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New Volume and thus new SBS is out!
And this time it contains some crazy hints :monkaOMEGA:

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Question 15:
R: In Chapter 966, Roger and Rayleigh said as they were holding up Momonosuke and Hiyori “I haven’t spent time with a baby in ages!!” and “Reminds me of the old days”, but in those old days, whose baby did they spend time with?! It doesn’t seem like there’s any women aboard Roger’s ship so… – P.N. Hakudeiino
O: …eh? They said that? That’s just… (sweat) J-just skip that bit!! It’s nothing to worry about, nothing to worry about! Fyuu~ Fyuu~ (whistle noise)
Question 16:
R: Odacchi, in Chapter 978, there’s a Gifter with a giraffe devil fruit yelling “FUNK!” at the Live Floor, who is a different person from both Kaku and the Headliner Hamlet, so could it be that SMILEs can produce users of many different types? Particularly, does it matter if there already is a “natural” (assuming they’re natural) devil fruit user of that animal? – P.N. Tarou in the Dark
O: Sure. Ehm… SMILEs are artificial devil fruits, so they’re completely different things from regular devil fruits. To put it roughly:
  • Punk Hazard’s S.A.D.:
    A liquid made by mixing the lineage factors of all types of various animals.
  • Dressrosa’s SMILE Factory:
    By letting plants suck up S.A.D., they produce strangely-patterned fruits.
  • At the Wano Country:
    Only 1 in 10 of these imported fruits will grant animal abilities.
    So in other words, they aren’t related to the real devil fruits. That’s why Gifters with the same animal exist and why ability users for “logia”, “paramecia”, or “mythical type zoans” cannot appear, since lineage factors can only be extracted from already existing organisms. This is Caesar’s limit as a scientist. However, the genius scientist Vegapunk might… or might not have been able to research beyond that boundry…
Are The most intriguing part for me. So I wonder who might that baby be. Hmmm...

So it's already confirmed that logia users can be extracted from and translate that dna into something else... This is actually a confirmation how the vinsmoke siblings acquired their abilities. The only question will be how Judge's and who he acquired those dnas from that Sanji generates flames, and the other poison (Magellan?), Ichiji (???), Niji (???)...
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Luffys mother :pepeclown:
You think Crocodile was on Rogers ship? Maybe God Valley was the place Crocodile and Whitebeard had their first fight, with 36 year old Whitebeard going easy against an 8 year old girl.
:monkaOMEGA:What if seeing the little kid was what made Whitebeard realise he wanted a family of his own?
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