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Usopp & Chopper saw the Numbers, where do you see the Numbers near Kaido? and again Queen didn't see them
Not sure If they saw the numbers could also be the calamaties. But Chopper and Usopp were directly heading to the stage.

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I am just commenting and for the only 3 and not 6 not shown close to the Main Stage during the attack in Kaidou.
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I am just commenting and for the only 3 and not 6 not shown close to the Main Stage during the attack in Kaidou.
I told you what i meant by it, i made the prediction so i know what was my intention from saying it
I understand you, it's just that the prediction is about what i meant by it, not how others interpret it
Not sure If they saw the numbers could also be the calamaties. But Chopper and Usopp were directly heading to the stage.
From my point view, i made a prediction where i believed the moment Kaido gets attacked, most SHs won't appear to be there, whether they are close or not or what they are doing doesn't matter

When Kaido got attacked, Luffy & Nami & Jinbe & Robin witnessed it (I also mentioned Attack on Orochi and even though Kaido killed him, only those four were there to witness it too) other 6 aren't there yet

Usopp & Chopper running towards the room is no different than Luffy & Yamato running towards it too 3 chapters before
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This is gonna seem a bit odd but I predict that even though there are still other places to go (Elbath, Lodestar Island, Mary Geoise) the main "Big Battle" is happening now on Wano. Once a Yonko either gets defeated or dies (if not 2) in this battle the Marines are gonna be all over Wano. This will spark Sword, CP-0, and the Admirals which will in tern cause the Revolutionaries, Shank's crew, and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet to show up.

And the odd thing is I don't think Oda had planned it this way. After Wano we were originally supposed to go to Elbath, then Lodestar and Laugh Tale, with the Big Climactic Battle at Mary Geoise; with the Yonko clash with Big Mom occurring on Elbath, Black Beard on Laugh Tale, before facing Imu on Mary Geoise. Unfortunately, either from Pressure by Oda's editor or concerns about Oda's health I am sensing that he's in a hurry to wrap up the entire story within a few years. You don't involve 2 Yonko in one place against the main character unless it's dealing with end game stuff.
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Just wanna point out i made a loose prediction but this is sidetracked somewhat with a mini-rant of how and what is going on in the manga. So far imo the New World with how Pre-Timeskip was, then is utterly below sub-par.

What i would like right now is the following;
  • Kaido to kill loads of Minks, Samurai's, Carrot, Izo, either Neko or Inuarashi
  • I want Kaido to not only smash in Carrot but rip her in half and toss her in the direction of Luffy as Carrot has that somber and sad moment as she lays beside Neko and Inuarashi as she calls out to Pedro and a flashback as she says she feels cold but happy
  • Big Mom to turn on Kaido after something occurs which will be in the below point and she kills all the Numbers and members of Kaido's crew and one of the Tobbi Roppo
  • I want Kidd, Law and Luffy to head to Kaido. As much as Luffy is the MC and with how much PIS he gets i want Luffy to provide being the one that takes a huge beating with him drenched in blood too. Kidd to provide the heaviest beating to Kaido since Oden and the God Valley incident until as of this point. Law to provide support and uses "ROOM" to have Kaido vs Big Mom
  • Kaido to kill BM Pirates like revealing Smoothie has a dislocated bone somewhere as its revealed Smoothie was the one who was gravely injured since Kidd and Kidd came back to get Smoothie to reverse her DF ability on his crewman. Kaido kills Daifuku and gravely injures most until Perospero saves Smoothie from instant death.
  • Kaido and Big Mom then target Luffy and Kidd with Law taking the back peddle as he looks at the situations and goes fuck this i am out
  • Kidd revealed to be bloodied and battered held in Big Moms hands as she tosses him with the attack she used with Napoleon, looking as if Kidd has taken the most huge beating of all. Whilst Luffy looks decimated as Kaido and Big Mom bicker who gets to kill Luffy. In the meanwhile Marco arrives and clashes with Kaido who uses a stronger thunder bagura shocking all only for him to say whats a Dragons biggest bane like a Yin and Yang. So are Phoenix's and Dragons, one for destruction and the other rebirth. Their fight heads towards the sky with a huge bang only to reveal their clash injures both more Kaido than Marco who heals the damage. As their fight will have no clear winner as Kaido may win with strength but no matter what he does he cant kill something that can heal the damage.
  • They clash taking their scuffle to the sky leaving Big Mom to go after Luffy only for Caribou to save Luffy.
  • Kaido slams back down into human form then darting towards Luffy, only for Sanji, Yamato, Jinbei and Zoro to block Kaido's attack.
  • Its revealed that Zoro and Sanji had to tag team to defeat King with Zoro playing a huge part in the fight
  • Zoro the uses Ashura to slice Kaido's weapon to nothing and cut Kaido and slashes on his right arm that has him lost sense in his arm shocking him but that came at a cost of Zoro unable to move
Well i can continue but i am far too lazy lol
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My Updated Predictions:

01. Zoro will help defeat Kaido
02. Momo will help defeat Kaido
03. Kid & Law will help defeat Kaido
04. Kaido will wreak havoc in Wano
05. Momo will fly Luffy (At least) to Wano
06. One of Scabbards (At least) will Die
07. Law will either Die or End his Alliance with Luffy
08. X-Drake will either Steal Road Poneglyph(s) or Oden's Journal
09. Aokiji or another Marine(s) will show up near the End
10. Sanji will defeat either King or Queen
01. The Hour of Legend will happen again
02. Zoro will show Asura or something similar
03. Big Mom will fight against all SHs (Separately or Together)
04. Chopper will Cure Smile's Side-Effects
05. Hiyori or Toki are related to the Traitor
06. Kaido will be defeated in his Dragon Form (Or Hybrid)
07. Momo & Hiyori will meet Moments after Kaido Falls
08. Scabbards will defeat Orochi
09. Oden's Journal will be Revealed
10. Luffy will decide that their next Destination should be Lodester
01. There is something hidden in that Mountain in Wano
02. Big Mom won't be Defeated or at least not Captured
03. Jack will Recover from his Defeat
04. One of Flying Six is a Traitor/Spy aside from Drake
05. Hawkins and/or Apoo will Abandon Kaido near the End
06. Most Straw Hats will take Action after Kaido is already Attacked
07. Marco's Role will mostly be Supportive (Healing)

08. King's Bounty is still Lower than Luffy's
09. Zoro will learn to Cut Fire
10. Yamato will join Straw Hat Pirates
01. Caribou will be Captured by BM Pirates
02. Perospero is holding Mont-d'Or's Book & all BMPs are Inside
03. Orochi is Alive
04. Killer will fight one (At least) Flying Six
05. Drake will fight one (At least) Flying Six
06. Act 03 will End before Chapter 1001
07. Sasaki is Half-Fishmen
08. Sasaki is Son of Kokoro from Water 7 (Father of Chimney)
09. Sasaki will Fight Franky
10. Kaido is a Successful Experiment of WG
01. Hancock will be Captured by Marines
02. Hancock will be taken to Mary Geose instead of Impel Down
03. Vegapunk will Finally be Introduced (Between Acts)
04. Kaido's Debt to Big Mom is that she rescued him from WG
05. Onigashima is Covered in Iron

05. Tenguyama Hitetsu is Kozuki Sukiyaki
06. Hiyori ate her Mother's DF

07. Who's Who has Smilodon DF
08. Sasaki has Triceratops DF

09. Luffy will be Defeated again by Kaido (At least immobilized)
10. Rocks D. Xebec will be shown in Kaido's Flashback
01. Robin will fight Black Maria
02. Franky Shogun will be Destroyed in his Fight against Sasaki (+Numbers maybe)
03. Kid will defeat Apoo
04. Drake will fight Who's Who
05. Hawkins will fight Law once more
06. Jinbe will help against King or Queen
07. Killer will help against King or Queen
08. Big Mom Pirates will betray Beasts Pirates
.... TBC
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Momo will quite literally hold the nation of Wano on his back as foretold by Toki. Through some means or another, he will be either be artificially aged or powered up into a full adult/giant dragon, mirroring Kaido's own lifting of Onigashima. As I've mentioned several times, I've a strong feeling Wano exists within the caldera of a volcano which will erupt in the arc's climax.

Momo will become Shogun of Wano...for only a day. He will cede authority to Hiyori in order to join the Strawhats. Being a king for only one day is going become a very important theme.

Surprisingly, despite it her most fervent wish growing up, Hiyori renounces leadership of Wano. What follows is a game of Hot Potato with rulership over Wano -- similar to the change-of-hands gag between the various owners of Kaido's blueprints -- between many worthy candidates who each give it up in turn...a complete turnabout from the days of constant civil war and power struggles.

We thus see several new Shoguns come to pass in a short span of time, only for authority to finally fall into the hands of the daughter of another Foolish Lord -- Toko. In addition to the massive degree of respect he commanded, it turns out Toko's Shimotsuki heritage legit makes her next in line to the throne, seeing as everybody else is unwilling to claim it. And lo, did a clownish figure become Shogun of Wano through some rather absurd circumstances. Naturally, Hiyori will remain by her side to help.

Foolish lords, kings who reigned for only a day, and foolish lords who only ruled for a day....the seeds are planted foreshadowing a key insight into the truth behind some very major mysteries and plot developments to come.

Recall when Sasaki questioned Kyoshiro's motive for his betrayal, the latter responded by questioning the former's knowledge of Wano's history? He wasn't just referencing its implied tumultuous history of bloody power struggles; the implication is that the nation itself ( as it exists today ) was founded on acts of deceit, betrayal, and rebellion.

Back in the pre-Void Century era, it was non-humans ( particularly very real dragons ) who ruled at the top, with humans ( including the descendants of the modern day Celestial Dragons ) occupying the lowest rung of the social ladder. Aided by the rebellious D clan, they would rise up to overthrow their oppressors, reversing the power structure of the world.

This is what occurred in Wano (or what was known as Wano at the time.. ). The land was originally lorded by non-humans, essentially meaning the One Piece version of Japan once belonged to the Yokai: Tengu ( King's race ), oni ( Ancient giants ), Kappas ( Fishmen ), Raijus ( Minks ),etc. Back in the day, Onigashima was pretty much the capitol of the nation, if not the actual name of the entire country at the time.

The humans would eventually form a rebellion, led by celebrated heroes inspired by the popular Japanese folklore, only not quite so completely virtuous as the real world myths would portray them. For one, it'll be revealed that Momo owes his name to the One Piece version of Momotaro, who possibly used the power of Tama's devil fruit to basically mentally brainwash the Minks into service. Maybe even Zunesha*.

* While I fully believe this will be definitely brought up as a plot point, it remains to be seen whether this is how things actually ended up in the end. For all we know, the Momo of the past may have felt remorse and released his hold over Zunesha and/or the Minks by basically "commanding them" ( be it by use of his powers or not ...) to do whatever they wanted -- something Luffy would echo to the Strawhat Grand Fleet centuries later.

No doubt we'll be seeing Tama doing the same at some point, thus putting the genuine loyalty of those she tamed to the test. Likewise, I imagine we'll be treated to a scene where Momo would relieve the Minks of any duties to the Kozuki. Predictably, in both Momo and Tama's cases, their "servants" will emphatically make it clear they willingly follow their masters by choice.

The Wano of today resides inside the caldera of a dormant volcano. This volcano is the true Mt. Fuji, with the Wano yesterday having once encompassed a much larger land mass, now residing beneath the waves. What we consider to be Wano resides inside the real Mt. Fuji.

Long ago, Uranus was used to flood the world ( probably at the hands of the non-human forces ). The Ancient Giant whose skull adorns Onigashima pulled an Oden and lifted up remnants of the original Wano, carrying them to the only safe place available, the high peak of Mt. Fuji. Only thing, the volcanic mountain was active at the time, necessitating that the oni submerge himself in the lava until such time that it cooled and the volcanic activity subsided....a fate which may may befall Kaido as well. Not in the thralls of defeat, mind you, but as a sacrificial act intended to save the life/lives of another, mirroring that of Oden's Hour of Legend.

Where the giant oni of Onigashima died holding up Wano while he burned to death within the lava, I imagine Kaido might do so in order to save the life of Luffy, Momo, or perhaps all of Wano as well ( with a somehow enlarged Momo carrying it to safety ).

Befitting the whole theme of theater, deceit, identity, role-playing, etc...turns out Wano's people as a whole may be playing a long-running game of make-believe, though they themselves may not even be aware of the truth. It's highly possible IMO that the majority of Wano's original indigenous population, human and non-human alike, were wiped out in the bloodshed and cataclysms that followed.

See, back when that giant oni went about saving what land and people he could, I picture those imagine being whisked away to safety encompassing the lowest of the low, very similar to the motley crew of delinquents, outlaws, freaks, and geeks that made up the Red Scabbards....the rejects, shunned, outcasts, the leftovers of society....these made up the bulk of Wano's survivors. The nobility, the samurai, even the ruling families? Largely wiped out.

What to do then when invaders came calling? Simple. The survivors would dress up and pretend to be samurais and such to keep up the illusion of strength, with the closure of the borders serving well to maintain the subterfuge. Hell, the Kozuki and the other ruling clans just may be imposters themselves ( one theory of mine being that the Kozuki crest and governorship of Wano originally belonged to the Tengu race ).

This ties into my earlier theory in that the fan-shaped landscape of the Wano mainlands was partly based on the artificial island of Dejima, a former Dutch n Portuguese trading post where Dutch foreigners were relegated to live during Japan's isolationist period. This would explain the puzzling height of many of Wano's citizens, which flies in the face of the Japanese's historically shorter general height: many Wano of today are descended from the One Piece versions of the Dutch, considered to collectively the tallest ethnicity worldwide.

I'll take it step further. Recall just how much hatred many of Wano's citizens have or had for pirates and outsiders? Wanna bet a good many of their ancestors, the survivors of Wano's destruction, were foreign pirates? :blobhappy:

And just to bolster my theory ( and a few others ) all the further, note that Onigashima was a name given to a very real island thought to be the abode of oni and inhuman races, and thus a convenient dumping ground for exiles -- Aogashima, which wouldn't you know it also happens to house a town within the caldera of an active volcano.


I suspect Kaido will die by arc's end, by he'll go out in a blaze of glory and achieve that epic death he so deeply craves; one worthy of not just a Yonko...but a samurai.

I was admittedly torn between the possibility of Kaido dying like Oden or doing so honorably through seppuku, but the thought occurred to me: why not both? By that, I mean we may see a dying Kaido perform Seppuku as he's burning alive within the caldera of Wano's erupting volcano.

More importantly, this gives Zoro the feat he and fans were eagerly seeking, though perhaps not in the manner he expected, leaving Zoro with much to ponder. The Wano arc began with Zoro being forced to perform seppuku, so it's only appropriate things come full circle, albeit with flipped upside down; Zoro will offer to act as Kaido's second and cut off his head in an act of mercy.

If word of this makes it to the papers, you can say goodbye to your current bragging rights, Sanji. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding it, Zoro's killing of Kaido would catapult his prestige and bounty to unimaginable heights.

At some point, we'll witness Nightmare Momo in human form ( fuck it, that's what I'm calling him ) and Hiyori, wielding their respective inherited swords ( Zoro will pass Enma hand back to him at some point, be it temporary or otherwise ), will team up to perform their father's signature attack on Orochi; Momo using foxfire-style or enveloping his sword in dragonbreath-derived flame, whilst Hiyori employs Wind/Void elemtal haki ( see my earlier Zoro theories in this thread ).

This ensures Orochi's regenerative abilities are fully countered by their combined attack. In a away, the both of them working together will thus surpass their father by improving his most famous attack with the inclusion of elemental energies.

And so too will Zoro learn a new technique which will allow him to surpass Oden all on his lonesome :catlaugh:

it'll be revealed Hiyori possesses the power of the mythical Nekomata devil fruit, which grants her the Moria-like ability to manipulate corpses, as well as possibly providing 9 extra lives ( foreshadowed by her "death" and "resurrection" earlier in the story ). Everyone's expecting Moriah to show up ( and it may still happen ), but SUPRISE: it's not him bringing forth an army consisting of the corpses of undead samurai from Ringo to help fight Kaido and Big Mom's forces.

So many hard-to-kill enemies, well Hiyori can play that game too.

Problem is, Hiyori kinda resents her mom and brother for the extra attention they got, and will soon betray the good guys out of anger, envy, and despair over her fate. This way, Hiyori the two-tailed demon cat thus somewhat plays the metaphorical role of the "tiger" opposite her brother, the dragon.

However, once they've settled their issues and hugged and made up, their reconciliation and team-up serve to symbolize the harmonious union of traditional enemies/opposites per classic Eastern symbolism, thereby hammering home one of the core messages, if not THE core philosophy, framing not just the Wano arc but the entire One Piece story as a whole.

Reasons behind my belief are numerous, but briefly

- Nekomata are associated with necromantic powers and so death overall. In her own way, Hiyori was constantly surrounded by many figures, events, and places associated with death . both literally and thematically, throughout her story

- Oden ( just look at his intro scene alone )​
- Toki ( add the customary O style of address to her name and you get O-toki; the word otoki referring to a post-funeral lunch.​
- Zoro, who himself projects the "God of Death" with his Asura technique, wields a sword named after a God of death/hell in eastern tradition. Hell, they both even hid out at an Enma shrine.​
- She's hiding out next to the cemeteries of Ringo.​
- "Died" and "resurrected" twice, first upon reports of her death decades ago, and later when "killed" by Kyoshiro.​
- Recall her performance earlier in the arc at Orochi's shindig; Nekomata were known for playing the Shamisen, playing mournful songs dedicated to lost brethren, as cat skin was used to make shamisen back in the day in Japan. What're the odds Hiyori was crying underneath her mask? Not that her anguish isn't mixed with certain resentment as well...


- Her courtesan do in her Komurasaki guise overall evokes the shape of a cat, especially when seen from behind. The mask only enhances the image.

- Two tails of the Nekomata --> two "faces" of Hiyori, in all the ways that be interpreted

- Everyone's expecting Moriah to return to Wano ( which likely could still happen ), but introducing another corpse manipulator allows Oda to swerve and play with the fanbase's expectations once again.

- Hiyori's soon-to-be-revealed resentful perspective symbolizes the bleak outlook of the Jigoku tayu aka hell courtesan from a famous tale -- a prostitute whose misfortunes in life led her to believe she was being condemned to suffer the punishments of hell over past karma.

Remember Hiyori's words to Zoro during Yasu's execution? To paraphrase, "are we not living in hell?!" Methinks it'll be revealed Hiyori will hold her mother and brother to blame for that, in light of all the perceived extra support and "advantages" Momo got by being warped away with a greater number of attendants.

- Cats and courtesans often went hand in hand when it came to societal, literary, and folkloric depictions, one such example being the famous tale of Usugumo and her supernatural cat

- Killer was neither the first "Kamazo" nor the last. The first Kamazou was probably Ushimaru Shimotsuki, having taken on an alias and gone underground after the doomed rebellion against Kaido and Orochi. What happened to him, can't say for sure, but I'd imagine he died at some point. But not before making sure his wife, a Fugetsu woman, and young child, Zoro, managed to escape Wano.

Zoro will be the next to "inherit" the role, being the son of the first and having "claimed" it in a sense by having defeated Killer. This will happen shortly after I predict Zoro being defeated during the raid and taking a tumble off the floating Onigashima, landing in the sea of Wano. We'll see him wash ashore, as is common, having also lost his memory ala Big Mom. This being Zoro, maybe he'll even end up on another part of Wano entirely lol. Zoro proceeds to become a rurouni ( aka wandering, masterless samurai ), cutting down bad guys as he goes and becoming feared as the very criminal he was accused of being when the arc started!

Couple of reasons I believe it.

- Zoro mentioned wanted to possess a fire sword, but his track history speaks to an affinity for wind.

- The Fugetsu has the character for wind ( fu )in it, ie wind moon.

- Kamazo, with his sickles, symbolizes the yokai the kamaitachi ( sickle weasel ), associated with gusts of cutting wind.

- Recall how Zoro himself took Killer's weapon into his mouth to unleash his Onigiri attack.

- I imagine that Zoro's dad, the original Kamazou, had lost an arm in the conflict, fighting using a two-sword style similar to Zoro; only with a sword in his remaining hand a sickle held in his mouth like Zoro ( and certain depictions of the kamaitachi ).

Basically, Zoro's dad would be a reference to famous one armed, eye-scarred, gruff fictional samurai Tange Sazen.


Scarred eye, like father like son?

....Theeeeeeeeeeen again, one would assume it'd be a clan member of a clan associated with wind who'd be representing the kamaitachi and slicing bitches up, right? Quite possibly. Of the many movies and depictions of the character that were made, one of which presented a female version of the character named O-kin Sazen.


Perhaps it was not Zoro's mom but his mom who ran around under the Kamazou alias? Quite a bit irony to pack in here, considering Zoro's relationship with Kuina and Tashigi. And all the more interesting when you look at the title of the movie up above, seeing how Oda loves naming female characters after birds.

- Note that the kamaitachi legends often depicts a trio of them working in tandem. There being 3 Kamazous in total, or family members and a "fake" in Killer, could reference this bit of lore.

- As I've said before, we've seen men with hearts of maidens, so expect to see some ladies with a very manly spirit as well. Surprise, surprise, Zoro's mom was grizzled, masculine elite swordswoman?

Bigger hilarious shocker: despite being a roughhouser of a woman, she's also got ( or possibly had..) 9 other kids. As many have guessed, Zoro's Zorojuro alias ( juro --> 10th son ), might have been a bit of tongue-in-cheek foreshadowing on Oda's part. He so does love hiding the truth in plain sight.

- I'm quite convinced now that King is fact a hyper-masculine warrior woman as well, something which is bound to factor heavily into this entire subplot. Zoro facing off against King in some capacity was undoubtedly going to happen in some fashion, for various reasons, but this may add quite a few more layers to the confrontation.

Remember Zoro's interactions with the tall and secretive Kiku?

Consider too that Tengu are know to wield power over wind as well. This would then frame Zoro vs. King as a battle between fellow wind yokai, the Kamaitachi and the Tengu.

Either way, with Zoro and Marco facing off against King and Queen as of the latest chapter, I'm expecting we'll see some one or both of the Calamities mentioning something to the effect of Zoro reminding them of somebody. Wouldn't be surprised if King or Queen, or both, fought with Zoro's parents in the past. Perhaps it was even one of them who took Queen's arm?

- We saw Queen surprised by Sanji's lineage, now it's Zoro's turn.

- If Zoro's dad is Ushimaru Shimotsuki, that means he's related to quite of the characters he's encountered thus far: Yasu, Toko, and Onimaru. Fate at work?

- Zoro may owe his seaweed hair to his father's side of the family; I've a feeling Yasu's spiky afro isn't just a reference to a hedgehog but a sea urchin.

I'm pretty certain each and every one of the Strawhats is going to adopt a superhero identity at some point. In light of his connections to Ushimaru and Onimaru, it makes the inevitable Zorro reference all the more fitting ( "zorro" meaning fox in Spanish ).

- If I'm right about all this, including the possibility of Queen having lost an arm to either of his parents...well, I already predicting that the Strawhats would not only lose, but lose hard, with all of them experiencing some hellish experience. I was juggling the idea of Zoro losing an arm in battle, threatening the future use of his 3 sword style in the future...now I'm kinda leaning in that direction.

How? Same as Kiku, by means of Kaido's kamaitachi wind blade attack :>

- Finally, just imagine Zoro's mother walking up and introducing herself not as Kamazou but funnily enough O-kamazou, as would be customary of a woman in this setting. O-kamazou. Get it? Adds another layer to his interactions with O-kiku, I would say.

We're going to bear witness to a new form of "Asura," or something based on the same principle.

It's been theorized that Zoro's Asura technique came about as a result of his Cursed Swords stepping in to assist when Kaku had him in a pinch in their fight, and I have to agree that's the case. How does it work? It wasn't a matter of Zoro literally growing extra faces and limbs, but it wasn't no simple illusion either; I believe the swords drew forth Zoro's haki, added their own, or some mixture of both, shaping their/Zoro's haki into the form of Asura, thus possibly giving us one of the earliest examples of "armor" being produced by an aura of haki; not just created, but molded into a specific shape.

The manner in which Enma forcefully tapped into Zoro's haki may be the key evidence pointing to this, and supports the idea that Enma may likewise step in, so to speak, if Zoro finds himself in a jam. Problem is, Enma has proven quite aggressive...and may actually end up overriding Zoro's will at some point in his weakened state.

What I imagine we might bear witness to is Zoro pulling off some impressive feat with his new Enma-based Asura form, only to later lose himself as Enma attempts subverting his will -- thus finally tackling the whole long-lingering Cursed Sword subplot with any seriousness. The raid will fail, the Strawhats are going to lose in devastating fashion, and in Zoro's case, his inability to fully master Enma ( and in a sense, himself ) will create an opening for an enemy ( likely Kaido ) landing a critical hit that will plain knock him off the island of Onigashima into the waves below, thus setting off a major subplot as detailed in the theory I posted prior. In fact, he may even lose an arm just like Kiku.

Further signs pointing to an Enma-based Asura form? As you'll recall, Kaku interpreted Asura as a projection of the "God of Death." Well, I think many are already aware that Oden's sword is itself named after the God of Death and Lord of Hell in many Eastern mythological circles, Enma. And where were Zoro and Hiyori hiding out at one point after Yasu's execution? A shrine dedicated to Enma. Makes sense then that Zoro would "transform" into a God of Death in a more literal fashion, yes?
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4th and 5th Act
StrawHat pirates will face flying six

Sanji vs Queen
Zoro vs King

Marco vs big mom may happen.

Kidd, Law will have their hype in this act against kaido with luffy need much of recovery break.

Final Act
Flower capital arc:

Expect Marines to arrive Kizaru and other beat the rest of beast pirates.

Luffy will likely taken on kizaru briefly but yhe focus will be on rescuing flower capital.

Luffy learn awakening and zoro will successful cut kaido there will be another scar.

SN vs Kaido final round part 2 , Big mom vs Kizaru and other fights will be behind scenes.

Hiyori and momonusuke will meet each other.

Kinemon, Law, Kyoshirou will die this arc. Hawkins get killed in this arc he was the person with 1 percent survival leaves parting gift to powerup luffy.

Luffy defeats kaido .
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