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This my first post so please forgive me about my English, since it is not my native language. I don't know how to post the picture here but it is all over the internet so excuse me if I get you in trouble. This will be short its not a theory but it opens up that possibility. Unfortunately I am not good at writing theories and I know some of you are a lot better and I enjoy reading them or seeing them in the internet so feel free with ought mentioning anything to do whatever u want with it. this is not a theory and i don't know if I am supposed to post it here so if I am in the wrong place feel free to tell me to move it.

When Whos' who mention Son God Nika for the first time I tried to observe the picture bcs i know Oda like to make hints with letters numbers etc. so i found out what i am about to tell you here. the reason I didn't post it earlier is because I thought that if I can see it everybody can see it but after all this time I still haven't se anyone mention it or making a video about it(correct me if I am wrong).

To my point now, if you see the picture of Son God Nika and observe his 2 arms there is an S(Son). If you see the hand and the foot that are in his back we have a G(God). If u see the 2 legs we have the N(Nika). but it doesn't stop there because if u watch the leg and the hand that are in the spear we have an M(Monkey). Now here is the tricky part, if u rotate the picture the letter M becomes a B(Blackbeard maybe) and if you rotate it 180 degrees it becomes a w(wukong maybe). Now I don't know what to make of this and as I said thee are people who can take it even further to make speculations or theories better than me so feel free to do whatever you want
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