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What Is Mafia?
Mafia is a game of deception, usually all participants are divided into three affiliations, Mafia, Town and Third Party. Each affiliation has a goal they must complete to win, in majority of the Mafia games;

Mafia: Have strong roles and abilities, but are a few in number.
Town: Have weaker roles compared to Mafia, but have the majority.
Third Party: The weakest in number, but posses strong roles and abilities and can have difficult win conditions.
Neutral Party: These are basically the same as third parties but with the option or condition where they can permanently join mafia or town. These type of roles are really rare to be seen though, often during Monster Mafia can they appear.

There are many variations of the games, they can be team based Mafia, Free For All Mafia, etc. But the basics of Mafia remain the same.

How Do I Play Mafia?
Mafia is fairly easy to play, but it's hard to "master," It is based on the party game Werewolf. The game is divided into two phases, Night Phase and Day Phase. Before I explain more about the phases, I'll explain you more about "roles." We now know that there are three affiliations, each participant is given a role after it has been "randomized" by the host, the "role" will have certain abilities and you can perform these abilities and actions during the day and night phases.

Depending on your affiliation and your roles you can target players and defend/attack/investigate them. You do so by sending the hosts your action, I.E

Night 0 Action
I <insert skill name here> on Chris Mic
Unless the game has advanced and you are on the 1st day phase or 2nd day phase, you wouldn't know whom you are using your abilities on. They can be town, mafia or third party. You should be careful on the starting night, since you may unknowingly kill a friendly! Once you perform your night action, and the night cycle is over, the host will post a "story" and begin the Day Cycle.

In the story, you would see your "roles" name, and the action you performed. This will give you a hint on what role the person is whom you performed an action on. Let's take for example my "role" name is "The Earthquake Captain" and Freeze's role name is "Magma Marine", in the story it would show up like this;

The Earthquake Captain, enraged, sent a quake attack which the Magma Marine easily dodged.
After reading the story, you can figure out who is who in the day phase along with other members. The mafia try to hide their identity, and the town try to reveal the Mafia and Third Party.

So, the night phase is where all the action takes place, although some roles my have day actions but those are limited. And the day phase is for discussion and lynching.

Lynching is the process of voting to "kill" a certain player. During the day phase town mostly votes to lynch confirmed Mafia members who are a threat, since the Town is the affiliation with larger number they have a advantage in lynching. Thus the Mafia tries to hide their identities for as long as possible. Lynching a innocent town may outright kill them, Lynching a Mafia may reveal their role since at times one Lynch wouldn't be enough to kill a Mafia.

The Different Types
The regular mafia that is played here at Thriller Bark has in itself differences and below I'll explain these different types, easy to understand.

Standard Mafia: The standard mafia is the type of mafia where there is the majority(town) vs the minority(mafia) where the goal of each side is to eliminated the opposite faction. Depending on the theme of the game and the host, there can be a third faction/player(s) that has their own win-con.

Free For All Mafia: Free for all is the type of mafia where each player is given a role and the win-con of either be the last player alive or a win-con where they have to complete some criteria to win.

Team based Mafia:As the name suggest, in a team based mafia there is a set amount of factions/teams and each side has the win-con of being the last left.
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