Community Fun MyDF - Autumn 2020

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Welcome to
Make your Devil Fruit - Autumn 2020
here on Thriller Bark!!!

The fruit you have to create this time is the

Fall-Fall Fruit*
*small variations are allowed(especially for Zoans)

To take part in this event you have to open a PM with @Larsi and in this PM you have to post your entry.
(Larsi will send me all the entries anonymously once deadline hits, detour via Larsi cause I also want to participate)
The entry should contain following informations:
Nessos said:
  • Fruit Name (given, small variations possible but have to be verified by host)
  • Type (Paramecia, Zoan or Logia)
  • Visuals (Fruit Type, color)
  • Brief Description of the granted power
  • 3 potential abilities to showcase your Idea of the fruit
  • Weaknesses/Advantages (if any)
To get a better feeling her ist an example based on the Devil Fruit of our beloved MC
  • Fruit Name: Gum-Gum Fruit
  • Type: Paramecia
  • Visuals: Violet Yubari King
  • Brief Description of the granted power: The user of the Gum-Gum will be able to stretch his body like rubber. He will become a Rubber-Man.
  • Abilities:
    1. Gum-Gum Pistol: The user stretches his arm back then throws a devasting punch.
    2. Gum- Gum Whip: The user stretches his leg and kicks in wide circle
    3. Gear 3: The user bites in his thumb joint to blow air into his bones which inflates his arm. He then able to Transfer the air through the entire body. This increase the area of effect and the damage output of attacks
  • Weaknesses/Advantages: Bullets and punches have no effects in the user cause they are Rubber. Bullets will be fired back.

Additional info you will find in the MyDF-info thread.

You have time time till 30/9/2020 to send your entries*!
*And send them to Larsi and not to me!

Afterwards the entries will be published here in this thread and the voting begins!

The winner won't be just a Winner, the Devil Fruit he creates will get immortalized in the
One Piece Roleplay section of this forum!
Suitable for RP is not a criteria for the Event, a PM with the Game Masters @Ziosa, @Ranger, @Dragomir and @joby will be opened after the event to balance the Devil Fruit if needed.

Last time was already a lot of fun and I hope to see many new cool and interisting entries!!!
I wish everyone a lot of fun at this event!!!
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