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Organization: everything pirates
Territory: Alabasta

Need a host for Momoiro to RP Ivankov
I arrive in 48 hours from this post.
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i will take it, maybe slow though


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Organization: SHP
Territory: Alabasta

Day 14: Departure and New Adventure

3 days have passed since the burial of the late King, the kingdom has finally managed to return to business. And now it's time to part ways to the citizen and to commence a brand new adventure, at least for the few. "Everyone!", King Cobra summoned his people. "Alabasta, as you all know it has been a prison of its own hell for the last few years. I want this to be short and precise. We fell many times over but here we are now, rising to its feet once more and we would have not been able to do that without the help of our family, the nation, and of course the mighty Silver Hair Pirates!" He paused for a brief period of the time as he stood there in the platform of the newly built Kingdom, surveying and attending all the people as they all rejoiced in their accomplishment. And then the crowd roared in massive chorus. So loud and strong that it was similar to the explosion created by Joby when she destroyed the place. They chanted for the pirate crew eventually as they gave an emotional round of applause. The king let this evolved until he nodded to Sarge to go up the stage.

Sarge responded to the king by walking slowly as he was summoned. He held the mic and began to speak. "Ah-I". Tears fell down to his cheeks His voice was shaky and his head bowed down. "Whooooooooooooooh!!" The crowd cheered as they acknowledge the kind gesture. "Ah-I stand here before you not because he had to. We love you and all of us! I mean, all of us will forever be in your aid no matter what happens, you just have to call out for our names and we will be there. And with that, as my comrade blew away the flag of the enemy ship, the Silver Hair Pirates will once again the sole protector of this home. Viva Alabasta!!!!" He raised his head and his right arm in front of the numerous people, exchanging glances to all the people on the stage. The crowd then responded like they always wanted and channeled all their emotions into their mouth and once again exploded like a bomb from the ground. "VIVA ALABASTA!!! VIVA SILVER HAIR PIRATES!!!"

After the ceremony, Sarge and the others headed to the port where they saw their very flag raised to the very shore. And it flirted with the ocean breeze, it only signified that their territory is more than that. It was their extended family. A home. And a precious gem in their hearts. "Comrades! The captain commander will be very glad about our success. And there's one more thing that I wanted to announce before we go. Lord Gambit, will be the one to give commands until further notice from Larsi. And as he man the first fleet as our first commander, we should follow orders from him. Respect him like what Larsi do. We head back to the base and find out what's going on with the old man. Let's go sail boys!" He turned to his man and so were they. "Aye!"
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