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Cleared Serapis and claiming the below.
One-time beri reward:
-500 000 000 Beri

Special Items Acquired:
-Defeating Hades awards the Cursed Bident: Tartaros (Hades can't be reached until Cerberus is defeated)
Cursed Bident: Tartaros, 70 mastery in bident/trident, 70 strength, 70 Haki). Grants the ability to create and control ghostly hands, swords etc. Requires stats in its own Martial Art Substat. Test: none, however, it requires souls to be used; souls are gained by killing people or animals (Animals count as 0.5 unless they are sentient).
Weekly beri reward for pirate crews:
-250 000 000
For @Ichimonji
After the battle in Onigashima, Gambit was visited by an old companion back in Hiraya. A parchment was offered to him. Within that scroll, a piece of tragic news about the father he knew, King Sapiro of Hiraya was unravelled. He would need to journey to the land of the dead, meet Hades and learn a piece of truth about himself.

He brought T-Bag and Reynolds on his journey and upon landing there, they would be met by Hades' apparition, unfolding mysteries, or perhaps mischiefs to distract them. Later on, they would meet an Olympian Goddess, Demeter, endorsing them to Thanatos' "Death".

Inside Death's mansion, an offer would be formed but Gambit needed to win his mind games or the reaper would not be lent. Gambit struggled with the rock-paper-scissors but eventually won it. He also needed to identify each of the Fates to claim the pass to Hades' throne room. But beforehand, they needed to figure out a way to bypass Cerberus. And Gambit just did.

The fated battle against Hades commenced. Hades exhibited a tremendous strength that overwhelmed the prince of the pirates throughout the battle. His control over the souls and his bident are the key elements to make the prince struggle and died several times. Eventually, Gambit was able to figure out Hades' secret that lies in Tartaros and the souls he reaps. Using this knowledge to his advantage, Landayan even on the verge of death and resurrection managed to win using the power of friendship, the will inherited from him, and his vampiric strength and wisdom.

Serapis, lifted upon with the powerful new Devil Fruit that Landayan now possessed. He is no longer the Prince. The defeat of Hades has allowed the Prince to ascend the Olympian’s throne. He is the King of the Underworld. But a new situation has been changing unknowingly to Landayan up till now. The Pandora’s Box. A curse and a disease to the Olympians have been opened. It has spread since from Lemnos to Hephaestus and now to Hades and Persephone in Serapis. With new information now passed not just to La Spada, but to Landayan, the new King of the Underworld. What would become of the future of the Olympians? Demeter would seem to return to Olympus along with her daughter, seemly driven mad over her obsession with Hades – likely the result of this Pandora’s Box.

But for now, Serapis has a new King. A long-awaited day for Landayan. Fate and Destiny have seemed to shine upon him. That his fate to be Hades’ pawn has been broken. The defeat of Hades would ring throughout all of the Olympians. It would not go unnoticed. Despite that, the Prince is ready. His goal is set in mind. The judge, the jury, and the executioner of the Olympians. Truly, he might be the one to bring about the age of Gods to their end, and in its ashes, the golden age of men would arise.


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I forgot about this my bad, only just realised i didn't post this

Adventure: Neo Navy

- 1st post - Last post -

Deceased: All the Shiro Pacifista's
Crew Spies: None

Current Story: Link pursued the Neo Navy carefully tracking their moves, picking a job that Sasaki, Tanya and Gen failed to finalise to see through to the end. Link destroyed single handly all the Pacifista, crushed Ainz and Binz desire and motives hoping to change their fate. Though in the end the backstabbing of Cu would give the duo time to run but still Link pursued and crushed them in one fell swoop. Handed the duo amongst all of the soldiers of Neo Navy to Marineford and smaller prisons.

This was from the previous story:
Vice-Admirals Momonga, Dalmatian, and Strawberry were sent back to the island. Rumor had it that Zephys left his last treasure, the research for his Battle Smasher, remains hidden in the island. (Note: Reward is science blueprint for A ranked weapons).
Seeing as the island got destroyed after the detonation of the Dyna Stone leaving the blueprint in the wind.
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