Bleach The Great Battle of Korea (Bleach)

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It was a busy day in the capital of South Korea. Pedestrians were running about, coffees and fast breakfasts in hand, rushing to their workplaces. Buses and trains were bringing those from further out the city to work, and kids to school. Honking and the prime time traffic were the soul of the city in the morning - that was all one could see and hear. But, that was what the modern world has become, it was the new normal. One of the most awe-inspiring sights in the city was an incredible tall skyscraper, which served as a workplace for thousands of government employees that dealt in national defense. Much like in the city itself, inside the building, too, it was busy. It was a special day, after all. An important man was coming from Japan for a work visit. The higherups made sure that the employees were all behaving as they should, and that everything was ready. The elevator reached the top floor of the skyscraper and the doors opened. A tall, muscular man walked out. He was out of the ordinary.

In a building full of suited and booted individuals, this man looked like a samurai. A kimono-esque attire were his choice of clothing, and extremely tall geta were his choice of footwear. The geta were so tall, in fact, that one would wonder how a modern man could even walk in them, but he seemingly had no trouble. With his arms foled across his chest, the man looked around with a smile on his face.

Nice, what a nice place! South Korea never ceases to impress me, bwahahahaha!

The man said, capping off his sentence with a powerful, booming laugh. He walked all the way through the expansive room, and at the end was the door to an office. There, the officials of South Korea's national defense were waiting for him. Hondo has arrived.

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