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Help us keep our ship afloat
► Help us keeping Thriller Bark afloat!
Every penny helps, and the more of you help, the better we can sail on for years to come!

► As a thanks...
For being generous enough, you will be rewarded Salty Doubloons, our sites currency, directly based on how much you contribute. Simple enough, $1 USD(minus fees) will reward you 100 SD.

► How to support us?
We are accepting two forms of support:

• Paypal direct donation
• Patreon monthly pledge

When you donate with Paypal, please include your username in the message so we can properly identify who should be receiving the Salty Doubloons. When pledging with Patreon, if your Patreon is not registered to the same e-mail account as your Thriller Bark account, please send us an e-mail with the account registered to your Patreon at when first pledging with your username.

Help us keep our ship afloat!
Donate with either Paypal or Patreon.

► Disclaimer:
Any money received from you, the members, will only go towards maintaining and improving Thriller Bark. Supporting Thriller Bark financially will not grant you clemency for breaking our guidelines. It is expected that supporting Thriller Bark financially means you are supportive of the Staff.
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