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    Traditional Mafia [Sign-up] Round 17: The Umbrella Academy Mafia

    Yo yo yo I will /SUB
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    Community Fun MyDF - Autumn 2020

    where do we see the entries?
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    General RP General Chat

    I thought Link was dead 😑
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    Island Lemnos

    Actions/Thoughts/ ''Dialogue/Monologue''/ Narration/Emphasis/ | Chapter 0: An Old Friend | In a small boat with a width and height of 20 ft/7 yards. Ray Señior sees the island, Lemnos. Ray checks his worn-out map, '' He said it'd be here,'' Ray...
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    General RP General Chat

    oh that makes sense 1601248969 I'm not sure but you guys are thinking of a story for the RPG? 1601249796 I have good story idea that would makes sense for a Marineford to happen. By marineford i mean Pirates vs Marines there may or may not be an Ace.
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    General RP General Chat

    I'm kinda confused isn't the base level for rpg 25? @Ranger
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    Community Fun MyDF - Autumn 2020

    The DF doesn't need to be fall related?
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    Info Choosing Race

    Germa type Human
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    Organizations Joining Organizations

    PIRATES Joining Devil's Pirate
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    Info Biographies

    Basic information: Name: Ray Señior Epithet: Perfect Calamity Race: ??? Affiliation: Devil Pirates Rank: Pirate Special abilities: Height: 5'8/173 cm Age: 19 Background: Stats: N/A Abilities Equipment: Special Dagger and Flintlock Personality: Ray despite his past is a loyal man. He does...
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    General RP General Chat

    oh interesting this is my first forum
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    General RP General Chat

    yay we're both new:pepega:
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    General RP General Chat

    Where can i post my bio?
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    General RP General Chat

    yooo i'm new
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