Island Tenebrae


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The three talked atop the trees while surveying the area. The castle in front of them is still a couple of kilometres away and they are guarded by a decent number of men. Hotohori asked Dennis, "Do you think it's safe if we go there now?"

Dennis answered, "I don't know that yet. The people from a while ago have stopped trailing us but I sense something strange inside that place."

Karasu interjected, "Someone powerful. Someone sinister."

The two turned to him, both knowing he possesses a special trait of Observation Haki (Awareness). "What else do you see Karasu?"

"Moving. They are moving."

, Hotohori turned to the leader.

"I know.", he said.

"I understand.", Karasu said without the two having to tell their plans. "I will face the two people walking towards us. I am the most criminally looking one here. And I understand as well that I didn't bring my bombs with me, so they would most likely trust me over you guys. And besides, Dennis could just─"

"You talk too much, Karasu. Go now."
, Hotohori said, not allowing him to finish his talk.

Once Karasu is on the ground, Dennis and Hotohori would split up, several trees afar while having a decent shot on the incoming.
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Tenebrae - Post 10
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Dustin [color]#90EE90[/color]

Whilst the group under Dennis' command was just a step behind would be catching on those who governed everything Tenebrae related. Karasu despite him utlising his mastery over observation haki, would overlook the shadows that darted in the shadows that covered the skies above, making them appear almost shadowy yet transparent. None of them knew that there was another hiding under the branches of the trees with leaves coating the illuminating light but he wasn't alone either instead of being involved would simply just monitor the situation.

Aerith the blond in dark clothing that made her look invisible at night if wasn't for her bright blonde savvy light and emerald decorations around her clothing would turn to Dustin, who with his sky grey hair, donning a charcoal suit and black furry jacket.

" How long has it been since you joined? ... who also recruited you? 💕 "

" I don't remember, it's been a good eight years since I got recruited for killing the previous seat that held this position. But then the boss and another who later i heard rumors joined the Hunter's Dream "

From afar stood with his fingers running through the knee-high Sylleblossoms, enough to have an odor that not many would be able to disregard. His mohawk would flair in the subtle gust of wind revealing his crimson eyes and neon-esque face mask and long dark hoodie would look down at the entire ordeal.

" Such fools "

Before Aerith and Dustin would even encounter the group led by Dennis they first would come across the many shadows that swamped the woods before the cabin.

x100 of the warriors

10 x 5 = 50
Strength: 10 + 2 = 12
Speed: 15 + 2 = 17 x 2 = 34
>Reaction: 17
>Movement: 17
Vitality: 10 + 2 = 12 x 2 = 24
>Durability: 12
Martial Arts: 15 x 2 = 30
>Swordmanship: 30

One of the shadows would walk in front and then like a screech that had snarled overtone asked the group what was their purpose in coming to this location.
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