Anime What's your Top 5 Arcs of One Piece?

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My "Best 5 Arcs" is ; Alabasta, Sabaody, Enies Lobby, Dressrosa and Marineford.

I explained the reasons in the video.

Alright, what's your Best 5?

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Water 7/Enies Lobby, Marineford , Zou, Skypiea and Wano (Even tho it’s not over)
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One Piece is mostly about Adventure & Drama & then comes Action
That's why my Favorite Arcs are:

1. Alabasta --- Best Dramatic Arc
2. Skypiea --- Best Adventurous Arc
3. Marineford --- Best Action Arc
4. Water 7/Enies Lobby --- Bit of Everything
5. Sabaody Archipelago --- Very Memorable Milestone

Wano Arc is definitely gonna be in my Top 5, just waiting for it to finish to pick a Spot for it
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  • Skypia
  • Thriller Bark
  • Arlong Park
  • Impel Down
  • WCI
I loved Skypia for being different and the Focus on adventure. It also have one of my favourite BG stories.
Thriller Bark was pure fun. I really enjoyed it.
Arlong Park made me love One Piece.
Impel Down so many Epic Shit happened in this escape arc. The Revo shit followed of the alliance between Corcodile, Jinbei and Luffy was Just great.
WCI colorful with so many twists. It was a fun read.
(Have to admit never watched Impel Down nor WCI only read them, TB was the last arc I watched)


Hak's bringing Sexy back
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Well anime only... i would have to say:
G-8 arc- i loved how the SH outwitted a whole marine base. :LOL:
Post- Enise Lobby arc- the party, the ship, Hello Garp, sup Coby, and Robin's ultimate move
Fishman island- it was super pretty and I love underwater stuff, no way I wouldn't like this arc. Bonus was that the crew got to show off their new skills.
Drum island- CHOPPER!!!
Zou- it was really pretty, the SH meet up again and then the biggest alliance forms.
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1. Skypeia
2. Alabasta
3. Impel down
4. Baratie
5. Punk Hazard
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1. WCI. I like Katakuri a lot and Luffy/Sanji moments were great

2. Dressrosa

3. Marineford

4. Ennies Lobby

5. Impel Down
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Wall o' text inbound, because I'm in a writing mood.

1. Water 7/ Enies Lobby (I count them as the same arc, given it shares the same story line) - This arc is the shining example to me as to why One Piece is so special to so many. It truly has it all: Adventure, drama, mystery, foreshadowing, fantastical settings, heart-wrenching flashbacks, twists and turns, stakes, entertaining fights, and emotional character moments. The number of memorable moments and iconic scenes in this arc is crazy. This is the first arc where the crew fights the World Government and then proceeds to declare war on them. I also feel that this is the arc that propelled the series from loosely connected story lines and a more removed overarching plot points to a truly sprawling, living, breathing world with so many different forces beginning to move in the background; we're not in the shallow end anymore, people. Just in Robin's flashback, we get a glimpse into what could easily be endgame material and a better look at who the true enemy of the series is. There's a ton of foreshadowing done in this arc and a bunch of narrative payoffs from previous arcs as well.

The emotions and drama are cranked up to 11. When Usopp left the crew and fought Luffy, it truly felt like a splitting up of friends you knew in real life (I know that sounds like I'm exaggerating, but it truly gut punched me watching my two favourite characters go through a falling out. The dialogue and flow of it felt scarily real as well.) Franky's flashback was awesome and really made me love the guy, which is crazy since he was beating Usopp up mere chapters ago; also made me really hate the World Government. Speaking of hating the World Government, Robin's flashback was even better and was absolutely soul crushing. I felt so sorry for her; to hear her declare that she wants to live and return to the crew as they burn down the symbol that persecuted and oppressed her was ridiculously cathartic. The Luffy vs. Lucci fight is my favourite fight in the series, and seeing Usopp cheer Luffy on even after all the bad blood between them this arc was really inspiring. (The only time where a friendship powerup was justified. XD) The death of Merry was the first instance in the series that made me flat out cry. I teared up a number of times beforehand, but nothing that actually made me openly sob before, and all because of a boat. This arc holds a special place in my heart and is the arc I cannot wait to show people when I'm getting them into the series.

2. Alabasta - This arc is so ambitious and so grand in its scale, that it almost feels closer to modern day One Piece, but still retaining the charm and simplicity that the earlier arcs held. This arc is the climax of a the longest storyline in the series up to that point, beginning four arcs prior, and boy, does it payoff in spades. Vivi trying to save her kingdom from civil war while the main villains puppeteering the war are after the crew. Bombastic fights, plot twists, world building, great crew moments, and the best finale to any arc IMO.

There's so much condensed in this arc, and yet the pacing never seemed to waver for me. Crocodile is one hell of a villain, and seeing Luffy lose to him not once, but twice, was quite the narrative subversion. Everything in Rain Dinners and Sanji's Mr. Prince strategy was golden. The theme of Toto and the village of Yuba and its water really stood out to me, as it's the thing that helps Luffy figure out a way to stop Crocodile. Alabasta itself helps Luffy defeat the man who desired to destroy it--brilliant. At this point, I'm fully invested in Vivi and her goal to save the kingdom, so it was really enjoyable witnessing her try her best with such overbearing odds stacked against her and the crew. I really loved the Kohza and civil war aspects. Made me really care for the land's people, and like with Vivi, I really wanted this war to stop.

Like I mentioned before, I freaking adore the finale. Luffy beating Crocodile and exposing him to the people, as it begins to finally rain in the country and everyone is finally able to hear Vivi's pleas to stop fighting. The arc is ended perfectly with the straw hat's silent farewell; showing Vivi that they'll always be friends, but presenting their X markings. What a fantastic narrative and the one that cemented One Piece as my favourite manga/anime.

3. Sabaody Archipelago - Speaking of world building and grand in scale, for a measly 24 chapters in length, this arc feels MASSIVE and does so much for the overall story and for the direction of things to come. So much happens in this arc, and all of it equal parts awesome and tragic. you got Hacchi returning to the series, the funniest joke in the series IMO with Duval's face reveal, the gorgeous, almost dream-like Archipelago itself with its architecture and unique mechanics, the introduction to the Celestial Dragons and the hierarchy of the World Government, along with the theme of slavery being introduced to the series, and the 11 Supernovas, who will end up shaping nearly the entire 2nd half of the series' plot direction.

The entire auction house scene is one of my favourites in the entire series, as it includes possibly the most satisfying punch ever seen in anime/manga history. We then get introduced to the Pirate King's first mate; didn't see that coming. We then get a giant info dump and one hell of a tease about Laugh Tale and the One Piece; I always love when info on the endgame pops up. We then get the craziest scenario where the Straw Hats seemingly enter the final boss chamber while still being, like, level 2. XD An admiral, several pacifistas, Sentomauru and Kuma completely blind side the crew and us as an audience. We're suddenly plunged into an absolute no-win scenario and it was incredibly ballsy of Oda to take the plot in this direction--essentially getting rid of the entire cast besides Luffy for a good chunk of time. Watching this the first time completely gut punched me. Like Luffy, I was devastated, and I loved every second of it.

4. Marineford - While Sabaody began what felt like a whole new layer being added to the One Piece world, Marineford Arc kicked things into maximum overdrive. Can you believe that this war's buildup started in Drum Kingdom ? All those years of buildup later, and now it's time for the biggest payoff in the series at that point. This arc is non stop from start to finish. So many big names and legendary figures all gathered together was so mind boggling and exciting. Oda did such an amazing job making this arc feel monumental. The entire world vs. The strongest man and his crew. The contrast of having our protagonist feel like such a fish out of water being in the presence of so many giants just made the arc feel even bigger. Whitebeard is an absolute boss. One of my favourite characters in the series to this day. Seeing the Admirals and Warlords in action was also a lot of fun. There's actually a surprising amount of twists that happen in this arc, but for the most part, it's pure adrenaline for its entirety.

So many clashes, so many feats, so much destruction; this was our first glimpse into seeing where the series could end up going if our main characters keep climbing the ladder--this was what the New World could promise us, and in a way, given how the series has turned slightly more towards action and away from pure adventure, I guess that's a promise fulfilled? XD I think I was saddened more by Luffy's reaction to Ace's death, rather than Ace's death itself, but it's still a fantastically written scene. But Whitebeard's last stand was a truly awe inspiring showcase. I still get goosebumps when I read the sheer amount of damage he took in the war, but that there wasn't a single wound on his back. His speech about the One Piece not only signaled a turning point in the world, but it also signaled a turning point in the story itself and was the perfect bow to wrap the first half of the series up (Well, except for post war arc, but you get what I'm saying). Blackbeard and Shanks' arrivals were also unexpected and incredibly hype. It also added a number of new mysteries that I'm looking forward to seeing revealed. The war arc to top all war arcs--well, until the final war arc gets released.

5. Totto Land/Whole Cake Island - Hey! A Post Timeskip Arc! I feel like this arc gets meme'd on a little too harshly, but to each their own. I, for one, loved this arc from start to finish. This was the first arc that the crew would clash with an Emperor and their massive forces. It was quite the milestone and made the series feel that much closer to its conclusion to me. Taking a break from the Law and Samurai plot, this was, for me, at least, a breath of fresh air where we could go into an arc without any preconceived expectations; it was exciting and the sense of the unknown was finally making its way back into the series albeit for a little while. Our cast of characters were dwindled back down to a handful, so the crew members finally got their time to shine again--especially Brook and we got to know Pedro and Carrot--both of which I love. We also get Jinbe back in the series. I've always been a huge Jinbe fan, so I was crossing my fingers and hoping that he would finally join the crew. There's a lot of mystery in the first part of this arc and I'm a big fan of mystery. Sanji's extended backstory was really fascinating to watch and I've found a whole new appreciation for Baratie's flashback now that we know more about Sanji and how much of a father figure Zeff was to him. but not only was this arc mysterious, it was also dangerous. Apart from the ending of Sabaody, this is definitely the most dangerous arc the crew has been in, especially given that they're only at half strength the whole time. Luffy gives it his all in this arc. Constantly fighting for his life and for his friends. He fights in the forest, he fights Cracker for half a damned day, he then gets pummeled by Sanji, he then fights an entire army, fights more soldiers and finally gets to take, like, a 5 hour break before the wedding starts. He then fights Katakuri multiple times. Luffy's stamina in this arc is N U T S. This is what it felt like to go against an Emperor.

I know people like to downplay Big Mom, but they were barely hanging on throughout the entirety of this arc and would have failed multiple times if not for the alliances they made. But to back peddle a little bit, I want to give focus to Sanji vs. Luffy. This fight is right up there with Usopp vs. Luffy for me. Luffy's determination here is easily Pirate King worthy. The anime handled this scene beautifully with some amazing new pieces of music. Seeing Sanji cry as Luffy calls him out on his lies was emotional as hell. Came super close to crying. Then to see the Pudding reveal, it was heartbreaking. Sanji crying to come back to the Sunny was also amazing in the anime. I loved this entire sub plot, because it reminded me of old One Piece, the crew interactions and dynamics. It's what I feel is missing the most in One Piece, post timeskip, so tee see a brief glimpse of it again was really nice. Didn't expect to end up loving Bege either. Making him a loving husband and family man was a nice touch by Oda, even if he did try to kill Pekoms multiple times. XD

Agh, there are so many great scenes that I haven't mentioned yet; Brook getting the Poneglyph rubbings and his fight against Big Mom, the meeting between the Straw Hat and Fire Tank pirates, Sanji defending Colette from his brothers, the tea party itself, Jinbe pulling out a sake cup and resigning from the Big Mom pirates mid-fighting like an absolute badass, Germa 66's raid suit scene, Pedro's sacrifice, Carrot's Sulong transformation, the Green Room, Pound's death (which was then ruined by Oda's bad habits. XD ) The Bad End Musical (which was amazing in the anime; seriously, WCI's anime adaption is superb, apart from the typical pacing issues). Big Mom's crazy backstory (If there are people out there who still seriously think One Piece is for kids at this point, then there's no convincing them otherwise when children are literally being eaten alive. XD) Then, of course, there's Luffy vs. Katakuri. My second favourite fight in the series (first being vs. Lucci). Katakuri's evolution in this fight was really awesome to watch, especially when he handicaps himself after learning about Flampe's interference. Seeing Luffy grow and try to learn foresight was also really fun to watch, but of course Snake Man steals the show. That one chapter is probably the best choreographed fight scene in the entire series (again, the anime went above and beyond for this chapter, as well--making it probably the best animated episode of One Piece to this day). I was also a really big fan of watching the fleet chase the Sunny on the water. Always wanted a big naval battle to happen at some point in the series, and a big portion of WCI's finale happens on the ship, so that was fun.

I know some people didn't like the pacing of the climax, which, I agree, the run to the ship could have been quicker and more abridged. Then there's the whole "WEDDINGU CAAAAKEEEE!!!!" stuff from Big Mom, but I merely took it as part of her overarching personality. A dangerous and all powerful spoiled brat who never grew up and has some really flawed and selfish ideals; pretty frightening, if you ask me. You never know what's going to happen when Big Mom is around and I really enjoy that level of unpredictability that she brings to the table. Kind of why I didn't mind her amnesia stuff in Wano. Thought it was pretty in line with what Oda was going for with her. I can see why people don't like it though, and that's cool. WCI was a very different arc, in where the main baddie wasn't defeated and the crew actually suffered some losses (well, Pedro, at least.) I loved the hell out of this arc, but I can see why people take issues with it; thankfully, I'm not one of those people.

Oof, that was longer than I thought it would be. Kudos to anyone who reads all of it. XD
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