Year End Awards

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Certainly wouldn’t say I was active, but I’ve been watching… I’ll cast my votes. (For fun at least). 🐟
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Most Improved
@Beerbottle really impressed with his RP in TB
Best Story Performance
Best Fight Performance
Best GM Performance
This was a hard one but i gotta pick @Ichimonji for this
Best PC Character
La Spada @Ichimonji
Most Unpredictable
@Emperor Cross
Best Team Player
Best New Player
Skip as there's only one new player
Best Character Development
Skip as i haven't read from every user yet
Best Player NPC
Will skip this as i haven't read from every user yet, sorry
Best Island Creator
@Larsi and @Oreki it's a bit hard to decide between the two of them
Most Active
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@Beerbottle really impressed with his RP in TB
That is very kind of you ^^
This is a hard choice as most players are from the old generation but Imma give it to Cross.

This one goes to Ichi easy.

Kakashi's story may be the most boring but his fights are well crafted.

I love Kaka's hosting jobs for me and he's done pretty well in Wano.

Gochi say no more.

Cross is unpredictable. Himself couldn't find a way to predict himself, let alone us? Fuck me!

:monkaH: Is there anyone more qualified than Gambit than this? Seriously?

N/A nobody's really new here.

:vonflame: fine since I cannot vote myself, this one goes to my rival, Isis. But for the same of 3wat tie, this goes to Kallavan. Zehahahaha

I'll toss it to Sasaki since he's by far the most established albeit we all know T-Bag and Namor are better than him.


Since I've read almost nothing of the role play of others xD I'll quote Gambit and say I vote the same
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Can i still vote? If so

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Most Improved: Cross got 2 votes, winning this category, with Ren, Larsi, Beerbottle and Guren each receiving 1 vote.

Best Story Performance: Ichi won this with 8 votes, with Guren and Gochi receiving 1 vote.

Best Fight Performance: Kaka won this with 5 votes, with Guren getting 3 and Gambit getting 2 votes.

Best GM performance: Ichi won this with 5 votes, with Kaka getting 4 and Ziosa and Gochi getting 1 vote.

Best PC character: Ichi won this with 6 votes, with Kaka, Gambit and Gochi getting 1 vote.

Funniest: Gochi won this with 6 votes, with Cross, Magikarp and Gambit getting 1 vote.

Most Unpredictable: Cross won this with 5 votes, with Magikarp getting 3 and Gambit getting 2 votes.

Best team player: Sea won this with 3 votes, with Ichi and Gambit getting 2 and Kaka and Guren and Ziosa getting 1 vote.

Best new player: Mugiwara won this with 5 votes, with Ziosa getting 1 vote.

Best character development: Gambit won this with 4 votes, with Ichi getting 3 and Guren getting 1 vote.

Best player NPC: Kaka (Sasaki) won this with 4 votes, with Gambit Cross Ichi and Prometheus (not sure who that belongs to) getting 1 vote.

Best Island Creator: Kaka won this with 5 votes, with Larsi and Sea getting 3 votes and Oreki getting 1 vote.

Most Active: Kaka won this with 6 votes, with Gambit getting 3 votes.

In other words:

Kaka won: Best Fight Performance, Best Player NPC, Best Island Creator and Most Active

Ichi won: Best Story Performance, Best GM Performance, Best PC Character

Cross won: Most Improved, Most Unpredictable

Gochi won: Funniest

Sea won: Best Team Player

Mugiwara won: Best New Player

Gambit won: Best Character Development

Someone or even 2 people should recount this to make sure there was no mistakes. Where people voted for themselves, I didn't count it, and where people voted for 2 people, I counted both.

I look forward to next year, since a couple of people will have more opportunity to shine.

We can save the congrats for when at least 1 person has confirmed these counts.

@Ziosa @Ichimonji @QuickZilver708 @Sea @tlgRen @Ebuk @Gambit @Emperor Cross @Magimasterkarp @Ranger @Gochi @Roogy @Mr. Anderson @Beerbottle @Dream @Mugiwara_Ryan @Frayz
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Aight, that's being said, first I wish to congratulate all the winners of our first annual election. While it pains me to say "well-deserved" because one of my favorite PCs didn't win, I will still say it anyway and no matter what. Congrats and Well deserved every one. 👏👏👏

Now, La Spada is no doubt my favorite PC and I was the first to highlight that in my vote. I really love the villainy type of character especially if the theme is hell, death, and darkness. It's a landslide situation for Spada in this particular area, including the story itself.

Kaka will always be my top choice when it comes to fights/battles, the main reason for that is, I have seen and hosted most of his canon islands and I am very familiar with how he does his stuff. So big props on him in that manner.

For the GM performance, I am really surprised Sea never had any votes. The man twists the hell out of the story to make it even more interesting. But my satisfaction with Kaka's hosting for me and how he dealt with my long-ass posts and millions of NPCs made me decide my vote is on him.

For the funniest one, thanks for voting for me Anderson tho but this one is defo Gochi all day all night. If you have read his BB saga, you'd die farting in laughter.

For the NPCs, the reason why Sasaki is the best this year is that he has shown us more of his character. But this is good knowing that the other NPCs are yet to unleash all the GOATs in them and things are only getting more exciting. But much love for the human-human drill. But if you see KG guys in Merveille, KG is goated there. damn.

Now for the Best Char Development, this shit is really tough I know. I love Kallavan in Wano and I am hosting him in Vinlandia and shit is getting better. For me, Kallavan is yet to expose more of himself and I know certainly that there's more to come. I can't speak for myself.


Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos
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