Duel Vice Admiral Leo and Prince Gambit meet again

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Strange, inexplicable powers are always at work. Invisible strings that one can not see, but that connect everyone together. Figures that were meant to be legendary, tend to run into one another throughout life, building relationships and rivalries. Rocks D. Xebec. Gol D. Roger. Whitebeard. Monkey D. Garp. Such men were always destined to run into one another on the high seas. And their encounters always shaped the fate of the world. On this day, one such encounter was to occur. Vice Admiral Leo and Prince Gambit had run into one another before. Their first meeting was in The Kingdom of Ybrahim, where Vice Admiral Leo had been asked to act as a guard for a royal ball, and Prince Gambit tried to make a certain Princess his.

In the Nation of Esofia, these two men that were meant to become legendary, were to meet again. However, on this day, fate had a different plan. A strong fever and a general unwell feeling had made Leo bedridden right before a mission. His Marine armada was on its way to the Nation of Esofia, where they were to handle a dispute between two factions of Esofia.

Dawn broke, and on the horizon, an armada was coming. A massive warship that was said to rival the Ancient Weapon Pluton, it was called Amaterasu - Vice Admiral Leo's flagship. Sailing to its left and right were three other warships. Susano'o, Tsukuyomi, and Izanagi. None were quite as massive as Amaterasu, but they were large warships in their own rights. And on the decks of the four grand warships, were thousands upon thousands of Marine soldiers.

Among the many soldiers, four of them in particular stood out. On the deck of Susano'o, Sasaki - a powerful swordsman. On the deck of Tsukuyomi, Tanya - an unparalleled Sniper. On the deck of Amaterasu, Raptor - shipwright extraordinaire. And on the deck of Izanagi, Gen - the coolest Fishman of them all. These four were some of Leo's strongest subordinates, leading the mission to quell the chaos that pestered the Nation of Esofia. Vice Admiral Leo, battling a high fever, was in his room in the lower decks of Amaterasu, out of commission for the day. But, with his fleet of ships, his strong subordinates, and his armada of soldiers, there was little chance that anything could defeat Leo's army, even with him out of commission.

The fighting on Esofia was starting already in the early hours, and multiple different battlefields took the nation by storm. They were too busy to notice the armada coming for now, but it was fast approaching to be sure.


80 x 5 = 400

Strength: 80 (Race: +16, MA: +5) = 101

Speed: 80 (Race: +16, MA: +5) = 101 [Movement Speed: 101 | Reaction Speed: 101]

Vitality: 80 (Race: +16, MA: +5) = 101 [Stamina: 101 | Durability: 101]

Martial Arts: 76 (Race: +24) = 100 [Ittōryū & Nitōryū: 100 | Santōryū (Kyūtōryū): 100]

Haki: 84 [Busou-shoku no Haki: 68 | Kenbun-shoku no Haki (precognition): 100]


70 x 5 = 350

Strength: 7 (Race: +14) = 21

Speed: 79 (Race: +14, MA: +5) = 98 [Movement Speed: 100 | Reaction Speed: 95 (Mind: +5) = 100]

Vitality: 62 (Race: +14, MA: +5) = 81 [Stamina: 81 | Durability: 81]

Martial Arts: 69 (Race: +21) = 90 [Sniping: 99 | Rokushiki: 81]

Mind: 41 [Navigation: 81]

Haki: 90 [Busou-shoku no Haki: 81 | Kenbun-shoku no Haki (precognition): 99]


60 x 5 = 300

Strength: 49 (Race: +12) = 61

Speed: 44 (Race: +12) = 56 [Movement Speed: 61 | Reaction Speed: 51 (Mind: +10) = 61]

Vitality: 29 (Race: +12) = 41 [Stamina: 41 | Durability: 41]

Mind: 63 (Race: +18) = 81 [Carpentry/Shipwright: 81 | Navigation: 81]

Expertise: 41 [Science: 81]

Haki: 74 [Busou-shoku no Haki: 81 | Kenbun-shoku no Haki (precognition): 67]


60 x 5 = 300

Strength: 52 (Race: +24, MA: +5) = 81

Speed: 70 (Race: +6, MA: +5) = 81 [Movement Speed: 81 | Reaction Speed: 81]

Vitality: 37 (Race: +24) = 61 [Stamina: 61 | Durability: 61]

Martial Arts: 81 [Fishman Karate: 81 | Rokushiki: 81]

Haki: 60 [Busou-shoku no Haki: 61 | Kenbun-shoku no Haki (precognition): 59]



The Vampirate Prince
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"You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you'll just have to find it!."

Those are the late Pirate King's last words before he willfully ended his own life in the face of the new generation. Thereon, pirates gathered and ventured across the seas, aiming to sit on the throne. Seeking for power, fame, riches; for some, a mere adventure, and a story of friendship.

For the pirates, things went far more vigorous, rampant, and ominous in search of One Piece. For the World Goverment, they needed to put an end to that blasphemy.

Two factions would always rival each other. Clashing ideologies and senses of justice. But there would always be few who would try to navigate the secrets of the world. And if one has finally unraveled it, seekers became thieves with honor.

Pluton, a weapon of mass destruction has paved its way to the Water Seven where the greatest shipwrights reside. Not so long ago, Gambit has heard the news that someone from the Navy had claimed its blueprint and had successfully built the lone warship. And as a Royal Smith, he would want that piece of knowledge to finally build the ship he needed to turn the world upside down. With his current knowledge and with the help of his trusted lieutenants, they would be able to decipher the codes and make them their own.

Now sailing to an unknown place as they chase the man who holds the blueprint, Gambit brought all twelve of his ships. Drifting the waves was his main vessel, The Dark Fortress. Forming just a little behind it were seven equally powerful pirate hulls. Tailing them were four smaller ones, packed with thousands of ex-rebels, fighters, and militants across their empire.

Leading the imperial pirates in lieu of Gambit's absence were the wings of the Pirate Prince - T-Bag and Prince Namor. Manning the other strong maritime warfare were victors of their of the league: KG, a giant shipwright; Manaka, the head of science division; and Ryan Reynolds, a former agent who specializes in ammunitions and assassination plots.

Finally, ever-ready to jumped the gun was the rest of the lieutenants, Koza of the Alabasta Kingdom who faked his death in order to join Gambit while bringing thousand of his allies. Lady Aramis and the knights of the round table from Camelot also joined in search of meaningful battle.

"Where's Landayan?", Manaka asked T-Bag over the mushi.

T-Bag scratching his head, "he's with the princess from the last island we claimed. I am afra-"

Manaka dropped the connection and called Namor. "Namor! Where's that Landayan?"

"He's been inside his cabin this whole t-"

Dropped the mushi again but activated a conference call with all her co-lieutenants who were all aboard their respective ships, "This is the Science Division. My girls have spotted the target. Upon the captain's order, we will engage. T-Bag. Namor. Since he's out, what are your orders?"

T-Bag responded, "Prepare your men. Should they retaliate, we are bound to go all out. That's captain's words after he entered that roo-"

And with that, the fleet of the Lord of Hiraya would try to corner the enemy fleet and try to secure what they came here for - KNOWLEDGE.

The rest of the lieutenants' remarks to Manaka after dropping the call: "BITCH..."


Strength: 67+14=81
Speed: 81+14+5=100
- Movement Speed: 100
- Reaction Speed: 100
Vitality: 67+14=81
- Stamina: 81
- Durability: 81
Haki: 53+21=74
- Armament: 61
- Awareness: 87
Martial Arts: 41x2=81
- Chain Action: 82
Mind: 41x2=82
- Navigation: 82

Strength: 64+32+5=101
Speed: 88+8+5=101
- Movement Speed: 101
- Reaction Speed: 101
Vitality: 64+32+5=101
- Stamina: 101
- Durability: 101
Haki: 84x2=168
- Armament: 68
- Precognition: 100
Martial Arts: 100x2=200
- Fishman Karate: 100
- Trident: 100

Strength: 28+48+5=81
Speed: 95+5=100
- Movement Speed: 100
- Reaction Speed: 100
Vitality: 39+42=81
- Stamina: 81
- Durability: 81
Haki: 69x2=138
- Armament: 61
- Awareness: 77
Martial Arts: 41x2=82
- Black Leg: 82
Mind: 12-12
Expertise: 41x2=82
- Carpentry: 82

Strength: +12
Speed: 54+12=66
- Movement Speed: 61
- Reaction Speed: 71+10=81
Vitality: 59+12=71
- Stamina: 61
- Durability: 81
Haki: 29+18=47
- Armament: 41
- Awareness: 53
Mind: 61x2=122
- Science: 61
- Carpentry: 61
Cyborg: 81x4=324
- Destruction: 100
- Armoring: 81
- Energy: 81
- Utility: 62
Martial Arts: 41x2=82
- Gunslinging: 82

Strength: 64+12+5=81
Speed: 64+12+5=81
- Movement: 81
- Reaction: 81
Vitality: 69+12=81
- Stamina: 81
- Durability: 81
Haki: 47+18=65
- Armament: 41
- Awareness: 79
Martial Arts: 81
- Gunslinging: 91
- Swordsmanship: 81
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