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    Duel A Moonlit Night on Fire

    As Halloween attempted to reason with the Marine as sweat comically seemed to drip down off of his body due to the heat, the fire that surrounded them seemed to be burning more heavily. A wave of Conqueror's Haki surrounded all of them as the men that Halloween was torturing simply quivered in...
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    Duel A Moonlit Night on Fire

    As Mr. Halloween began to roll up his sleeves in a boxing form, it felt hot in the air for whatever reason. His cloak didn't exactly help as sweat seemed to form inside of it as he started to huff heavily. As he was about to ask why everything was suddenly so hot, columns of literal flames...
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    Info Choosing Race

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    Duel A Moonlit Night on Fire

    On a certain island... @kakashi19283 It had been quite some time since Mr. Halloween had made a rest stop to deal with a few clients of his. They were already prepared to deal with him as he had made his way onto the island to collect his dues. A small army of men had noticed his arrival on...
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    General RP General Chat

    Yeah, it's CNP. lol Work's been kind of busy so haven't had a lot of time to post on here and stuff. I was supposed to be adding a few NPC's to my bio, but that would've taken even more time~ Gonna play with Photoshop. Been so long
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    General RP General Chat

    I should finish adding some things to my bio~ Oh and getting an avi and a sig. Feels so strange to be posting on these things again.
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    Info Biographies

    General Information • Name: ??? • Alias: "Mr. Halloween" • Affiliation: Underworld • Occupation: Pirate, Broker, Mercenary (Undercover) • Race: Human • Gender: Male • Birthplace: ??? • Birthdate: October 31 • Age: ??? • Height: 205 cm (6'8½") • Personality: When calm and rational, Mr...
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