana
Y'all can use a special tag brought to us by our very own resident GFX artist @Curly Dragomir.

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