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    Creative Butterflies and Memories

    Kill me. I miss my family. Whenever I go Butterflies surround me. All I ever see Echoes. Shadows. Loved ones Alive, previously. I’ve had so much loss I want to go back. I‘m wondering Is it better to fade to black? *** Fly with me. But. Don’t die with me. Go along- This ride with me. Your...
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    Writing Underwater

    Sorry, friend! It had slipped my mind. I’ll remember next time. You make comics? I’d love to hear about them When possible.
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    Writing Underwater

    Let me tell you a story... About days gone by... I feel so alone- Not a tragedy I take no sides And toward me This strong feeling Of apology And suicide, inside, Paradoxically On this Earth Is my only decree. Navigating numbly Broken world possibilities Makes me realize an anxiety. This isn’t...
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    Writing Gray Hair Investments

    Feeling bitter over lost memories About a better me The very one I promised I would be. Now I look at you And realize a deadly fact. If I keep being this way You‘ll likely follow my track. I refuse to let my mistakes become yours. Some days I want to disappear My body feels numb And I can...
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    Creative Selfish

    Apologies in advanced. My heart filled with grief, Because I want to understand. *** Made beautifully flawed Born with gifts and handcuffs. Did you or I put them there? Haven’t I blamed you enough? Mentor me without a word said Speak life for all to see. Even when they cover their eyes And I...
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    Other Share Your Videos

    Not I, but my wife:
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    Writing Back-And-Forth

    Life without the inception Water without a source Learning while speaking With a throat that’s course. Preaching to a choir Only a mirror away. And the back-and-forth Is guaranteed to stay. Orbit one another Mirrored since birth. But can the moon Surpass the Earth? Seeking what lies Stands in...
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    I‘m not great with introductions. I’m not terribly wordy. I’m Thatguy, or just guy. I‘ve been contemplating for a little, and finally decided to check this place out on a recommendation from a dear friend. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.