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Following The World Government's defeat at the Pirate Festival, they agonised with internal turmoil. The Navy commenced the hunt of Sephiroth and All of the Vampirates to rescue those who were abducted. Following this, a series of events unfolded across the world. Shanks finally decided to move the piece on the board. Dragon and his revolutionary armies marked the first steps towards Rigaudon. The Underworld recently proclaimed their new Lord. The rest of the world is in pandemonium for the reverse hunt as Underworld just published a significant amount of gold to the heads of relevant figures. All behind the recent incident involving the man who assaulted a Celestial Dragon in Sabaody Archipelago. His name is Sephiroth but the big names gave him an alias: The Apocalypse.

At Raijin, he met three siblings of cyborg disciplines: Orianna, Camilla, and Viktoria when he tried to use their mansion as his stronghold. Initially enemies the sisters grew affection towards him as they saw their father in him. Afterwards, they aided him in fighting the marines who chased him and successfully they defeated two Vice-Admirals courtesy of Gabriel. On their way to face Admiral Fujitora, they were surrounded by a platoon of scientifically inclined fighters only to reveal themselves as siblings of the three women cyborgs. They were Orochimaru, Deidara, and Kabuto.

Sephiroth finally faced Fujitora and both exhibited their most dangerous abilities to try to kill each other. The old man had a disadvantage due to the wound Gambit and Link gave him. Even so, the admiral was able to push the Lunarian to the edge. But as he intended to finish the young winged race, Kalakab Morrow and Landayan Morrow arrived at the battlefield, punishing him with a massive collection of thunderbolts, weakening him further. With this, Cyla used her string ability to fetch Sephiroth up. The final duel occurred and the Lunarian claimed the victory.

He took the three sisters with him as his new allies and stationed the three brothers on the island to protect their newest territory. Sephiroth, the Admiral Killer spoke with Gambit and a mission was dealt on the table.


Silver Hair
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Briss Finished:
Start - End
Larsi money: 29,562,151,539
One time reward to Larsi: 7x600m= 4.2billion
New money: 33,762,151,539
Vampirates weekly paycheck increase: 3.6billion increase

7x300m(as well as already 900m from before)=3.6 billion
If all are controlled by same crew, +50% total
3billion +50%= 4.5billion
4.5 billion - 900 already
Cletus the Dragon led an assault on Sunspear, followed by Silver Hair Larsi attacking King's Landing.

Following a successful battle in both locations and the assassination of Aerys "Mad King" Targaryen by his own son Rhaegar, Larsi and the new king defended the city against the other lords, swiftly dealing a defeat to them.
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