Organizations The Spada Pirates [Yonkou Crew]

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The wicked become one under La Spada pirate flag, representing the call of the Underworld. Satiated with desire to bring chaos, La Spada Pirates work together to rid the world of the living in exchange for the dead. Only strength matters in the crew. Unrequited love form the bonds of wickedness for the members of the Spada Pirates.

Only ignorant fools declare their grandiose dreams. Such is the view of the Spada Pirates, referring to trust and faith in others as idiotic. To them, the values that Pirate King symbolizes are worthless. Military power takes precedent. The law is only a barrier for the resurrection of the souls of the wicked in the land of the living. Each member has their own goal, and would sacrifice their nakama for it.

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The Captain and reaper of souls. La Spada leads the crew like a dictatorship. To her, nakama are but pawns. Whom spat on the Devil himself. Whose hate bore resurrection. Who better to bear the burden of Underworld?

Grim Reaper
“La Spada”
Name: Isis “La Spada”
Race: Lunarian/Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 10 feet (admiral)
Weight: 50lbs (skeletal)

Position: Yonko Captain
Occupation: Musician
Devil Fuit: Yomi Yomi no Mi / Soru Soru no Mi
Laughing Style: Kuhahahahaha
Biography: Link

Story: A legendary pirate of old, La Spada took the sea by storm of hate decades ago, until the child of Yonko Warsong saw her demise. Her sisters, two, were doomed with her. A soul not to be forgotten, filled with enough hate to spit on Hades himself, La Spada resurrected as a demon. The Empress now sails the sea with a single purpose: resurrect her sisters and unleash the realm of the Underworld to the seas. To have the world in ruin, a soul blackened beyond repair.

Ranking highest are the five executives of the Spada Pirates. They serve as pirate captains of the Fleet of Tartarus, leading their own ship and crew. Mayhems hold complete command of the Spada Pirates, at times not even answering to La Spada; the only ones who do not fear the Grim.
Requirements: Level 80​

"The Shadow"
“Gunslinger X”
“Crimson Blade”
“The Diamond”​
“Eventide Spectre”
* = Playable Characters
Akira “The Shadow”
Name: Akira “Grim Reaper’s Shadow”
Race: Human
Age: 19
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 58 kg

Position: Captain of the 1st Fleet
Devil Fruit: N/A
Occupation: Assassin
Devil Fruit: Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon
2,375,000,000 [Cumulative Total]
Biography: Link

Story: A combat prodigy since young, hailing from an orphanage dojo, at the age of 14 his island was attacked by the Spada Pirates. The Grim Reaper, gave him an ultimatum: die along with the villagers or to join them. And as a test of loyalty, she gave Akira a katana and told him to kill the villagers if he wants to live. Years later, the Spada Pirates started a legend about Isis, the Grim Reaper. And the core part of this plan is Akira, whom now known only as ‘Kage’. A legend to tell the tales of those who goes against the Grim Reaper will be killed by her shadow.

X “Gunslinger X”
Name: X "Gunslinger X"
Race: Human
Age: ???
Height: 6'1
Weight: ???

Position: ???
Occupation: ???
Devil Fruit: N/A
Laughing Style: ???

Biography: Link

Story: X, the Marksman of the Backyard Pirates, is a formidable gunslinger who has made a name for himself in the Grand Line. He is known for his deadly accuracy and his lightning-fast reflexes. He is also a ruthless individual who is not afraid to kill.

Level 79

Kyria “Crimson Blade”
Name: Kyra “Crimson Blade”
Race: Human
Age: Mid 20’s
Height: 11 feet
Weight: ?

Position: Captain of the 3rd Fleet
Devil Fruit: N/A
Occupation: Swordsman
Biography: Link

Story: A young man thrust into a life of mayhem. As a child, Kyria‘s father was take from him by the Cipher Pol. Struggling to keep his family afloat, the Tenryubito would set his eyes on Kyria, a young Tiefling, for their devilish experiments. Saved by the Revolutionaries, his life now tainted by the Celestial Dragons, the man grew wicked. His personality splintered to deal with reality. That reality led him to the Spada Pirates, where his wickedness and revenge could bear such rotten fruit.

Uvogin “The Diamond”
Name: Uvogin “The Diamond”
Race: Oars
Age: Hundreds
Height: 60 meters
Weight: Unmeasurable

Position: First Mate of The Flagship
Devil Fruit: N/A
Occupation: Lookout
Laughing Style: Zehahahahaha

Story: In the Unsundered world, where La Spada hails from, from the original Spada Pirates, comes Uvogin. Once the most loyal member of the original crew, he too was transported to this world when that world came to an end. His wickedness foul, Uvogin wa imprisoned in Impel Down. He waited for decades for his Captain, and she came. Reunited in Impel Down, La Spada put him to rest, resurrecting and safeguarding his soul. When La Spada took over Thriller Bark, she preserved Oars' body, infusing Uvogin's soul into the legendary giant. Loyal forevermore.

Uvogin is the only Spada member La Spada actually cares for. A double-edged sword, it reminds her of the humanity she once had.

Level 80

Feltyrosa “Eventide Spectre”
Name: Feltyrosa “Eventide Spectre”
Race: Human
Age: 24
Height: Under 6 feet
Weight: Slender

Position: Captain of the 5th Fleet
Devil Fruit: Horo Horo no Mi
Occupation: Occult Studies
Biography: Link

Story: Feltyrosa is a young woman of simple convictions. She stands by herself first and foremost. If she doesn't like something, she'll do something about it. If she is fine with something, she'll leave it be. There isn't a right or wrong to her. Only things that align with her goals and things that do not. After witnessing her strength in person, she has decided to join the Spada Pirates. And so, for the time being, she will also assist Spada in achieving her goals while she sets out to make her own goals a reality. Whether this develops into true loyalty or not is unknown.

The Plagues of Egypt are the strongest headliners of the Spada Pirates, with Spada herself holding them in high regard. Next in line to become Mayhems, their taste for power has made them unnaturally wicked. They hold absolute command of The Fallen and Legion.
Requirements: Level 60​

“The Archangel”
“The Leech”
“The Firebringer”
“The Enduring”​
“The Ferryman”

“Cursed Child”
”Devil’s Architect”
Hydra (TBR)​
Gabriel “The Archangel”
Name: Gabriel "The Archangel"
Race: Skypiean
Age: N/A
Height: 13 feet
Weight: 270kg

Position: Captain of the 2nd Fleet
Occupation: Quartermaster
Devil Fruit: N/A
Occupation: Chaplain
Laughing Style: Holylylylylyly

Story: The right hand of God. A half-breed angel-turned human. Gabriel bears jealousy towards humanity; the apple in God's eyes. Gabriel feels mankind is unworthy of God's love, and so Gabriel will make them worthy. Gabriel plans to bring Hell to Earth so that those people can rise up and be worthy of God's love. Gabriel smited La Spada once. Upon discovering La Spada's plan to have the Underworld rise, Gabriel has pled allegiance until the task is complete. She plans on smiting La Spada again after the Underworld’s rise.

Archangel Gabriel’s curse is the Death of the Firstborn, her goal to segregate those unworthy of their father’s love.

Level 80

Nemesis “The Leech”
Name: Nemesis "The Leech"
Race: Sentient Beast
Age: 11
Height: 3 feet
Weight: 5 pounds

Plague: Firstborn Son
Position: Pet of the Flagship
Occupation: Doctor
Devil Fruit: Doku Doku no Mi
Laughing Style: Shishishishishi
1,000 (pet)

Story: The leech of darkness. Born from the bloodiest civil war, this leech grew for a taste of chaos. It travelled the world drinking people, leeching off the evil in them, leaving them lifeless. Dubbed “Nemesis” for its effect of downfall of wherever he was released. Nemesis found himself imprisoned in Impel Down to drain Level 6 prisoners, the most evil of all. Yet, his thirst was not satiated until he leeched off La Spada, there to release the prisoners of Level 6. Nemesis was released among the prison break, latching to The Grim.

Nemesis became satiated by La Spada’s evil. Therein forged a symbiotic relationship. Nemesis lived within La Spada’s boney body, constantly leeching off and consuming the pieces of maggots flesh within the Grim. In return, Nemesis follows her every command, like a pet to a master.

Nemesis' plague is the Curse of the Locusts, consuming the prey unto nothing is left.

Level 70

Prometheus “The Firebringer”
Name: Promethus “The Firebringer”
Race: Tiefling
Age: 32
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 90kg

Plague: Rain of Fire
Position: First Mate of the Third Fleet
Devil Fruit: N/A
Occupation: Cook
Laughing Style: Firehehehehe

Story: By trick and gambit, Prometheus stole the fire from the gods and gave it to the humans in ages past. Once known as a champion of humankind, he was revered as a god amongst men. However, the gods had their revenge. Zeus, king of the Olympian gods, sentenced Prometheus to eternal torment for his transgression. Prometheus was bound to a rock, and an eagle—the emblem of Zeus—was sent to eat his liver his liver would then grow back overnight, only to be eaten again the next day in an ongoing cycle.

La Spada tore apart Zeus’ eagle and freed Prometheus. The champion then came to know torture. Where once was his body, now was his soul tortured. Prometheus seeks to end his torture by taking his life. However, his life is now chained to La Spada for her actions. He seeks to repay his debt and finally die.

Prometheus’ plague is rain of fire, bringing the element to humanity in a perilous way.

Level 70

Charon “The Ferryman”
Name: Charon "The Ferryman"
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 72kg

Plague: Water to Blood
Devil Fuit: N/A
Occupation: Helmsman
Laughing Style: Chararararararara

Story: The ferryman of Hades, who carries souls of the newly deceased across the river Styx; river that divides the world of the living from the world of the dead. Sensing the many souls to be taken by the Spada Pirates, Charon joined the crew to ably ferry those fallen to the Underworld. Charon is obsessed with gold. As the legend has it, a gold coin has to be placed on the dead's mouth for Charon to give passage to those dead as payment, or suffer in wait.

Charon was witness to Spada swimming upstream as she escaped the Underworld and resurrected. Charon followed La Spada, promised riches and souls to ferry.

Charon’s plague is turning water to blood, a metaphor of the watery river he ferries the dead.

Level 70

Sour “The Cursed Child”
Name: Sour "The Cursed Child"
Race: Human
Age: 12 years old
Height: 4 1/2 feet
Weight: 44 kg

Plague: Flies
Devil Fuit: N/A
Occupation: Boatswain
Laughing Style: Sohuhuhuhuh

Story: The Cursed Child. Said to have been dubbed such because everyone whom she grows close ends up dead. La Spada invaded her hometown when she was younger, slaying her entire family; an image burned to her soul. Sour uses her affection for candy and her childish nature to hide the sadness within. Sour's singular goal is to slay La Spada, the benefactor of her sorrow. La Spada thus kept her at her side, to keep the young child growing in power and hate. Some say Sour reminds La Spada of her two little sisters, though such a whisper has seen much retribution.

Sour’s plague is flies, signifying the ruin and curse she brings to any who get close to her.

Level 70

Daedalus “Devil’s Architect”
Name: Daedalus "The Devil’s Architect"
Race: Human
Age: 64 years old
Height: 5’8’’ feet
Weight: 78 kg

Plague: Darkness
Devil Fuit: N/A
Occupation: Scientist/Architect
Laughing Style: Icaruhuhuhuhuhu

Story: The Devil’s Architect. Directed by the Gods of Olympus to create a Labyrinth to house their treasure, Pandora, Daedalus was imprisoned so that the secret of the Labyrinth would not be spread. To escape, Daedalus created two sets of wings for himself and his young son Icarus. However, Icarus flew too close to the sun, burning him alive. Daedalus spent the rest of the days in regret and mourning. La Spada promised him revenge against the Gods that set into motion his son’s death. Daedalus followed, blind that it was the Grim who encouraged at his son’s ear to fly close to the sun, to later recruit Daedalus in vengeance.

Daedelus is the weakest plague, but his advanced mind makes him invaluable to the Underworld.

Daedelus’ plague is Darkness, for he seeks to blot out the sun that burned his son alive.

Level 65
Note: Hydra is lvl. 80 and Atlas is lvl 70

Those felled by fate, fallen from former glory. The Fallen are the crew's second-grade officers, usually infamous warriors felled by the Spada Pirates, forced to join the ranks. Their desire to slay La Spada keeps them growing stronger. They hold absolute power over the Legion.

The Fallen
Judges of Hades (x3)
The Liches (x6)
The Banshees (x6)
Gorgon Sisters (x6)
The Cultists (x6)
The Judges of Hades (x3)
Name: Minos, Aiakos, Rhadamanthys
Race: Humans
Age: Various
Height: 9 feet
Weight: 133 kg

Story: The judges of the dead, three demi-god ministers of Hades. They were originally mortal men, sons of the god Zeus, who were granted their station in death as a reward for establishing law and order on earth. To them, emotion does not sway their rulings, only cold hard facts. The brothers tried to stop and judge La Spada as she escaped and resurrected from the Underworld, but were slain instead. Resurrected, they seek to judge La Spada’s every action and bring her back to Hades to regain their lost post.

Level 65

The Liches (x6)
Name: The Liches
Race: Humans
Age: Various
Height: 8 feet
Weight: 116 kg

Story: Five infamous pirate captains slain at their peak, resurrected as demons. Their regret most palpable. The Liches were forced to choose between oblivion and allegiance. They chose the latter for an opportunity to slay La Spada, their tormentor, a task they seek with no quarter.

Level 60

The Banshees (x5)
Name: The Banshees
Race: Humans
Age: Various
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 55 kg

Story: Five mothers who were murdered by the Spada Pirates right after watching their children dismembered in both soul and body, their eyes forced open to watch. Resurrected by La Spada, the Banshees sail the seas searching for the dismembered pieces of their children’s souls. Their eyes have become red from the constant wailing, the path of the tears black, unable to be washed. It is said the Banshees wails are an omen of death, often accompanying the Spada Pirates landfall.

Level 60

Gorgon Sisters (x7)
Story: Humans born of unholy union, bred in Satanic rituals from fallen queens. Their sadism have them placed above tieflings. The Gorgon sisters are in charge of the lesser demons in the Spada Pirate ships.

Level 55

The Cultists (x20)
Story: Through infamy and legend, La Spada has become a deity to many, a religion on its own right. The Cultists are the priests, the leaders of the Spada sect, forming thousands. They often delve in human sacrifice, enemies taken from conquests.

Level 50

“For we are many.” Lowest in the Underworld, ever hungry. Extremely violent creatures, they are driven by fear and instinct. The Fleet of Souls are part of the Legion. One out of every hundred is smart and strong enough to challenge one the Fallen.

Satyr Brothers (x15)
Necrohols (x25)
Dementias (x25)
Plague Doctors (x25)
Psychos (x30)
Satyr Brothers (x14)
Story: Humans tortured until their mind broke, carved with horns to remind them of their struggle. These brothers once led the media against the Spada Pirates, now used in experiments to look like the Beasts they claimed the Spada’s were. Satyrs are tasked with spinning the media to spread the fear of Spada and infamy.

Level 50

Necrohols (x15)
Story: Hailing from Necrohol, these primitive pledged allegiance to the Spada Pirates out of fear and necessity. They are highly skilled in navigation and usually run the Spada ships, weapons, and stay behind to guard the ships.

Level 45

Dementias (x25)
Story: Patients who broke out of mental wards and put through forced empathy classes. Dementias are depressive humans who latch on to those in sorrow. Dementias will whisper madness into the ears of those vulnerable, their ecstasy creating those demented like them.

Level 40

Plague Doctors (x25)
Story: The second unit in calamity. Tasked with cleaning up the denizens dead left in the Spada’s wake, these once famous doctors, now twisted, use the Spada’s path of death to experiment and come up with plagues and viruses. They wear masks with beaks to protect them from the plagues and viruses they experiment. They are also first aid in the Spada Pirates’ ships, often requiring tribute or bribes.

Level 40

Psychos (x25)
Story: Explosive and psychosis mixed in dreadful harmony. Psychos are captives whose mind were broken, turning them into those who love pain and explosions. Meatbags. Psychos seek pain - orgasmic. It is not us usual to catch one of them eating their own fingers for pleasure. Psychos blanket battlefields with explosives, leaving only destruction in their wake.

Level 40


“The Deadshot”
“Gorgon Queen”
“The Jackal”
Zalera “Deadshot”
Name: Zalera "Deadshot"
Race: Human
Age: 56 years old
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 90 kg

Plague: Pestilence
Devil Fuit: N/A
Occupation: Gunner/Sniper
Laughing Style: Zalahahahahahah

Story: Heretic scion who was tasked with the judging of men in the Wild Wild West era. His heart lusted for power, and Zalera judged those innocent. His soul was thus soul was tainted by the curses of those innocent he sent to oblivion. Sent to the bowels of hell for his gruesome acts, he was saved by La Spada. His singular goal is to darken the soul of others to make his sins less malevolent in comparison, in hopes of avoiding eternal damnation. Unlike other Plagues, Zalera is a strategist and a thoughtful man.

In the Spada takeover of Wano’s Flower Capitol from Yonko Kaido “King of Beasts”, Zalera disobeyed La Spada. The Grim murdered the Scion for his heresy, absorbing his soul.

Level 55
Strength: 41 (31 +10 race)
Agility: 81 (66 +10 race +5 martial arts)
-Movement: 81
-Reaction: 81
Vitality: 81 x2 (71 +10 race)
-Durability: 81
-Stamina: 75
Haki: 81 x2

-Armaments: 81
-Awareness: 81
Martial Arts: 41 x2 (26 +15 race)
-Gunslinging: 82

Medusa “The Gorgon Queen”
Name: Medusa “The Gorgon Queen”
Race: Reptilian
Age: 327
Height: 23 feet (from tail)
Weight: Unknown

Plague: Boils
Position: First Mate of the Third Fleet
Devil Fruit: N/A
Occupation: Cartographer
Laughing Style: Gorgohohoho

Story: Queen of the Gorgons. Medusa was once a beautiful, avowed priestess of Athena who, after for breaking her vow of celibacy by an affair with the sea god Poseidon, Athena turned Medusa into a hideous hag, making her hair into writhing snakes and her a greenish hue. To ensure she kept her celibacy, Athena erected a curse: those who gaze at her turn to stone.

Hearing of one with hatred for the gods of Olympus similar to her own, La Spada saved Medusa from Perseus. Medusa turned her gaze on La Spada, only to find her soul was already stone. With a soul as ugly as Athena had made her, Medusa joined the Grim to bring down Olympus and restore the beauty stolen from her. Medusa’s plague is boils, making victims as ugly as her.

Medusa assisted La Spada in the major breakout of Impel Down. Medusa failed to hold Magellan back. On a whim, La Spada mercilessly shot and killled Medusa, sacrificing her without hesitation in her infamous escape, now ugly forevermore.

Level 65
Strength: 81 (46 +30 race +5 MA)
Agility: 81 (51 +30 race)
-Movement: 81
-Reaction: 81
Vitality: 71 x2
-Durability: 81
-Stamina: 61
Haki: 81 x2

-Armaments: 81
-Precognition: 81
Martial Arts: 71 x2
-War Style: 81
- Toxia: 61
Mind: 0 (6 -6 race)

Anubis "The Jackal"
Name: Anubis "The Jackal"
Race: Mink
Age: Unknown
Height: 222 cm (7'3”)
Weight: 157 kg (350 lbs)

Position: Quartermaster of the Styx
Occupation: Undertaker
Laughing Style: Tehehehehee

Story: The protector of graves in the Underworld, tasked with the embalmment and protection of those bodies wicked. Anubis once weighed the hearts of those dammed to send them to the levels of Hell. His servitude has made hm unnaturally apathetic to all forms of evil and good, finding them trivial in the weight of the afterlife. Cast out by Osiris for rebelling for purpose, Anubis roamed the earth searching for that which made him whole, casting shadow wherever he went.

Anubis sought to with La Spada's heart, but was overcome with the wicked. The Grim cast him aside to fall back down to Hell. The dog-man held on, following La Spada thereafter to finally find purpose. Now, he serves as the Undertaker in The Spada's ships, searching for the tomb that would house him.

Anubis accompanied La Spada in her conquest of Zou. The mink hesitated when his homeland was in the balance, prompting his end. Zunesha and the moon cursed him to fight raged, falling to Nekomamushi. La Spada heard the screams, but did not come to aid, did not care - left Anubis to die.

Level 70 x 5 = 350
Strength: 57 +28 (race) +5 (MA) = 90
Speed: 67 +28 (race) +5 (MA) = 100
- Reaction Speed: 100
- Movement Speed: 100
Vitality: 81
- Durability: 81
- Stamina: 81
Fighting Style: 74 +7 race = 81
- Zugaikotsu Style: 100
- Electro: 62
Haki: 71
- Busoshoku Haki: 61
- Kenbunshoku Haki (Perception): 81
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The Spada Pirates rule the seas a military approach to piracy. The crew has two distinct factions, one tied to the main crew, and another followers. Together, the make up the Underworld. Often forced into labor and destitute, the crew has amassed numbers in the thousands, dwarfing regular pirate crews. The Spada Pirates rule the seas like an overlord.

The two factions of the Spada Pirates are:
  • Armada of Tartarus (main crew)
  • Fleet of Lost Souls (branch crew)

The Flagship1st Fleet2nd Fleet
The Styx
The Oceanus
The Acheron*
Captain: La Spada​
Captain: Akira​
Captain: The Archangel​

3rd Fleet4th Fleet5th Fleet
The Plegethon
The Lethe
The Cocytus
Captain: KyriaCaptain: HydraCaptain: Feltyrosa

The Styx "The Flagship"
The flagship of La Spada Pirates, captained by La Spada herself. The most wicked hail home to the Styx. Sails torn, decaying wood, creaking mast, rusted cannons, give the impression of a lifeless ship. A giant Scythe hangs from the bow, the symbol of the Grim Reaper. The Styx is constantly surrounded by frigid fog, said to hail from La Spada's cold soul. Infused with an ancient soul, becoming sentient, Styx bears power to destroy whole islands.

In Greek Mythology, the River Styx is a deity and a river that forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld, circling it seven times. It's known as the river of hatred, named after the goddess Styx.
  • Current Passengers:
    • La Spada
    • Calamities: Uvogin
    • Plagues: Nemesis
    • Fallen: Minos, Banshees (x6), Gorgon Sister (x1), Cultist (x1),
    • Legion: Psychos (x5)
Size: Warship
Sails: Various
Floors: Four
Capacity: 50
Other: Legendary Warship, Adam Wood Ship, Seastone Bottom, Rowing system

Weapons: Giant Scythe (S-Rank), Banshee Shriek (S-Rank), Magma Blast (S-Rank), Underworld Burst (S Rank)
Special: Sentient by Soru Soru no Mi.

The Oceanus "First Fleet"
The First Fleet of La Spada Pirates. Large lanterns hung on the lines of the ship illuminate the ever dark deck. Oceanus is decorated with all manner of skeletons, hung off the ship. The bow of the ship is decorated with a giant’s skull, said to wail with agony in cold nights. The crow’s nest is a hanging deck, where bodies hang off the main line, swaying ever in the wind and the moonlight.

In Greek Mythology, Oceanus is the river that encircles the world, and it marks the east edge of the underworld. It is known as the river of agony. The river is named after the Titan son of Uranus and Gaia.
  • Current Passengers:
    • Mayhem: Akira
    • Plagues: Sour, Atlas
    • Fallen: Aiakos, Liches (x2), Gorgon Sister (x1), Cultist (x1)
    • Legion: Satyr Brothers (x3), Necrohols (x5), Dementias (x5), Plague Doctor (x5), Psychos (x5)
Size: Warship
Sails: Various
Floors: Three
Capacity: 50
Other: Legendary Warship, Adam Wood Ship, Propeller System, Seastone Bottom

Cannons: Row of cannons at sides and front
Special: Hanging Deck, Hade’s Sigh (S-Rank)

The Acheron "Second Fleet"

The Phlegethon “Third Fleet”
The Third Fleet of La Spada Pirates. Fire churns through the rustic wood and the Galtean architecture. Fire pits hang on the sides of the ship and from the many black sails, giving the ship an impression that it is on fire. Plegethon is decorated a carved metal path on the inside of the ship where magma flows like a small river. The bow of the ship is in the shape of mouth of a behemoth, where the hottest fire dwells and breathes.

In Greek mythology, the river phlegethon is called the River of Fire because it is said to travel to the depths of the Underworld where land is filled with fire. River Phlegethon leads to Tartarus, where the dead are judged.
  • Current Passengers:
    • Mayhems: Kyria
    • Plagues: Charon, Prometheus
    • Fallen: Rhadamanthys, Liches (x1), Gorgon Sisters (x1), Cultist (x1)
    • Legion: Satyr Brothers (x3), Necrohols (x5), Dementias (x5), Plague Doctor (x5), Psychos (x5)
Size: Warship
Sails: Various
Floors: Three
Capacity: 50
Other: Legendary Warship, Adam Wood Ship, Rowing system, Seastone Bottom

Cannons: Fire Cannons at sides and front
Special: Fire Blast (S Rank)

The Lethe “Fourth Fleet”
The Fourth Fleet of La Spada Pirates. Poison runs through floorboards and the Niboean architecture. Hanging all over the ship are vats of acod and poison, said to hold the screaming of those who would not accept their fate. As the name suggests, the Lethe’s poison has amnesia powers, able to wipe off one’s memory. The Lethe is the ship that looks more “normal” than the rest, often used in stealth missions to repopulate memory to oblivion.

In Greek mythology, Lethe is the river of oblivion or forgetfulness. Upon entering the Underworld, the dead would have to drink the waters of Lethe to forget their earthly existence.
  • Current Passengers:
    • Mayhem: Hydra
    • Plagues: Daedelus
    • Fallen: Liches (x1), Gorgon Sisters (x1), Cultist (x1)
    • Legion: Satyr Brothers (x3), Necrohols (x5), Dementias (x5), Plague Doctor (x5), Psychos (x5)
Size: Warship
Sails: Various
Floors: Four
Capacity: 50
Other: Legendary Warship, Adam Wood Ship, Rowing system, Seastone Bottom

Cannons: Cannons at sides and front, Memory Blast (S Rank)

The Cocytus “Fifth Fleet”
The Fifth Fleet of La Spada Pirates. The Cocutus is made of Adam Wood, wherein a special brand of tree only found in Tartarus grows out of its hull: the “Wailing Tree”. The wind that entered its branches makes a wailing sound, lulling hypnosis of agony to those who hear it. Those who owed the Cocytus are said to be driven mad with lament.

In Greek mythology, Cocytus is the river of wailing and lamentation. For the souls that Charon refused to ferry over because they had not received a proper burial, the river bank of Cocytus would be their wandering grounds.
  • Current Passengers:
    • Mayhems: Feltyrosa
    • Plagues: Jeanne
    • Fallen: Spectres, Liches (x1), Gorgon Sisters (x1), Cultist (x1)
    • Legion: Satyr Brothers (x3), Necrohols (x5), Dementias (x5), Plague Doctor (x5), Psychos (x5)
Size: Warship
Sails: Various
Floors: Two
Capacity: 50
Other: Legendary Warship, Adam Wood Ship, Mini Wind Sails, Seastone Bottom

Cannons: Cannons at sides and front, Wailing Shriek (S-Rank)
Special: Wailing of Sorrow


Known as those souls lost, often conquests bound by spirit. The Fleet of Lost Souls are made up of pirate crews that have, through admiration or force, vowed to serve The Spada Pirates. The Fleet is also made up of thousands who were not accepted in the main crew, yet are vowed to follow the Underworld. The Fleet of Lost Souls enjoy independence, until called by the skull-shaped den den mushi.
  • Warships: 50 ships
  • Adam Wood Warships: 25 ships
The outside groups vowed servitude to the Fleet of Souls are:
  • Gray Cloud Pirates​
  • The Nine Scabbards​
  • Halea Kingdom Army​
  • Kuja Pirates​
  • Wano Samurai​
  • Green Bit Dwarves​
  • Zou Mink Force​
  • Valley of Peace Kung Fu Masters​
Those followers not named in the main crew are:
  • x15,300 lvl. 10 NPCs
  • x6 lvl. 15 NPCs
  • x2,500 lvl. 20 NPCs
  • x503 lvl. 25 NPCs
  • x400 lvl. 30 NPCs
  • x50 lvl. 35 NPCs
  • x100 lvl. 40 NPCs
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La Spada Pirate Territories are often conquered for plunder, set with wickedness, and left to its own devices. Typically, a member of the Spada Pirates is left behind, depending on the strength of the sea, to safeguard from invaders. It is said that it is not the people whom the Spada Pirates come back for, but for their own name.
  • Territories: 20
  • Crew Income: $8,547,500,000/week (if all active)
  • Seas with Foothold: North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, Grand Line, Calm Belt, New World
Calculation of Distribution:
  • 5 people: 1,602,656,250 (25%)


North BlueIslands
Income: 205m/week​
Income: 80m/week​

Lemnos Island
Start - End
The Spada Pirates landed on Lemnos in South Blue, a technological marvel, intent on stealing their military might. On the date of the festival, invasion began. Hephaestus’s defeat brought him and Lemnos under Spada rule, now turning on Olympus, becoming a weapon production island for Spada Pirates. A monthly weapon tribute is collected for the Spada army.
  • Income: 205,000,000/week
  • Spies: Yes
Start - End
In Lvneel, X compelled the King to sacrifice himself for the safety of his people, claiming dominion over the kingdom before putting the island under his control.
  • Income: 80,000,000/week
  • Spies: Yes

South Blue​
Roshwan Kingdom
Blade's Island
Income: 87.5m/week​
Income: 50m/week​

Roshwan Kingdom
Start - End
In Roshwan, X orchestrated a rebellion that left the kingdom under the control of his pirate crew, the Nighthawk Vipers, while sparing the lives of the princesses
  • Income: 87,500,000/week
  • Spies: Yes
Blade's Island
Start - End
On Blade's Island, Vice Admiral Cancer, a high-ranking Marine, confronted X, a formidable pirate captain, in a fierce battle. The two engaged in a verbal and physical clash, showcasing their respective combat skills and ideologies. The struggle escalated with both fighters using powerful techniques and Haki-enhanced attacks. Despite Cancer's efforts, X managed to outmaneuver him. In a surprising turn of events, X chose to spare Cancer's life and advised him to reflect on the nature of justice in the turbulent world they inhabited. After the battle, X left the island, conscious of his exhaustion. He instructed his new crewmate Baishin to stay behind and guard against potential threats, promising a swift return.
  • Income: 50,000,000/week
  • Spies: Yes


Grand LineIslands
Halea Isles
Thriller Bark
Momoiro Island
Income: 450m/week​
Income: 300m/week​
Income: 1.25b/week​
Income: 375m/week​

Halea Isles
Start - End
The Shadow heard rumors that the fabled Revolutionary Army was on Halea Island in the Grand Line. The Shadow soon found of the Curse of the Howling Wind, the second son of King Ran turned into Fenrir to deter invaders. The two led an expedition to Migard and defeated the Army and King Ran, freeing the boy. The island was left with spies in the RA, under the Spada banner, as controlling power.
  • Income: 450,000,000/week
  • Spies: Yes
Thriller Bark
Start - End
Mayhem Kyria the “Crimson Blade” single-handedly invaded the island ship, killing its residents until Moria himself presented himself. La Spada watched as the Royal Shichibukai fell. Reviving Uvogin in Oars’ body, the Spada Pirates took over Impel Down and made it the Spada Pirate’s HQ of the Grand Line.
  • Income: 300,000,000/week
  • Spies: Yes
A chain of Sky Islands built into the desolate section of the Grand Line Sky make up the headquarters of the Spada Pirates in the first half of the Grand Line. There are no cities, no trade, no center. The Sky Islands seem devoid of life. No milky road leads to the islands - on needs to reach them via flying ship or ability. It is here where the Fleet of Lost Souls calls home, vying for a position in the Fleet of Tartarus.
  • Income: 1,250,000,000/week (Sea/Akira)
  • Spies: Yes
Momoiro Island
Start - End
The first move La Spada made as a Yonko was terrifying: she challenged the Revolutionary Army. Landing in Momoiro Island, La Spada's rage few on underling Kyria "The Crimson Blade", who had failed to obtain the territory The Grim first decimated her own crewmates for their failure, cornering Queen Ivankov. Before La Spada would take Ivankov's life, the Most Dangerous Man in the World appeared. Monkey D. Dragon attacked without hesitation. However, having taken Ivankov as hostage, Dragon had no choice but to cede the island to La Spada to save his comrades. The Revolution left the pink lated island, now turning gray with Grim, filled with malicious homies.
  • Income: 375,000,000/week
  • Spies: Yes


Calm BeltIslands
Amazon Lily
Delos Island*
Azkaban Prison*
Island of The Lost*
Income: 350m/week​
La Spada's Island​
Income: 50m/week​
Income: 50m/week​

Calm BeltIslands
Income: 50m/week​
Income: 250m/week​

Amazon Lily
Start - End
With wails of eerie, La Spada herself landed on Amazon Lily, her intentions unknown. Recognizing who she was, the women took her at her request to see Shichibukai Boa Hancock. The most beautiful woman met the most foul. There, La Spada gave her an ultimatum: ally with Spada Pirates or die. The ultimatum was made all the more sweet by La Spada’s statement that she would kill Big Mom and bring the Celestial Dragons to their knees, the ones who had enslaved Boa and her sisters in their youth. With no choice, Boa complied, and the Kuja Pirates became allies/underlying of the Spada Pirates, hidden from the World Government.
  • Income: 350,000,000/week
  • Spies: Yes
Delos Island
Sitting on the North of the Calm Belt stands an island once ripped by a grand battle of the Gods, its aftermath the scarred isle. An island with a strict no visitors after dark policy, where nobody is allowed to give birth or die on the island. A small city lay on the dock of the island, heretics, with the mountains bearing worship to the Mayor, the infamous foul La Spada. It is here where those worthy are sent to worship the Grim Reaper.
  • Income: N/A (La Spada)
  • Spies: N/A
Azkaban Prison
In the south of the calm belt lies an island of horror, the prison island Azkaban. A few years ago, the prisoners rioted, slew the guards, and claimed the territory for their own. One fateful night, Kyria showed up. The inmates did not realize the calamity they had encountered and sought to take him out. Kyria thinned the herd with such brutality that, eventually, every inmate bowed down to him and made him their king in all but name, the most wicked of them all. The island now serves as a prison for captives of Spada Pirates - torture.
  • Income: 50,000,000/week (Beerbottle/Kyria)
  • Inhabitants: Dementia (x9), Vrykolakas (x50)
  • Spies: N/A
Island of The Lost
An Island located in the Calm Belt, inhabited by the survivors of Akira’s village whom managed to escape all the way into this island. A secret kept by Akira to La Spada. Island of the Lost is purposefully claimed by Akira as a mere village funding supplies to the Spada Armies to keep the façade. Protected by a small group of Vrykolakas to ensure the lives of the villagers does not come to harm. The island functionally serves to supplies large quantities of wood to the Spada Pirates.
  • Income: 50,000,000/week (Sea/Akira)
  • Spies: N/A

  • Income: 50,000,000/week (God_Usopun/X)
  • Spies: N/A

  • Income: 250,000,000/week (God_Usopun/X)
  • Spies: N/A


Maelstorm Island
Land of Wano [HQ]​
Income: 250m/week​
Income: 2b/week​
La Spada's Island​

Land of Zou
Whole Cake Island
Valley of Peace
Income: 400m/week​
Income: 2b/week​
Income: 350m/week​

Malestorm Island
Start - End
Maelstorm Island, with nigh impenetrable natural defenses, would be the stronghold and foothold of the Spada Pirates in the New World. La Spada and three Plagues entered the island with intent to kill. Decimating the Gray Cloud Pirates, La Spada left two alive to oversee the island. At the direction of The Grim, the island quickly became an explosion production island. Where once was a lush green parasite, now turned cold and gray. As if La Spada’s soul corrupted the land.
  • Income: 250,000,000/week
  • Spies: Yes
Onigashima (Spada Pirates HQ)
Start - End
A drought debilitated the Beast Pirates and drew the strongest of the New Generation to take Kaido’s helm. La Spada and Akira conquered the Flower Capitol, drawing the ire of Kaido. The New Generation inited and stood against the Beast Pirates and Kaido, forcing the Yonko to flee Onigashima and ally with Big Mom. Onigashima was torn in ’twain, Spada Pirates conquering half of Onigashima and the Vampirates conquering the other half, ever at odds.

The last half of Onigashima was later ceded to Spada’s in a territory trade with Vampirates.
  • Income: 2,000,000,000/week
  • Spies: Yes
The Mouth of Hell. An archipelago in between the surface and Hell, fittingly named Tartarus. Dozens of Islands held together by a thick mist. It is said the Eight Rivers of Hell go through it, ending with the River Styx. It is here that the Spada Pirate's HQ in the New World is housed. Each island is home to a new evil, with the center, the throne, housing The Grim. It is here where La Spada intends to have the Underworld rise.
  • Income: N/A (La Spada)
  • Spies: Yes
Valley of Peace
Start - End
The Shadow of the Grim Reaper, Akira, made landfall intoValey of Peace, finding he held one of the two Blades of Legend, Muramasa. They called Akira the Child of Prophecy, alleging he had been involved in a Prophecy made by Master Oogway. The prophecy led Akira to mistakenly release Tai Lung and Kai from their imprisonment, triggering a war in Valley of Peace. Changing his very purpose, Akira led the fight against the evil forces in the war, taking down Kai in the Great Vault. The island would know peace again. It was revealed that the sister swords, Muramasa and Twilight's Edge, were born on the island to house two ancient souls locked in a battle eternal through reincarnation. Yoake (La Spada) in Muramasa. Yugure in Twilight's Edge. Akira found the prophecy is he would kill La Spada.
  • Income: 350,000,000/week
  • Spies: Yes

Land of Zou
Start - End
By chance or fate, La Spada ended on the land of Zou. Knowing 1,000 year-old society lived there, La Spada sought secrets of ages past, of Void Century. Immediate opposition found the whole country against the Grim and Anubis, the latter falling during the struggle. La Spada bested the minks, agreeing to stay her hand for the Rio Poneglyph. Falling under Spada protection, the land is now protected by a Mayhem and a fleet of Spada ships, while the guardians still protect their centuries-long charge.
  • Income: 750,000,000/week
  • Spies: Yes
Whole Cake Island
Start - End
To topple the Old Generation and stop the Yonko wedding. La Spada invaded Whole Cake Island, drawing the ire of Big Mom’s children. Big Mom found La Spada in one of her pangs, defeating La Spada, sending the challenger to the depths. In Davy Jones locker, La Spada faced her past, and her sister’s betrayal. The final battle to decide the Queen of souls and the sea. La Spada met Big Mom on a floating island above Whole Cake château. The two strongest women in the seas clashed once more. This time, La Spada would not yield. Facing certain death, La Spada unlocked her true self, Isis Warsong. Using the thousand of souls from her lost world, all relying on her, La Spada unleashed a final attack that felled the Yonko. On the cusp of Yonko, Akira "The Shadow" betrayed La Spada, killing her while she was weakened. The Grim resurrected, capturing the young betraying boy, launching a New Era by addressing the World through Den Den Mushi, reveling the Void Century.
  • Income: 2,000,000,000/week
  • Spies: Yes

*Islands From Ruler Items
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Bounty Breakdown:
La Spada:
3,205,625,000 (Legacy NPC)
1,000 (NPC)

  • 60 Years Ago: Birth of the Spada Pirates
  • 50 Years Ago: Fall From Grace
  • 24 Years Ago: The River of Torment
  • 7 Years Ago: Spada Pirates’ Resurrection
Birth of the Spada Pirates - 60 years ago
Legendary pirates of old. Almost sixty years ago, La Spada Pirates terrorized the seas. The three Spada sisters, Isis, Osiris, and Set, gained much infamy by their military approach to piracy. Their singular goal was to slay their father, Yonko Warsong, for acts of abandonment in their youth. Soon, their desire became strong enough to clash with the Yonko themselves.

Fall From Grace - 50 years ago
In the Battle of End, the biggest marine-pirate battle in decades, the Spada Pirates saw their demise. One of the sisters had betrayed their own. And so they fell. The World Government, seeking to quell the military approach to piracy, erased the Spada name from the history books. The infamous pirate crew remained only in legend folklore, of how ruthless acts lead to demise.

The River of Torment - 24 years ago
Thrown in the River of Torment for decades, Isis swam upstream. La Spada’s hate and desire from her fall from grace brimmed so dark, she spat on Hades himself. She gained enough power to challenge the demons themselves. Gabriel the Archangel smited La Spada in her first attempt of resurrection. That act blackened La Spada’s heart beyond repair.

Spada Pirates’ Resurrection - 7 years ago
Trading a piece of her soul to Hades, La Spada gained enough support for resurrection, this time as a demon. La Spada gained entry by Devil’s Door in Nechrohol. Now turned Grim, La Spada re-created the infamous pirate crew, this time with blackened despair. Their singular goal: unleash the Underworld to the swallow the world whole.

  • Tequila Wolf: Enter the Spada Pirates!
  • Maelstorm Island: Foothold in the New World!
  • Lemnos Island: The Military Heist!
  • Halea Isles: Challenging the Revolutionary Army!
  • Wano Island: Defying Yonko Kaido at Flower Capitol!
  • Wano Island: Hunting the King of Beasts at Onigashima!
  • Impel Down: Evil Arrives in the Great Gaol!
Tequila Wolf’s Fall
Start - End
Birthed new life from Necrohol, La Spada resurrected and set her sights on her comeback. Tequila Wolf in East Blue was the first. With a statement of power, La Spada single-handedly invaded Tequila Wolf. The Empress entered the Marine base and decimated the troops, taking souls with her. A woman from a life past appeared. Irra the "Bloodhound", now old and with power waned. Recalling her history, La Spada reasserted her desire to end humanity. The remaining half of the rebels joined the Spada Pirates, and the territory came under La Spada Pirates control.

Maelstrom Island
Start - End
To place their foothold in the New World, the Spada Pirates set their eyes on the high impenetrable natural defensive island; Maelstorm Island. Braving the seas, La Spada arrived with theee Plagues. They met the Gray Cloud Pirates, whom ruled the land. They refused to be swallowed and defied La Spada, their reward was annihilation. The island came under their control. At the direction of The Grim, the island quickly became an explosive production island. Where once was a lush green parasite, now turned cold and gray.

Lemnos Island
Start - End
The Spada Pirates landed on Lemnos in South Blue, a technological marvel, intent on stealing their military might. On the date of the festival, invasion began. The forger had used live humans to create automatons and his army. Destroying the festival and putting the town in uproar, the Spada Pirates challenged Hephaestus at Acropolis. His defeat brought him and Lemnos under Spada rule, now turning on Olympus, becoming a weapon production island for Spada Pirates.

Halea Isles
Start - End
The Shadow heard rumors that the fabled Revolutionary Army was on Halea Island in the Grand Line. A solo mission, The Shadow soon found of the Curse of the Howling Wind, the second son of King Ran turned into Fenrir to deter invaders. The boy, left as an outcast and used as a weapon, was hunted by the Army. The Shadow saw himself on the boy and challenged him to topple King Ran. The two led an expedition to Migard and defeated the Army and King Ran, freeing the boy. The island was left with spies in the RA, under the Spada banner, as controlling power.

Wano - Flower Capitol
Start - End
Wano Kuni, the fabled base of the Beast Pirates in the Grand Line. A drought weakened the regime, and big players from all over the world came to stake a part of the Beast Empire. Spada Pirates created water through La Spada, convincing the people of Flower Capitol to revolt. La Spada and The Shadow drove King out and challenged Orochi, the country’s Shogun. Claiming the Flower Capitol, it drew Yonko Kaido’s rage. Joining hands with Kallavan, Gambit, Akira, La Spada cut Kaido and forced him to withdraw to Onishigama.

Wano - Onishigama
Start - End
The chase of the King of Beasts was on, to Onigashima. The Shadow captured the Daiymo Orochi. One of the Flying Six, Black Maria, interrupted, quickly felled. Akira. The Beast Pirates’ First Mate, King, stood in Akira’s way. Vice-Admiral Saski, Akira, and King engaged in a legendary battle. Akira triumphed, slaying the infamous King. La Spada engaged Kaido in battle, joining the New Generation of Vice-Admiral, Landayan Morrow, Vice-Admiral Kallavan and Uteki, in the infamous fight against the Yonko. Their efforts paid off, critically wounding Kaido. Before he could be felled, another terrifying Yonko, Big Mom, appeared. An alliance between the two Yonko was proclaimed, to wed their children. The two Yonko escaped for the wedding in World Cake Island.

Impel Down - Evil Arrives in Impel Down!
Start - End
On a whim, Impel Down would fall. A wicked plan cometh. The Grim took over the body of Marine T-Bone, using La Spada’s lifeless body to infiltrate Impel Down covertly, reaching Level 5.5 unhindered. The leader of the Hunter’s Dream told the tale of the Unsundered, how La Spada came from another reality. Armed with history and rage, La Spada met her previous crewmate, Uvogin. La Spada released prisoners of Impel Down and led a historic escape, bringing shame to the World Government. With Uvogin’s soul as a blade, La Spada killed Warden Magellan and released more evil upon the world.

  • Valley Of Peace: Unravelling the Prophecy!
  • Thriller Bard: Hunting the Royal Shichubikai!
  • Amazon Lily: A Ruthless Invitation!
  • Land of Zou: The Land of Minks
  • Kuraigana: The Duel between Swordsmans
  • Whole Cake Island - Wedding of the Yonko!
  • Momoiro Island - Challenging the Revolution!
  • Newspaper Post: The New Yonko Crew - Spada Pirates!
Valley of Peace – Unravelling of the Prophecy!
Start - End
Akira travelled to the Valley of Peace in search of the history of Muramasa, a weapon given onto him by La Spada. Here, the Shadow found himself embroiled in a fate that has been ordained since ancient times. Through his darker actions, Akira consequentially helped unleashed Kai and the rest of his armies from prison which led to a civil war. Aiming to fix his mistakes upon returning from the Spirit Realm, Akira decided to help restore balance to what it once was. Through more twists and turns, the boy misinterpreted the prophecies due to varying accounts and unintentionally unleashed Kai onto the world. However, with an epiphany – Akira managed to wrestle away control of Twilight Edge away from Kai, allowing him to defeat the spirit with the unintended help from Muramasa as well as gain further insight into the prophecy and how fate has connected both Akira and La Spada that would eventually spiral into an unknown destiny.

With the civil war ending with the victory of the Minks of the valley, Akira’s name is used as a way to prevent invasion and civil wars once more – his name became a symbol of power and fear for the sake of peace within the valley.

Thriller Bark - Enter the Crimson Blade!
Start - End
The Mayhem Kyria the “Crimson Blade” targeted the Royal Shichibukai, Moria. The man single-handedly invaded the island ship, killing Perona, Hogback, and zombie Ryuma. Oars stood in his way, later defeated soundly. La Spada appeared to take over the island, before Moria himself intervened. La Spada gave Kyria 5 minutes to kill the Shichibukai, and the latter assassinated the man without fail. After La Spada repelled a Buster Call, the island ship came into the Spada’s possession, turning into the crew’s headquarters.

Thriller Bark - Enter the Crimson Blade!
Start - End
With wails of eerie, La Spada herself landed on Amazon Lily, her intentions unknown. Recognizing who she was, the women took her at her request to see Shichibukai Boa Hancock. The most beautiful woman met the most foul. There, La Spada gave her an ultimatum: ally with Spada Pirates or die. The ultimatum was made all the more sweet by La Spada’s statement that she would kill Big Mom and bring the Celestial Dragons to their knees, the ones who had enslaved Boa and her sisters in their youth. With no choice, Boa complied, and the Kuja Pirates became allies/underlying of the Spada Pirates, hidden from the World Government.

The Land of Zou
Start - End
By chance or fate, La Spada ended on the land of Zou. Knowing 1,000 year-old society lived there, La Spada sought secrets of ages past, of Void Century. Immediate opposition found the whole country against the Grim and Anubis, the latter falling during the struggle. La Spada bested the minks, agreeing to stay her hand for the Rio Poneglyph. Falling under Spada protection, the land is now protected by a Mayhem and a fleet of Spada ships, while the guardians still protect their centuries-long charge.

Start - End
After the events of Valley, Akira decided to follow the trail of Mihawk – aiming to test his skills and power against the World Greatest Swordsman. However, after a long battle between the swordsman, Mihawk decided to test Akira only in swordsmanship using only wooden sticks. Despite Akira’s best efforts however, Mihawk manage to best Akira at the very end. Yet, Mihawk would ask Akira for another rematch in the future, after when he is close to achieving his goal – that they would fight once more in Kuraigana.

Whole Cake Island - Wedding of the Yonko!
Start - End
The Underworld would have its revenge. The Spada Pirates made their landfall in Whole Cake Archipielago. Akira met Katakuri and Cracker in a battle to the death at Biscuit Island. La Spada met the rest of Big Mom’s higher tier children at Potato Island. To present Big Mom with the heads of her children at the wedding, La Spada slew many of her children, with Pespero escaping to warn Mama. Big Mom met La Spada out at sea, using her particular advantage to send The Grim to the depths, defeated.

Rescued by the Kuja Pirates, La Spada was pulled from Davy Jones locker. Big Mom and Kaido had begun their children's wedding. Along with Vice-Admiral Kallavan, revealing he too was of the Ivaice world, the two stormed the wedding. After a battle for the history books, La Spada emerge victorious. The Grim tapped into the hundreds of souls from the world of Ivalice, whom haunted and gave her hate, and sent Big Mom to the Underworld. Kallavan likewise defeated Kaido. The Old Era was over.

La Spada broadcasted Big Mom's body to the world, announcing to the populace the Void Century and that she held 3 of the 4 Rio Poneglyph to Raftel. Amisdt the broadcast, Akira, fresh from securing that Rio Poneglyph, killed La Spada for the world to see. The Grim would not be outdone, reviving out of frame and subduing Akira by holding Yugure captive.

Momoiro Island : Challenging the Revolution!
Start - End
Big Mom had fallen. The first move as a Yonko slayer was terrifying: La Spada now challenged the Revolutionary Army. Landing in Momoiro Island, La Spada's rage few on underling Kyria "The Crimson Blade", who had failed to obtain the territory. The Grim first decimated her own crewmates for their failure, leaving Kyria near death. La Spada now turned her sights on the Momorio Army and the Queen of Kambakka Kingdom, Ivankov. After flexing her newfound powers, Ivankov fled. La Spada gave chase, with two newfound underlings in the Gorgon Sisters. However, before La Spada took her life, the Most Dangerous Man Alive appeared. The infamous man attacked. However, having taken Ivankov as hostage, La Spada gave Dragon a terrible choice. Monkey D. Dragon had no choice but to cede the island to La Spada to save his comrades. The Revolution left the pink lated island, now turning gray with Grim.

The New Yonko Crew: Spada Pirates!
Newspaper Post
The latest news that the Yonkous, Charlotte LinLin and Kaido, had fallen, shook the world. They who ruled the seas for decades. Following the announcement, the world stood on edge. The Worst Generation had taken over. A new era was here. Spearheaded by the infamous and terrible La Spada, the two Yonkous of old had fallen. News of Big Mom’s fall to The Grim was etched like stone in the tablets of history. The Spada Pirates took control of both Whole Cake Island and Wano Island, both of the Yonkou’s prior main territories, the Spada’s asserting their dominance over a large part of the New World. With no choice, the World Government put out a press release, crowning La Spada as the new Yonko.

  • Present:
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The Spada Fighting Styles are weapon and martial arts unique to the crew. They are passed down in the crew as secret, available to all Spada Pirates. Many have made it their own, yet share the same dank principles. If you have techniques to add, send them to @Ichimonji.
  • Weapon Arts: War Style
  • Martial Arts: Zugaikotsu Style
  • Technology: Raid Suits (A Class)

Taken from the Gray Cloud Pirates at their peak, Spada Pirates found an ancient Skypieans manuscript upon conquering Maelstorm Island. The War Style is a basic weapon style that can adapt to any weapon. It has become the basic weapon style of the Spada Pirates.

The user swings their weapon around them to create a small shockwave that does minor damage and pushes people back slightly.
DPR: D (21 mastery, 21 strength)

War Bite
The user performs a forward thrust, rapidly shaking as they do so. This attack, causes the tip of the polearm to move rapidly, causing a multiple pronged attack rather than one. This attack pierces in multiple places at once.
DPR C (21 mastery, 21 strength)

Slaying Blow
Attacking with a stabbing motion towards one of the targets vital area to do damage.
DPR C (21 mastery, 21 strength)

Doing 10 attacks from over the head to either push the target back or do a lot of damage.
Combined DPR C or D each hit (31 mastery, 21 strength)

Weapon Slash
A slash from a weapons blade/top part that is swung from the side or over the head of the user.
DPR C (21 mastery, 21 strength or 31 for air slash)

Battle Swing
Swings the weapon infront of the user from the side/over the head to attack a target(s), can also be used to block attacks.
DPR B (41 mastery, 41 strength)

Head Smash
Smashes the target with a weapon hard enough to crush bones.
DPR B (41 mastery and 41 strength or 51 air slash).

Revenging Blow
After taking an attack/blocking an attack, attacks with a blow to the side or the head of the opponent.
DPR B (41 mastery, 41 strength, 41 reaction speed)

Sickle Demon
The user swings their blade to create a gust of wind. The strength of the wind depends on the strength and skill of the user. A subsequent sword arc can manipulate the wind to change directions or size.
DPR B (51 mastery, 51 strength)

Skull Smash
Smashes the target with a lot of force, can break through buildings and skulls.
DPR A (61 mastery and 61 strength or 71 air slash).

Bloody Cross
Slashing with two swords, or one sword fast enough, to create two air slashes in a cross/x-like shape at the target.
DPR A (71 mastery, 71 strength)

The user swings his blade to launch a wave of compressed air from his sword, making a powerful long-range slice. Unlike traditional airblades, this one simply uses the air to cut, being blurry, essentially cutting air.
DPR A (71 mastery, 71 strength, 61 Speed)

War Impact
Initiating a high-speed movement, translated the momentum into one spot by leaning his body forward and delivering powerful impact with the blunt part of his sword. Because of the momentum, changing direction is not possible, yet the force of the attack creates a shockwave.
DPR A (71 mastery, 71 strength, 71 Speed)

War Edge
A powerful attack using a weapon, charging recklessly forward slashing in a Z-like motion at the opponent; this attack leaves the user open to damage even while doing the technique.
DPR S (81 mastery, 81 strength, 81 movement speed)

War Scar
The user swings their weapon creating three wind blades parallel to each other. The area between the blades is filled with pocket of wind, sucking nearby targets in.
DPR S (81 mastery, 81 strength, 61 movement speed)

War Blade
By spinning their sword in a circular motion with great speed, a small compacted twister forms around the blade. The middle of the twister is hollow, allowing the tip of the blade to portrue. Shura Senpūken is used for blunt force, swinging the sword like a bat and slamming the tornado against the target, forcing the tornado to explode outwards violently.
DPR S (91 mastery, 91 strength, 91 movement speed)
DPR S+ [if ranged] (120 mastery, 91 strength, 91 movement speed)

Cross Flash
The user pivots his lead leg back, pushing off it, suddenly careening past the opponent in an instant. In doing so, the user swings his sword diagonally, dealing a spiral-like slash. This movement creates a suction-like blast of air after the attack, spinning and blowing the target. Cannot be ranged.
DPR S+ (100 mastery, 100 strength, 100 movement speed)

Hade’s Style: Zugaikotsu (literally meaning “Hell Style: Skull Arts”) is a martial art that utilizes karate moves to send powerful impact to the inside of the opponent’s body, typically with added haki. It is the taught style of the Spada Pirates, said to drive the practitioners insane. Each attack leaves an imprint of a skull, hence its name.

Nueve Círculos del Infierno
Literally meaning “Nine Circles of Hell”, the practitioners of Zuhaikotsu access the circles of Hell for their attacks. Each technique is uttered with the name of the circle of Hell used. The circle of Hell determines the proficiency of the technique.
  • Circle 1-2: Limbo and Lust. Unlocks first dogma. (10-30 FS)
  • Circle 3-4: Gluttony and Greed. Unlocks second dogma. (31-40 FS)
  • Circle 5-6: Anger and Heresy. Unlocks third dogma. (41-60 FS)
  • Circle 7-8: Violence and Fraud. Unlocks fourth dogma. (61-80 FS)
  • Circle 9: Treachery. Unlocks Advanced Techniques. (81-100 FS)
Onda de Cráneo
Literally meaning “Skull Wave”, the signature technique of Zuhaikotsu, the user release a skull-shaped shockwave against the opponent's body by releasing wind collected in his hand in a palm trust. The attack leaves the imprint of a skull on its enemies, hence its name.
Requirements: 11 Mastery, 21 Strength, 21 Movement Speed.​
11-30 Mastery: Destructive potency: D​
31-50 Mastery: Destructive potency: C​
51-71 Mastery: Destructive potency: B​
71-99 Mastery: Destructive potency: A​
100 Mastery: Destructive potency: S​
Reifunsai [Soul Crusher] The user places their pointed fingertips on the opponent, the palm of the hand facing down. Rotating their hips and shoulders, the user drops their hand, bending the wrist, and slamming their palm into their opponent. Despite the short distance of the strike, it's power is immense, known to knock the opponent a few meters back, even with low strength.
DPR: C (31 mastery, 31 strength, 31 movement speed)

Tesshō: Sutoraiku [Iron Palm Strike]: Utilizing Skull Wave, the user performs a quick heavy palm strike at the opponent, spinning half his body to throw the weight into the attack, blowing the opponent away or to the ground. At higher strength, a wind wave is left at the attack's wake.
DPR C (31 mastery, 31 strength, 31 movement speed)
DPR B [if wind wave] (51 mastery, 41 strength, 41 movement speed)

Skull Stroke The user unleashes various weaker shockwaves in quick succession. They have less time to form, and are weaker, but can hit multiple targets at the same time.
DPR B (41 mastery, 41 strength, 41 movement speed)

Hasamiuchi [Pincer Attack] - The user performs two-handed palm strike toward the opponent's ribcage. With sufficient strength, the user can cause the ribs to shatter, and pierce into the surrounding organs.
DPR B (41 mastery, 41 strength, 41 movement speed)

Skull Burst Collecting wind by spinning his hand, the user impacts the power together. The user will then careen the hand forward, releasing three Skull Waves compacted together, fissuring out at the same time.
DPR A (71 mastery, 61 strength, 61 movement speed)
Manos Malditas
Literally meaning "Cursed Hands". The user collects wind by spinning his hands. The wind is collected in a diagonal motion, creating a small air blade attached to the outside of the user's palm. The user performed a chop, spinning his body, capable of slicing into an opponent.
Requirements: 11 Mastery, 21 Strength, 21 Movement Speed.
11-30 Mastery: Destructive potency: D​
31-50 Mastery: Destructive potency: C​
51-71 Mastery: Destructive potency: B [unlocked airslashes]​
71-99 Mastery: Destructive potency: A​
100 Mastery: Destructive potency: S​
Takeyari [Bamboo Spear] - The user rushes toward the opponent with blinding speed. Upon gaining close range with the opponent, the user thrusts their hand toward the opponent. Their palm open, the user' delivers a open palm strike with added momentum, capable of creating a blast of wind that blows the enemy away.
DPR C (31 mastery, 31 strength, 31 movement speed)
DPR B [If airbalde] (51 mastery, 61 strength, 51 movement speed)

Veinte Pisutons [Twenty Pistols] - The user thrust their lead hand forward, performing a knuckled-palm strike toward the opponent's chest. As they attack with their lead hand, the user pulls back their rear hand preparing to strike. As soon as the lead hand connects, the user pulls it back, launching their rear hand with the same force. One does thus continuously, performing twenty strikes so fast they blur, the user seemingly delivering tents strikes at once.
DPR B (51 mastery, 51 strength, 61 movement speed)

Sennukisaru Kibakuouda [Spinning Hell Strike] - The user performs a rotating strike, spinning the hand from a palm up position, to a palm down position. The rotation of the strike causes a corkscrew of wind to surround the attacking hand, becoming like a drill while the user attacks. The punch has penetrating power, as well as capable of blowing an opponent away
DPR A (71 mastery, 61 strength, 61 movement speed)

Sansetsukon [Three Section Hell] - The user performs a spear-hand strike [open hand, pointed fingers] toward the opponent. When the fingers connect, the user forms a fist, performing the naihatsu strike. When the fist connects with the opponent, the user uses the forward momentum to roll his knuckles off the contact spot, and strike with tertiary strike with the back of his wrist. All three strikes are performed in rapid succession, deliver immense impact.
DPR S (81 mastery, 81 strength, 81 movement speed)
Hades Sandals
Soru copy. The user uses the Zugahoski style on his feet, using the wind blown to propel himself forward at immense speeds. Unlike Soru, one cannot change directions after mid-move. The user's movement speed is increased by Mastery/5.
Requirements: 11 Mastery, 21 Strength, 21 Movement Speed.​
11-40 mastery: 3 turn cool down​
41-80 mastery: 2 turn cool down​
81-100 mastery: 1 turn cool down​
Lucifer’s Agony
A counter technique writ in blood and pain. The user tanks a hit, using the agony received to repay it back. The attacking DPS is increased by two, increasing the damage the user receives. However, the counter-attack‘s DPS is increased by one.
Requirements: 11 Mastery, 21 Strength, 21 Movement Speed.​
11-50 mastery: 2 turn cool down [C Rank]​
51-80 mastery: Can move while having Lucifer’s Agony activated. (2 turn cooldown) Not moving Lucifer’s Agony is 1 turn cooldown. [B Rank]​
81-100 mastery: Using Lucifer’s Agony while moving has a 1 turn cooldown. Standing still Lucifer’s Agony has no cooldown. [A Rank]​
Toque de Lucifer Literally meaning “Lucifer’s Touch”, the user utilizes their heart and index finger to inject a impact wave directly into an enemy’s vital spot in the shape of a small skull. This technique affects a very small area and cannot travel more than a few feet, sacrificing AoE for power. Those who have been struck by it have said they saw the Devil himself, hence its name.
DPR S (81 mastery, 81 strength, 81 movement speed)
DPR S+ [If using two ] (100 mastery, 100 strength, 100 movement speed)

La Muerte Literally meaning “The Death”, wind gather at each of the user’s fingertips. The user then forms a fist and punches his opponent. A large skull-shaped impact wave is released, usually leaving a skull imprint on the opponent’s body. Those who are struck by it are like sacrifices crucified and offered to the devil.
DPR S (81 mastery, 81 strength, 81 movement speed)
DPR S+ [If using two ] (100 mastery, 100 strength, 100 movement speed)

El Purgatorio Literally meaning “The Purgatory”, the user gathers lair in user’s palm in the shape of a ball, covers it in color of amor, and performs a karate palm thrust. This releases the substance in a skull-shaped shockwave. The combination of Zuhaikotsu shockwave and haki shockwave is devastating, exploding outwards violently. The victim’s soul is said to be damaged beyond repair, never finding rest, hence the attack’s name.
DPR S+ (100 mastery, 100 strength, 100 movement speed, 100 CoA)
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Salty Doubloons


The treasures belonging to the Spada Pirates are found here. From beri, to Devil fruits, to weapons, to treasure maps. They are usually used to improve the Tartarus Fleet and the NPCs with firepower. Building blocks to obtain the three keys the would open Pandora's box and unleash the Underworld to the sea above.
  • Crew DFs: 5
  • Current Beri:
    122,541,500,000 [16b locked] (Updated as of 17th July 2024)
Consumed Devil Fruits
  • Horo Horo no Mi [Feltyrosa]
  • Soru Soru no Mi [La Spada] (Legacy NPC)
  • Yomi Yomi no Mi [La Spada] (Legacy NPC)
  • Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon [Akira]
  • Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi [Hydra]
Not Consumed Devil Fruits (max of 3)
  • [Empty]
  • [Empty]
  • [Empty]
Spada Coffer Beri: (see above)
28th September - 15th November 2020: +48,000,000 Beri
16th November - 22nd November 2020: +8,000,000 Beri
23rd November - 29th November 2020: +25,000,000 Beri
30th November - 6th December 2020: +25,000,000 Beri [Cleared After 20th December 2020]
7th December - 13th December 2020: +25,000,000 Beri
14th December - 20th December 2020: +25,000,000 Beri
21st December - 27th December 2020: +25,000,000 Beri
28th December 2020 - 2nd January 2021: +25,000,000 Beri
Adam Wood Ship: -200,000,000 Beri
3rd January - 10th January 2021: +25,000,000 Beri
11th January - 17th January 2021: +25,000,000 Beri
18th January - 24th January 2021: +25,000,000 Beri
25th January - 31st January 2021: +25,000,000 Beri
1st February - 7th February: 2021+87,500,000 Beri
8th February - 14th February 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
15th February - 22nd February 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
23rd February - 1st March 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
2nd March - 8th March 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
15th March - 21st March 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
22nd March - 28th March 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
19th April - 25th April 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
26th April - 2nd May 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
28th June - 4th July 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
5th July - 11th July 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
Adam Wood Ship, Seastone Bottom, NPCs: -860,000,000 Beri
12th July - 18th July 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
19th July - 25th July 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
26th July - 1st August 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
9th August - 15th August 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
16th August - 22nd August 2021: +87,500,000 Beri
23rd August - 29th August 2021: +87,600,000 Beri
30th August - 5th September 2021: +87,600,000 Beri
6th September - 12th September 2021: +87,600,000 Beri
Reptila & Tiefling NPC Races: -200,000,000 Beri
13th September - 19th September 2021: +87,600,000 Beri
20th September - 26th September 2021: +251,250,000 Beri
26th September - 3rd October 2021: +251,250,000 Beri
Level 70 NPC: -120,000,000 Beri
3rd October - 10th October 2021: +251,250,000 Beri
11th October - 17th October 2021: +251,250,000 Beri
18th October - 24th October 2021: +251,250,000 Beri
25th October - 31st October 2021: +251,250,000 Beri
Top 50 & Top 21 Sword: -750,000,000 Beri
1st November - 7th November 2021: +251,250,000 Beri
8th November - 14th November 2021: +251,250,000 Beri
15th November - 28th November 2021: +502,500,000 Beri [2 Weeks]
29th November - 5th December 2021: +251,250,000 Beri
6th December - 12th December 2021: +251,250,000 Beri
13th December - 19th December 2021: +251,250,000 Beri
20th December - 26th December 2021: +251,250,000 Beri
27th December 2021 - 2nd January 2022: +251,250,000 Beri
3rd January - 9th January 2022: +251,250,000 Beri
Small Emperor [Ichimonji]: -2,551,210,000 Beri
10th January - 16th January 2022: +251,250,000 Beri
17th January - 23rd January 2022: +251,250,000 Beri
24th January - 30th January: +251,250,000 Beri
Small Emperor [Sea]: -2,052,525,000 Beri
31st January - 6th February 2022: +251,250,000 Beri
7th February - 13th February 2022: +501,250,000 Beri
14th February - 20th February 2022: +501,250,000 Beri
Island Spies: -20,000,000 Beri
21st February - 27th February 2022: +501,250,000 Beri
28th February - 6th March 2022: +501,250,000 Beri
7th March - 13th March 2022: +501,250,000 Beri
14th March - 20th March 2022: +501,205,000 Beri
21st March - 27th March 2022: +501,205,000 Beri
Mayor (x3): -3,000,000,000 Beri
28th March - 3rd April 2022: +501,205,000 Beri
4th April - 10th April 2022: +501,205,000 Beri
11th April - 17th April 2022: +501,205,000 Beri
18th April - 24th April 2022: +501,205,000 Beri
25th April - 1st May 2022: +501,205,000 Beri
2nd May - 8th May 2022: +501,205,000 Beri
9th May - 15th May 2022: +501,205,000 Beri
16th May - 22nd May 2022: +576,250,000 Beri
23rd May - 29th May 2022: +576,250,000 Beri
30th May - 5th June 2022: +576,250,000 Beri
6th June - 12th June 2022: +576,250,000 Beri
13th June - 19th June 2022: +576,250,000 Beri
20th June - 26th June 2022: +576,250,000 Beri
27th June - 3rd July 2022: +576,250,000 Beri
Emperor [Ichimonji]: -8,263,750,000 Beri
4th July - 10th July 2022: +888,750,000 Beri
11th July - 17th July 2022: +1,101,250,000 Beri
Selling Zou Zou no Mi: Rhinoceros & Buying Spies: +32,500,000 Beri
18th July - 24th July 2022: +1,101,250,000 Beri
Mink NPC Race: -50,000,000 Beri
25th July - 31st July 2022: +1,101,250,000 Beri
1st August - 7th August 2022: +1,101,250,000 Beri
8th August - 14th August 2022: +1,101,250,000 Beri
15th August - 21st August 2022: +1,138,750,000 Beri
22nd August - 28th August 2022: +1,138,750,000 Beri
29th August - 4th September 2022: +1,238,750,000 Beri
5th September - 11th September 2022: +1,238,750,000 Beri
12th September - 18th September 2022: +1,238,750,000 Beri
19th September - 25th September 2022: +1,238,750,000 Beri
26th September - 2nd October 2022: +1,238,750,000 Beri
King [Sea]: -12,500,000,000 Beri
3rd October - 9th October 2022: +1,238,750,000 Beri
10th October - 16th October 2022: +1,551,250,000 Beri
17th October - 23rd October 2022: +1,551,250,000 Beri
Adam Wood Warship (x2) & Legendary Warship: -6,600,000,000 Beri
24th October - 30 October 2022: +1,551,250,000 Beri
31st October - 6th November 2022: +1,551,250,000 Beri
7th November - 13th November 2022: +1,551,250,000 Beri
14th November - 20th November 2022: +1,551,250,000 Beri
21st November - 27th November 2022: +1,551,250,000 Beri
NPCs: -880,000,000 Beri
28th November - 4th December 2022: +1,551,250,000 Beri
5th December - 11th December 2022: +1,551,250,000 Beri
12th December - 18th December 2022: +1,551,250,000 Beri
Mind Stat for NPCs: -5,000,000,000 Beri
19th December - 25th December 2022: +1,551,250,000 Beri
25th December 2022 - 1st January 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
2nd January - 8th January 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
9th January - 15th January 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
16th January - 22nd January 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
23rd January - 29th January 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
30th January - 5th February 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
6th February - 12th February 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
13th February - 19th February 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
20th February - 26th February 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
27th February - 5th March 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
6th March - 12th March 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
13th March -19th March 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
26th March - 2nd April 2023: +1,551,250,000 Beri
3rd April - 9th April 2023: +1,528,750,000 Beri
10th April - 16th April 2023: +1,538,750,000 Beri
17th April - 23rd April 2023: +1,538,750,000 Beri
24th April - 30th April 2023: +1,538,750,000 Beri
1st May - 6th May 2023: +1,538,750,000 Beri
15th May - 21st May 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
22nd May - 28th May 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
29th May - 4th June 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
Adam Wood Warship (x4) & Legendary Warship (x4): -25,200,000,000 Beri
5th June - 11th June 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
12th June - 18th June 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
19th June - 25th June 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
26th June - 2nd July 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
3rd July - 9th July 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
10th July - 16th July 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
17th July - 23rd July 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
24th July - 30th July 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
31st July - 6th August 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
7th August - 13th August 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
14th August - 20th August 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
21st August - 27th August 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
28th August -3rd September 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
4th September - 10th September 2023: +2,138,750,000 Beri
11th September - 17th September 2023: +2,226,250,000 Beri
18th September - 24th September 2023: +2,226,250,000 Beri
25th September - 1st October 2023: +2,332,500,000 Beri
2nd October - 8th October 2023: +2,332,500,000 Beri
9th October - 15th October 2023: +2,332,500,000 Beri
Seastone Bottom (x5) & Fast Personal Boats (All Crew): -1,300,000,000 Beri
16th October - 22nd October 2023: +1,995,000,000 Beri
23rd October - 29th October 2023: +2,320,000,000 Beri
Beri Amount Fix: [12,500,000 * 3 (Past 3 weeks)] + [87,500,000 * 2 (Past 2 weeks)] + 325,000,000 = -537,500,000
30th October - 5th November 2023: +1,995,000,000 Beri
6th November - 12th November 2023: +2,320,000,000 Beri
13th November - 19th November 2023: +2,320,000,000 Beri
20th November - 26th November 2023: +2,320,000,000 Beri
27th November - 3rd December 2023: +2,320,000,000 Beri
4th December - 10th December 2023: +1,995,000,000 Beri
11th December - 17th December 2023: +1,995,000,000 Beri
18th December - 24th December 2023: +1,995,000,000 Beri
25th December - 31st December 2023: +1,995,000,000 Beri
1st January - 7th January 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
8th January - 14th January 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
15th January - 21st January 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
22nd January - 28th January 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
29th January - 4th February 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
5th February - 11th February 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
12th February - 18th February 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
19th February - 25th February 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
26th February - 3rd March 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
4th March - 10th March 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
11th March - 17th March 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
18th March - 24th March 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
25th March - 31st March 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
1st April - 7th April 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
15th April - 21st April 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
29th April - 5th May 2024: +1,995,000,000 Beri
10th June - 7th July: +7,197,500,000 Beri
Mayhem/Spada Rings
Type: Non-Stat Cursed Weapons/Diamond
Description: Seven diamond rings imbued by La Spada through her Soul Fruit and given to her Mayhems and Plagues as a symbol of power within the ranks of the Spada Pirates. Due to the nature of La Spada's Soul Fruit, she imbued each ring with a small fragment of her soul, granting some form of powers to the rings - causing the rings to transform into a similar state similar to cursed weapons. With the exception of her own ring, the six other rings are similar in design, with the center stone differing in colors. Each of the six rings has a different crest and symbol that correlates to a weather.

- Soul Tracking: La Spada secretly imbues a small fragment of her soul into the ring, allowing her to keep track of the ring holders and be aware of what they are doing at any time.

- Ring Power: Each ring has a power and may vary differently that uses La Spada's soul fragment. Due to only having a small fragment inside the ring, the powers that the ring hold tend to be simple and non-combative to a certain extent.

Restriction: Much like cursed weapons, Raid Suit/Power Suit users within the Mayhem/Plagues that wield this ring may not have the 'Ring Power' ability, thus would serve as simply a normal diamond ring that can be tracked by La Spada.

Sky Ring
Holder: La Spada (Legacy NPC)
Crest: Unknown
Ability: Unknown

Storm Ring (Crimson)
Holder: Akira Takeuchi (Sea)
Crest: [Image]
Ability: The ring grants Akira a shroud-like appearance of a Grim Reaper through a black mist or smoke - giving a ghostly visage of the Grim Reaper that brought the myth of La Spada into reality. Lasts for 6 turns and takes another 6 turns to recharge the ring.

Rain Ring (Blue)
Holder: Unknown
Crest: Unknown
Ability: Unknown

Mist Ring (Indigo)
Holder: X (God_Usopun)
Crest: Swirling Mist
Ability: The ring allows X to cloak himself in a thick mist, providing concealment and making it difficult for enemies to see or track him. This mist can also dampen sounds, allowing him to move silently. The effect lasts for 5 turns and takes another 5 turns to recharge.

Cloud Ring (Purple)
Holder: Unknown
Crest: Unknown
Ability: Unknown

Lightning Ring (Green)
Holder: Unknown
Crest: Unknown
Ability: Unknown

Sun Ring (Yellow)
Holder: Unknown
Crest: Unknown
Ability: Unknown
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Salty Doubloons


The Spada Vault is a secret cache belonging to the Spada Pirates, guarded by La Spada’s strongest homies and members. It consists of the most valuable items the crew has amassed, headed up by Poneglyphs, only able to be read by La Spada. Only certain Mayhems know of the general location of one Vault, one Poneglyph, the knowledge scattered. Only La Spada knows the exact location of all of them. The Grim keeps a copy of each on her person, save for the Whole Cake Island Rio Poneglyph, as La Spada has committed it to memory.

The current locations of the Poneglyphs that the Spada Pirates have in their possession, both copy and actual, are found below:

TypeLocationCopy/ActualKnown By
Rio Poneglyph​
Wano Kuni​
Rio Poneglyph​
Land of Zou
[Great Whale Tree]​
Rio Poneglyph​
Whole Cake Island
[Room of Treasures]
NPC Items​
x10 lvl. 20 NPCs$100,000,000
x5 lvl. 30 NPCs$150,000,000
x5 lvl. 40 NPCs$250,00,000
x5 lvl. 45 NPCs$300,000,000
x10 lvl. 45 NPCs$600,000,000
x3 lvl. 50 NPCs$210,000,000
x4 lvl. 50 NPCs$280,000,000
x3 lvl. 55 NPCs$240,000,000
x2 lvl. 65 NPCs$200,000,000
x1 lvl. 70 NPCs$120,000,000
Race: Mink (Anubis)$50,000,000
Race: Lunarian (Prometheus)$100,000,000
Race: Giant/Reptilian Hybrid (Hydra)$500,000,000
Race: Sentient (Nemesis)$750,000,000
Feed S Rank to NPC (Hydra)$2,500,000,000
Feed S Rank to NPC (Nemesis)$2,500,000,000
Mind Stat x25 lvl. 40 NPCs$5,000,000,000
Global NPC Purchases$26,820,000,000
Fleet Items​
Adam Wood Ship (The Oceanus)$200,000,000
Adam Wood Ship (The Styx)$200,000,000
Adam Wood Ship (The Plegethon)(Small Emperor)
Adam Wood Ship (The Lethe)(Small Emperor)
Adam Wood Ship (The Cocytus)(Small Emperor)
Adam Wood Ship (The Acheron)(Small Emperor)
Warship Size (x4 Ships)$1,200,000,000
Seastone Bottom (The Styx)$200,000,000
Legendary Warship (The Styx)$6,000,000,000
Legendary Warship (The Oceanus)$6,000,000,000
Legendary Warship (x4 ships)$24,000,000,000
Seastone Bottom (x5 ships)$1,000,000,000
Fast Personal Boats (All Crew)$300,000,000
x50 Regular Warships$25,000,000,000
x25 Adam Wood Warships$25,000,000,000
Island Items​
Ruler: Mayor (Ichimonji)$1,000,000,000
Ruler: Mayor (Sea)$1,000,000,000
Ruler: Mayor (Beerbottle)$1,000,000,000
Title: Terror of the Seas (Ichimonji)$8,000,000,000
Title: Terror of the Seas (Sea)$8,000,000,000
Title: Terror of the Seas (Beerbottle)$8,000,000,000
Title: Terror of the Seas (Ren)$8,000,000,000
Ruler: King (Ichimonji)$25,000,000,000
Ruler: King (Sea)$25,000,000,000
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