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Welcome to the Theories section of Thriller Bark. In this section, you will be allowed to create and discuss theories about inumerous anime/manga series, as well as movies, books, games, among other topics.

Be sure to follow the Anime & Manga Guidelines, as well as Thriller Bark's Guidelines.

-------- The Can's and Cannot's:

You can:

  • Be inspired and mention external theories, as long as this isn't the focus of your own theory.
  • Link to trailers, short clips from animes, post colorings to illustrate your theory, but we request that there's a mention of the artist.
  • Link up to 5 medias and 30 images in your theory.

You cannot:
  • Copy and or plagiarize a fellow theorist.
  • Power level inside a theory.
  • Criticize a character/show/entity extremely inside a theory. Odd criticism are allowed.
  • Link to sites that share manga/animes illegally.
  • Post full manga pages. Be sure to cut and show only what you wish to show to your readers.

This guideline can go through changes in the future. We hold our rights to lock and/or delete theories if we see that one of them are breaking any of the guidelines.
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