One Piece The "Rear" Theory - Part one: Capone Gang Bege

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Hello guys this will be my comeback theory.

I wanna talk about the "Gang" Bege's "Oh my family" coverstory:

  • The goal is to reunite Chiffon and Lola
  • We follow a part of Bege's journey
  • The coverstory will conclude somewhere
Latter point is important as most coverstories did conclude somewhere. The best example one is Jinbei's Poneglyph coverstory.

This vol. 5 has solely the purpose to tell us that Bege's coverstory will not conclude in Paradise. It forces Bege to take a new journey through the New World and through that he arrives at Dressrosa.

This basically underlines the fact that Bege's coverstory will conclude to a new relevant plotpoint in the New World.

In the recent chapter 959, we see Bege taking a battle stance upon entering the destroyed city of Dressrosa, this could mean many things and foreshadow the course of Bege's coverstory.

We know that Dressrosa is resolved and there is not much to take out of this arc, by the time the royals come back, Bege will most likely move forward. The least scenario I expect is Bege aligning himself with the people on Dressrosa. He could meet a remnant of the Doflamingo family who managed to escape (strongly hinting towards Senor Pink, as he is a more built up character), but I think the main thing Bege is going to find is a futher lead. A lead to the final conclusion.

I also doubt Lola being on Dressrosa, but I feel through circumstances Lola might be even further into the New World.

Back to the battle stance: I feel it foreshadows that Bege will have an important fight throughout this coverstory. And seeing a fight on a coverstory is nothing extraordinary, but it would be refreshing because Bege's character can transmit emotions and hold speeches during critical moments.

Chiffon is important to him and so also Lola after the whole story reveal around the twins.

We know 2 things:

- The Strawhat Grand Fleet soon will bring up the rear
- And there is open stuff going on in Elbaf with Loki

I feel as a former ally to Luffy, he is the perfect character to build up a bridge to a future arc and include Chiffon's and Lola's importance in this build up.
Right the build-up to the Elbaf arc!

The justification will be vague, but from a narrative standpoint this would tie in all pieces at the best way, giving this alot of potential and space to be exploited:

So Dressrosa was already a building stone for Usopp and Hajrudin. Usopp is a character that might be concluded in Elbaf, beause of his strong bonds with the giant characters, the SHPs encountered over the course of their journey. And after all Elbaf heroes tend to fall sooner or later, Elbaf will most likely need a hero during the course of the story. This hero again will be Usopp and ofc the SHPs collectively. The biggest pluspoint for this theory, is that Hajrudin decided to wear the SHP banner with their newly formed "New Giant Warrior Pirates". Once the Grandfleet will be story relevant we have to expect two things:

- First, the Elbaf arc is upcomming and needs build up, else Oda will have to waste alot of panels for more build ups and this is not too much "EoS-friendly". So Oda could shift the focus to the "New Giant Warrior Pirates" and other external build ups from other sources, like Big Mom or Kaido, who might have more connections and ambitions towards Elbaf.
- Secondly, the general plot moving forward to the Endgame, where we except to uncover the Raftel mysteries. Forward is the point, something that is paralleled in "Gang" Bege's coverstory once again.

I can't justify what fight come towards Bege, or what hints he will find towards Elbaf, but from a narrative standpoint Bege is meant to be another part of the rear for the Strawhat's final alliance. Bege, Lola and Chiffon are just way to benign to engage the ultimate pirate crossfire, and Bege priorizes the wealth and health of his family, so Bege could also leave the Pirate Game as final conclusion of his coverstory, but he will still be a participating and supporting character in the overall story. Lola's character also has to be concluded in the course of the story.

The last time we saw Lola was at Mozu and Kiwi's Bar in Water Seven and they talked about Franky, a character that should be a minor friend to Lola, but still a friend and a hero. The major friend of Lola should always be Nami.

Anyway talking about Franky and celebrating his bounty is nice, but don't you guys think that Franky deserves a new impactful moment in the New World? A fight is nice, but I think Franky can have more character moments.

The easiest take is from the current chapter 959 + the whole combination of the WCI events regarding the Sunny:

Oda is desperately building up and foreshadowing the destruction of the Sunny. It happened in WCI, and I also think this time it will be a Red Herring again.

I wrote a theory on OJ that explained how Elbaf is will conclude the fate of the Sunny.

The reference to the Sun, worn by Sogeking the hero, the Strawhats sail the Sunny, enlightening the World. Elbaf giants pray to the sun. This are solid hints, showing us the destiny of the Sunny, a final power up awaiting us in Elbaf, which might even be the source of the Adam Wood.

Even if Wano won't highlight individual Strawhats, and Wano is rather fast pacing moving forward to the climax, I rather feel that future arcs will highlight Strawhat members more. Elbaf is promising for Usopp, but also Franky if we really have a ship focussed arc there.

But who else's ship got destroyed? Yes Bege's one! The Nostra Castello!

I just wanted to give you guys some new thoughts, Bege for sure needs a new ship to sail his family on, what do you guys think?
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Lola got kidnapped by lokis army. Bege will end up in elbaf.
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