Writing Fart in the Wind

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Salty Doubloons
Still dusk and not a lone star,
Holding this piece of mild cigar;
Solitude on this bamboo rest,
He brings forth a mighty tempest.

Gust of wind blew past the ocean,
And an army of waves pursue them;
They're ramming the shore back and forth,
Rain pouring, nigh piercing the earth.

It's an ensemble of heavenly mists,
Splashes in sync with the whistling breeze,
One could taste the salt in a western sea,
A freeing smell the deity has set free.

Specks of sands are humankind,
Shaped and washed by the tides of our mind;
Plethora of thoughts are ashes and smoke,
It disperses like a fart in a windy stroke.
And it lingers.

- Fart in the wind

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