Characters and Groups The separate Navy Branches exists in the New World in order to fight Yonkous

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When Aokiji explains Sword, we learn it is a kind of special forces organisation that differs from regular Marine HQ forces because they don’t need “clearance” to do things. They act with more free reigns, even independently to the point that they can ignore direct orders. Ultimately Swords answers to marine HQ but still have free reigns. Swords exist off-book , an incognito force that Navy uses but Swords never represent

There exists separate Navy branches in the New World: G-5, G-14 and now recently we learned about G-9

These 3 branches are very important because they are featured here as the main bulk of marine forces attacking Egghead

We know this because the woman in the bottom left corner is Doll, leader of G-14

So we can quite confidently say the leader of G-9 is the man featured next to her

Why? Because this figure is definitely meant to be the current leader of G-5 judging by his visual similarities to Vergo

The reason G-5, G-14 and G-9 are not affiliated with HQ is because they are independent and aren’t answering to Marine HQ. They also have license to do missions or attack Yonkous like Swords without clearance, with the very obvious difference that these branches officially represent the Navy, while Swords do not officially even exist. (Ultimately these branches answer to Kong and Gorosei)
These navy branches are given this independent and official authority because they have jurisdiction over the New World, not HQ. These navy branches have the explicit mission to control the New World, given ultimately by Gorosei. The rest of Marine HQ have a safekeeping role in the Paradise section of the Grand Line, but needs “clearance” to attack Yonkou forces in the New World because the New World is not the jurisdiction of HQ: the New World is the jurisdiction of G-5, G-9 and G-14.

To have jurisdiction over the New World is the reason Doflamingo wanted Vergo to infiltrate and become leader of G-5. It is the reason why you need permission from an admiral to transfer from marine HQ to G-5 , because G-5 is a separate entity from Marine HQ.

Marine HQ don’t venture into the New World

Look again at what Aokiji says.

Smoker is to alert Akainu to detach the admirals. Detach means to let go of something, in this case the admirals are attached somewhere, and that place is obviously Mariegeoise as we know the admirals are the glorified bodyguards of Celestial Dragons. The admirals need to be “detached” anytime they need to respond to a potential crisis unfolding, and with Doflamingo controling the Yonkous through his clout in the underworld, the admirals are needed to act if all hell breaks loose.

The word detach really underlines the wider role of the Marine HQ, and that is to maintain a safekeeping role over Paradise, only to detach from this role or give “clearance” to do something when Marine HQ thinks there is a crisis unfolding and an action is needed to be taken.

Swords is the Marine HQs attempt to leverage some control over the New World themselves through their own “special ops” forces only this is off-book

G-5, G-9 and G-14 are the main players of the New World with Marine HQ playing a sporting cast, and here again is the panel that really underscores this fact
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