Questions & Mysteries Vergo is a father

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I am astonished about things I fail to even recognise or think of, but honestly no one else even thought to suggest this, not once during my time did this come up as a suggestion.

When Vergo says to Tashigi she can only really understand the plights of these parent had she been a mother herself, this in everyday conversations is not something you tell another unless you are a parent yourself. The way Vergo tells her “you’ll understand” is like he can relate to these parents and that Tashigi also will one day if she gets a child of her own. Vergo tells her this with the genuine understanding that can only come from being a parent himself.

I never thought of this at all before because I never pictured him as father, butit’s obvious from the way he tells her that he is.

Now question is who is his child. Open question to all of you, I’m anxious to know :pepemusic:
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