Chapter Discussion One Piece 992: Remnants

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Salty Doubloons
Well I wouldn't underestimat a former member of Rox Pirates nor a character that power was compared to the power of Whitebeard by an Admiral. I clearly expect them to be able to deal with a bunch of marines. Don't you agree?

Or are questioning the reason for them to go to Wano? They are looking for Marco and Marco is in Wano. Now one might das they couldn't find Marco they shouldn't know that Marco is in Wano, I would agree. But one might remember that Bakkin and Weevil started to follow Luffys path since the beginning of this saga! Almost every big guy knows Luffy is in Wano. I expect a former member of Rox Pirates should also know that Luffy is in Wano, don't you think the same?
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