Duel Who Killed Killij?!?

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Inferno Island
City of Dis
Purgatory Hotel

Movers and shakers. Producers and consumers. During the weekends Hotel Purgatory became the #1 hotspot for commercial dealings in the City of Dis. But during the week the spacious halls became deserted with only those who prefer anonymity remaining to handle their unsavory work.

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50x5 = 250 Mink Race Bonuses: +20 speed (4x5=20), +20 strength (4x5=20), +5 any (1x5=5), +5 any (MA mastery lvl. 41)
Strength: 45 + 20 = 65
Speed: 41+ 20 = 61
61x2 = 122
-Reaction: 57 +5(Mind) = 62
-Movement: 65
Vitality: 37 +5 =42
42x2 = 84
-Durability: 43
-Stamina: 41
Mind: 50
50x2 = 100
-Science: 50
-Beast Mastery: 50
Martial Arts: 57 + 5 = 62
62x2 = 124
-Ittoryu/Nitoryu: 61
-Electro: 62
Haki: 20
20×2= 40
-Armament Haki: 29
-Observation Haki: 11(Awareness)
2 Rapier swords
6 throwing daggers
1 orange black 3 piece suit. A box of cigars. 1 pair of round rimmed sunglasses. A fedora. 2 full bags of gold treasures.

"Kilij Talking"
[Kilij Thinking]
Kilij Action

Footsteps echoed as Kilij Dao Odachi walked into the posh hallway of Hotel Purgatory. This Tiger Mink was elegantly dressed in a high class three piece suit. He had the air of a nouveau riche as he strode in as if he owned the place. On his shoulders two large duffel bags swung. Every other step the gleam of shiny gold could be seen as the light reflected on its small openings.

This member of the Backyard Pirates was assigned to come here with Number X to trade their stash of gold relics for hard clean currency. They were going to meet with an appraiser who would inspect the value and offer them a monetary exchange. For that reason the Tiger walked towards the reception counter and registered for a two days stay.

The lady behind the counter seemed to have a sadistic smile as she checked upon his reservation. On occasion she glanced at the bags he carried, but the pirate wasn't worried. Anyone who dared to steal from him would be met with the cold hard steel of his swords. But just to be sure he made a mental note of her name tag. It said 'Bellzebeth'.

He register for both himself and X. Kilij would be staying in room 13 and X would be right across the hall in room 23. With keys in hand, the Mink went over to the bar to wait the arrival of his partner. Sitting on a stool he ordered a whiskey on the rocks. Sipping on fine liquor he let the alcohol burn his throat with its earthy aroma.

Since it should be a few minutes before X got here, he drank slowly as he watched the bartender do his job. If Kilij made any notes of the man behind the bar, it would be that the guy was impeccably dressed for just being a bartender in a hotel. But that might just be how it is in fancy establishments. The fellow had a nametag that said, 'Mamnon'.

And so Kilij waited for X.

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Name: Number X aka "Gunslinger X" or "G-X"
Pirate of the fearsome Backyard Crew
Race: Human
Height: 6'1

Strength: 21

Speed: 62
Reaction: 67
Movement: 57+10=67

Vitality: 62
Durability: 57+10=67
Stamina 67:

Mind: 31
Science: 62(-23 B- power suit)

Haki: 24
Observation Awareness: 48

Martial Arts: 61
Gunslinging: 61(incendiary bullets =6; 5 magazines of 10 bullets; 1 cryo shot; 1 sonic shot)
Sniping: 61(incendiary bullets = 12; 2 smoke canister;1 net shot, 4 magazines of 10 bullet)


There was a trade that was supposed to happen in a luxury hotel and X didn't want to appear in his regular roughed attire. He opted for the best he had in his wardrobe. A dark leather coat silk red inside on top of a businessman attire with grey stripes and a red tie to match his coat. He had new belts specially designed to go with the clothes. One was on his torso, going around it and attached to over one of his shoulder. On his hips to support his guns were what looked like two distinct belts but in fact was only one designed to look like that. He wore a hat on top of that, and it hid partially his eyes giving a mysterious air around him. He didn't want to be looked down upon because he was a pirate and taken lightly because of he changed his dress code. So he held his rifle over his shoulder with one hand and had one gun on the other as he walked in the hall of the hotel. The sound of his leather lace-up two tone wingtips shoes echoed in the room together with a clanging sound.

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Kilij waited at the bar for X to show up. He was already on his third glass of whiskey. Usually the Mink didn't drink much while on a mission. But since today's affair was just a glorified trade with a merchant, he didn't put his guard up as if he was heading into combat. Just as he was finishing this latest drink. A poorly dressed woman approached him out of the blue.

'Please sir could you spare some change? A few coins to feed the family?'

The Mink was surprised. Who would think that there would be beggars in such a high class establishment. But as someone who has at certain points been in the lowest caste of society, he could relate with the lady. Just as he was considering giving her one of the golden trinkets in his bag, the bartender spoke.

'What are you doing here Gabriella? You know you aren't allowed in here! Security!'

That was when an older gentleman walked into the scene. This man had the vestiges of an old grizzled war veteran. Kilij knew that the guy has many fights in his life. Of course this wasn't because of the Tiger's observation skills. No Kilij actually knew the man as the guy was a friend of the crew. It was because of this man named Michael that the Backyard Pirates decided to make the transaction here.

The big guy wasn't rough on the woman. But he gently escorted her out of the facilities. When he saw Kilij, he just gave a slight nod, not acknowledging their relationship. The Mink understood. It was wrong for the security guard to to stop and chat while on the job. Specially with a pirate. Still it was good to see a friend. Now if only X were to get here, then they could talk with the appraiser and make the trade.

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