One Piece Cb2405's Theory Topic: "Why do people make CoC so complicated?" (Worstgen Post Feedback)

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Hi Thriller Bark,

I am going to explain ... "Why do people make CoC so complicated?"

It's not people. It's quite literally only me. I'm the only person in the entire fanbase who "complicates" what it is.

So, if you genuinely want an answer as to why I "complicate" what is known as Haki of the Color of the Conquering King it's because I'm not a weeaboo.

I'll state this plainly -- weeaboos fail to understand basic principles of shounen manga consistently because they don't research the cultural aspects involved with the story.

In One Piece, there is a theme of reincarnation that western fans don't really understand. So, they don't understand One Piece.

The element of reincarnation in One Piece relates to the concept of souls, and the energy (Haki) transferred through vessels (Bodies).

The one thing that people never understand is a vague concept that is only alluded to in the story -- people can be born with dormant powers like Haki of the Color of the Conquering King. What they misunderstand about this involves simple logic. The other fans, weeaboos, can't figure out why someone could be born with CoC because they have a bias about the story -- the readers want to believe that the story is about people who don't have magical powers. So, they can't have souls, and they can't be born with abilities (or it ruins the story for them).

However, I'm telling you right now, that yes, people can be born with CoC in this story because COC IS A SOUL ABILITY AND SOULS DONT DISAPPEAR WHEN SOMEONE DIES, THEY JUST GO INTO A NEW BODY AND THATS WHY BABIES HAVE COC SOMETIMES.

I can't make that any more clear than I just did. You can either believe it or not believe it, but it's the real explanation. This is exactly why Luffy was born with it. He didn't obtain it at some point in his life and then start training it no.... it's not like that. He was born with it.

The other thing about this is ... there are rules. There are rules about who can obtain Haki of the Color of the Conquering King and who can't, and it's decided by The Heavens as part of Fate. However, because Fate is always changing, there can be more than one person who is chosen by The Heavens, and they are the ones who decide the future.

Let me say that again -- spirits don't disappear when someone dies, they just go into a new body and that's why babies have coc sometimes. That's also why Momonosuke and Shirahoshi can hear Zunisha and the Sea Kings. They inherited that ability from their previous incarnation (they are a reincarnation of that person).

Goddamn it. I have explained this so many times to so many people over the last like 5-10 years that it pisses me off that nobody ever understood it lol.... damn weeaboos just want to believe whatever they want to.

The people who are allowed to have CoC have PREVIOUSLY ENCOUNTERED SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE IN THE ASTRAL REALM ABOUT HOW TO BE A CONQUERING KING. That's the only way to know how to use it when you're in a normal body.

How can I make this more clear... -- the reason that you can't learn Haki of the Color of the Conquering King is because IT CANNOT BE LEARNED IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD. IT CAN ONLY BE LEARNED IN THE METAPHYSICAL WORLD -- IN HEAVEN.

It's impossible to train it, or to know anything about it, because it's spirit knowledge. Not only do you have to have a powerful spirit to even use it... you have to have THE QUALITIES OF A KING.



That.... is why Haki is complicated.

Now... go back to your small-minded thoughts and confusion about the story wherein you will never truly understand what Haki of the Color of the Conquering King is....


Its simply just strong will power, anybody with highest will power is born with it
Now people make it about amibitions and goal and being king and bullshit, why do yall make it so complicated? We literally have people with low ambitions have it. -- soheilhazrat from

My direct response is this... it's NOT just will power. What exactly do you think willpower is? Willpower = the power of your soul. That's self-evident, right? It should be. It's clear as day. There are two ways to get it -- you either develop it during your lifetime because your fate includes possessing the qualities of a king OR you were born with it and you got it from someone you previously were who had become a king in a previous lifetime.

There... that's basically all there is to it.
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