One Piece Two CP-0 teams infiltrated Egghead!


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Team 1: Rob Lucco, Kaki and Stussy.
Team 2: ? ? ?
Mission: Eliminate Vegapunk and ?

Yo, yooooo, yoooooooooooo!
I wonder about some things that can all possibly be answered with the theory title.
First, Lucci, Kaku and Stussy were tasked with killing Vegapunk and they all turned traitors. This is relevant because of the coverstory arc of Rob Lucci fleeing from the World Government and being brought back.
Secondly, only half of the potential Seraphims on Egghead island are active currently. Where is the rest?

We need to ask us, why would the World Government send two CP-0 teams to Egghead and for what reasons? They are clearly planning ahead for the "final war", so let's say the Gorosei expect to have a traitor inside the CP-0. Then, this mission would maybe be the perfect opportunity for the World Government to "filter" the CP-0, especially because they might be cautious about Lucci and Kaku for earlier mentioned reasons, but also cautious about Stussy, because her history seems to be quite...figureable.
So, I bet if there is a second CP-0 team involved, then they would have the special task of testing the other CP-0 team and eventually trap and assassinate the traitors alongside Vegapunk.

What we see currently on Egghead is nothing else than the second CP-0 team showing us how infiltration and takeover is being done right. They killed 2 of the Satellites and they are about to unleas the remaining Pacifista.
Now, you guys might want to know, who the second CP-0 team consists of, right?

One thing is for sure: They are the true masters of infiltration and going unnoticed. So I bet this guy here is part of the CP-0 now:

not Koby, BAKA!

What do you think?
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Why would a CP-0 Agent Catch other cp Agent and keep them imprisoned
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