Characters and Groups Why G-5 and Luffy share the same “founding date” of may 5th; why we haven’t seen Vergo’s real epithet that will be God-related

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Let’s first look at the date and what it signifies

“May 5th, or Cinco de Mayo, is the date that celebrates Mexican victory over Napoleon III, in the Battle of Puebla. They say General Ignacio Zaragoza, with 600 man under his arm, defeated the french troops with over 6.500 men. He eventually died soon after, and the french occupied Mexico City after a second incursion, but it's still an iconic date. The underlying theme: martyrdom and rebellion against an overwhelming foe.

It just so happens that May 5th is Luffy's birthday!”

We can see how this fits perfectly with a Luffy’s character archetype. He battles and overcomes overwhelming odds all the time. Like @Zmsp (user on another forum) also speculated in his latest theory, Luffy might even have to sacrifice his own life in order to find or unlock the One Piece which will make him a martyr by the end of the story.

Now what does this have to do wit G-5? Why did Oda link G-5 and Luffy by the same date of “birth”/ “founding date”?

First notice that G-5 has 300 men stationed.

This brings to mind the 300 Spartans that stood their ground at the “Hot Gates” against the Persians incursion , ie battling an overwhelming foe and army many times their size, also becoming martyrs in the end by refusing to relinquish their position.

Notice that G-5 is stationed in the New World, at the Red Line close to the entrance, meaning G-5 lies at the junction between Paradise and the New World. G-5 then symbolically is an institution that stands to keep the pirates and evil of the New World at bay from “Paradise” which means G-5 could be compared to the “Hot Gates”; G-5 is a representation of the wall that separates the New World of “pirates” (Persians) from the civilised world , ie Paradise, the western world of antiquity.

With 300 men Oda is obviously teasing the connection with the 300 Spartans that stood their ground against the invading hordes of invading forces from the east threatening the civilised world (paradise) . The “Hot Gates” where the 300 stood their ground would be symbolically the junction between Paradise and the New World which is where G-5 is stationed

G-5 is battling overwhelming odds by standing up against an overwhelming foe, the Yonkous, same way the Spartans battled an army many times their size, which is why the connection to May the fifth is not a fluke but intentional parallel by Oda: 600 men defeated an army that outnumbered them 10 to 1 would be a reference to the 300 Spartans

That Oda draws on this parallel between G-5 and the 300 and wants to establish a connection to Luffy (ie the same date is not a fluke but intentional) I think is pretty convincing by now. This supports another connection that I think is not a fluke either but intentional.

Another baffling parallel between Luffy and G-5; why Vergo’s Marine epithet will be god-related

Luffy and G-5 are paralleled because Luffy is Nika, a messiah that carries the “drum of liberation”; being that the Holy Land of Mariegeoise is most likely based on the state of Israel (the Holy Land), the purely prophetic and Talmudic take held by some sects of Judaism is that a legitimate state of Israel can only truly be ushered in once the true messiah has arrived, which is why the current state of Israel is held to be illegitimate. I’m not saying this is Oda’s political or religious view or anything, lol, but this is the inspiration for the idea he uses that the WG is currently an illegitimate state and the true messiah, Luffy, will come to destroy it and usher in a new dawn. Luffy is a messiah , he was even held to be the living reincarnation of Ryuma, the sword god, by the citizens of Wano. Luffy is built up like a god figure.

Vergo was also built up also as such like a God figure by his men who “worshipped” him “like a father”. The G5 attitude reflects and epitomises the entire marines view of Vergo (naturally G5 are more fond of Vergo) , so them “worshipping” him like a father” is the equivalent of the marines viewing Vergo like he is the God, of marines, same way you would say “Messi is the god of fotboll” or something like that, Vergo had the same type of status as a marine officer.

yes Vergo is highly admired and revered, so they almost view Vergo like the sons of WB regarded him as “pop”, but in this connotation Oda I think chose to draw the direct parallel here between Luffy, the sun God, to Vergo, God the father in christian theology that is worshipped same way Luffy was thought to be the reincarnation of Ryuma. Oda chose to say he was “worshipped” for a reason when he could’ve said “you are like a father to these men” or something like that.

That Vergo is “worshipped” is a specific word that I think gives a hint to his real marine epithet that will be God related. Why isn’t he called “Demon Bamboo”?

World Government don’t use demonic terms

You will not find any reference to “Hell” or “demon” this or “devil” that other references to demonic phenomenon in World Government institutions or any such references made to any of their assets in their extended arm, ie the marines. This is because the WG uses a different vocabulary entirely lol

“Holy Land” , “Holy knights” , “heavenly tribute”, “seraphims” (which comes from the term seraphs that are celestial angels) etc. Do you see what I’m getting at? Celestial dragons decided Long ago that they are celestial beings and as such they use this kind of terminology of descriptive terms that start with terms like “heavenly” “Holy”or such.

Never that any marine would be called something like Demon Bamboo. This is not in line with WG rethori Not even Impel Down or Magellan himself have any direct references to Hell or demonology.

Vergo’s epithet, Demon Bamboo, is not his real marine epithet. To pirates he might be referenced and branded like this but marines would not call him such. Vergo’s real epithet will be god-related and now you see why.

Smoker when he surpasses Vergo will also receive a loftier title than Vergo that’s also god-related.

G-5 is altogether different from Marine Headquarters

Marine Headquarters lies in Paradise. That means it has made the choice to separate itself from engaging with pirates in the New World. Marine HQ is tasked with keeping Paradise safe. The admirals are tasked with protecting celestial dragons. Their job is not to go and cause problems in the New World.

Marine HQ has a safekeeping role, not a strictly military role. This is the reason why the vice admiral Yamakaji had to ask for “clearance” from Marine headquarters to attack the Blackbeard pirates

Why did Admiral Kizaru not know what devil fruit Marco has? If he is a military of some 50+ years then it doesn’t strike you or most people for that matter as odd? Kizaru is oblivious to the powers of WBs right hand commander, well not only Kizaru but practically entire Marineford. Lol

This is enough evidence in and of itself that the Marine Headquarters are not out there to combat the Yonkous or even fight them much for that matter save for a very rare incident involving the Pirate King’s son. They police Paradise and only venture out into the New World when a situation really calls for it, like the incident with Doflamingo where Aokiji told Smoker to alert HQ to “detach the admirals”

Ask yourself again why Smoker and Vergo needed an admirals permission to be transferred to G-5. To change just base within a military shouldnt be much of a problem. G-5 is not affiliated with Marine Headquarters and has an entirely different military role, that’s why.

Smoker moved to G-5 to seek “status” and more so freedom to go after Luffy in the New World. He wouldn’t have that freedom as an HQ marine. As base commander he would also have access to many marine officers under his wing including six warships (a prized possession even Rob Lucci who is a prodigy CP0 agent has to pressure the Fleet Admiral to grant him ten warships when Vergo can do whatever he wants with six).

G-5 is a different in function and identity to Marine Headquarters. G-5 conbats pirate elements in the New World, which naturally include the Yonkous, while Marine HQ polices paradise. Admirals are charged with the defence of Mariegeoise and celestial dragons, so they might be called wherever and do whatever is Celestial Dragon related, but the admirals main function is not to police the New World. Kizaru has never before battled Marco and that’s the reason why.

Yes the men of G-5 don’t have the same kind of discipline or orderliness like even regular marines (which is what makes them fun to begin with mirroring Luffy’s goofy nature and personality) although it would be unwise to discount their strength as Zoro, Kinnemon and Brook were unsuccessful at breaking through their blockade. There’s still a whole lot of G-5 we haven’t seen which includes the officers of 4 and even 5 whole units which could include several more vice admiral level people.

The fact that Oda has saved 4 whole G-5 units for later hype tells you everything you need to know: there’s a lot of pain coming for those that doubted Vergo, Smoker and the G-5
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Let’s just emphasise that a marine warship is considered a very prized possession

Rob Lucci had to pressure Akainu for just 10 warships, and Akainu brushes it off like an absurd request

So not only is G-5 in possession of six warships but it may include a minimum of 12 marine officers comprising six units. one leading officer and one supporting officer for every unit

6 warships and a minimum of 12 officers, that’s a lot of power and authority. We have only seen 3 out of these 9 officers, many of whom could be around high vice admiral level

And four warships was used to transport a high level asset like Doflamingo

Having command over 1 warship is considered big in and of itself, it is like Momonga level, high vice admiral level to have this level of power delegated to you.

Having command over six warships and 12 officers, that’s something on an entirely different level
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