General What are your top 5 favorite anime and/or manga characters?

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Trafalgar Law-One Piece
Killua- Hunter X Hunter
Tanjiro- Demon Slayer
Eren Yeager-Attack on Titan
Maka Albarn- Soul Eater (best female protagonist ever imo)
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Ace ( One Piece )
Zetton (Crows/Worst)
Hibari Kyoya ( Reborn )
Maes Hughes ( FMA )
Askeladd ( Vinland Saga)
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1. Hiruma Yoichi - Eyeshield 21

He is the captain and quarterback of his team. He is like my spirit animal. He doesn't play any game he doesn't think he has a chance of winning. He is a strategist and for someone who love strategy games, I truly enjoy how Hiruma does things. One of this guy best quality is that he is funny and unapologetically evil at times. Hiruma tends to threaten, intimidate or disturb those around him into getting what he wants; he sometimes even make people his slaves which is absolutely funny when he does it. He usually carry rifles around him which is interesting itself and he shows love to his team by giving them a good boot to the ass. Hiruma has the best catch phrase in all of sports anime history. "We are not here to beat our opponents, we are here to CRUSH THEM.......CRUSH THEM ALL, YAAA HAAAA"

2. Kurosaki Ichigo - Bleach

Yall knew this was coming from the bleach fanboy but what can I say Ichigo is number one afterall. Ichigo is one of my favorite characters because he does what he needs to do in the moment. He isn't chasing some impossible dream trying to prove he is the best or to get others to recognize him. My boy simply goes with the flow. All while doing this people recognize him as the best.

3. Ken Kitaro - Sun ken rock

This is one underrated manga series and the MC of this series deliver. I learn my greatest life lessons from this guy. He taught me that my body is the only thing I truly own, everything else from house to car can be taken from you. He also taught me that the government is really just a gang, all while being a gang leader himself. This badass hits like a truck and unlike most gangstas he ain't sending in no one to do his dirty work. Ken will personally come to your door and beat your ass himself. Leave my home boy woman alone and you won't catch his hands. They rated E for everyone.

4. Daryun - The Heroic Legend of Arslan

The ultimate black knight. This guy really brought me into this series. I just find him inspiring and his loyalty is down right impressive. He doesn't have any serious personality quirks. He just pretty much serious and when it comes to the battle field he doesn't play around. His ability to come up with strategies on the battlefield is simply amazing (what is up with me and strategist). Dude is intelligent and is a natural chick magnet and he doesn't even care. The goat of this series for sure.

5. Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece

I always admire the fact that Luffy literally just shoot for his goal. His love for adventure often reminds me of why I fell in love with One Piece as I to love exploring new places. He says exactly what is on his mind and if that's not what you want to hear then too bad cause you're gonna hear it anyway. Banzai to the pirate king to be.
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