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Every month the community of Thriller Bark will be able to choose which theories deserves to be called "Best Theory of the Month".

Therefore a voting thread will be opened in Community Event section for 1 where members have the chance to vote for their favourite theories starting with "Theory of Month - September 2019" starting on 1st of October.

If 10 or less theories were published in a Month all theories published will end up being automaticaly submitted.
If more then 10 theories will be published a submission thread will be created where members of Thriller Bark can submit their favourite theories. Therefore following rules apply
  • You can only submit one Theory
  • The theory you submit has to be publish in the representing Month
  • You are not allowed to submit published by yourself

The winners will be donated like in any other event of Thriller Bark.
  • 8+ entries:
    • 1st place gets 800SD+ special tag+ color change
    • 2nd place 600SD +special tag
    • 3rd place 500SD +Special tag
    • 75 SD to any other participant
  • 5 - 8 entries:
    • 1st place 500SD + special tag + color change
    • 2nd place 350SD + special tag
    • 75 SD to any other participant
Once it comes to a submission thread we will think about special prices for the ones who submit theories.
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