Current Events Vegapunk and Queen connection

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So little into the story we are now seeing possibility of how SSG will look like in future.

Queen might be mofo but he seems to be head of science dept for beast pirates especially seeing how he modified king 's pattern.

Now crux here who is giving all these inputs. CP0 deep involvement and Bao heung acting as subordinates reminds me of mini cyborg storyline back in Enel's cover story.

This can only mean Vegapunk is directly with Beast pirates and possible scenario of World govt is actually keeping tabs on kaido by placing Joker as middle agent.

Lot of things doesnt make sense but it will likely Govt secretly wants wano to be closed and myth of Samurais prefer to be in isolation makes a good scoop.

Coming back to vegapunk i am right now certain he will make appearance in this story soon. Especially SSG needs to be rolled out i can see Akainu seing SSG troops to wano . Good time for luffy to meet Vegapunk and Sanji to learn his father's past.
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