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Alabasta Arc: Part II
Great, great, arc overall. The individual struggles were amazing. The climactic ending had a great mixture of comedy, emotion, and drama. To me, that perfect mixture is what separates Alabasta from the arcs up to this one. Hard to believe Vivi was that weird lady at the start of Whiskey Peak arc. Such great charatcer development. Of course, Crocodile has been the best villain. Long one, but worth it. Holds up 1000%.

Best Character: Vivi, with Crocodile a close second.

Favorite Panel: Chapter 216: Vivi's Adventure, pg. 19-20

Chapter 180: Alabastan Animal Land said:
This panel gave meh goosebumps. Robin saving Luffy. When I saw it, I didn't think of the physical part of it. Instead, I thought of when Luffy saved Robin, unearthing her from the sand pit of her trauma. That "I WANT TO LIVE" blasted in my mind. Oda probably didn't mean that metaphor, but it's real to me. <3

Chapter 187: Even Match said:
Funniest fight so far. Had me chortling on Sanji's reaction. Sanji is such a simp xD

Chapter 188 Okama Kenpo said:
This was a very interesting panel. I didn't know Alabasta Kingdom was 4,000 years old. That's WAY before the Void Century. I think we focus on the Void Century 700 years ago and forget everything that could have came before-hand. 4,000 is a LONG time. Would love to see some more info pre-Void Century when Void Century gets revealed.

This panel put into perspective how important Alabasta, Cobra, and Vivi are, in one with the new manga chapter reveals. Who would a thunk?!

Sanji on his knees to see Name without clothes on and gets clocked. LMAO

Chapter 195: Mr. Bushido said:
Zoro is in my top 3 fav One Piece character, so many panels here for him! This is the arc I probably fell in love with him. Thriller Bark solidified him.

First off, I had forgotten how much Mr. 1 shredded Zoro. This was a very close fight on second read. A bit crazy that Mr. 1 fell after ONE slash, when Zoro's body was basically a piñata. Difference in durability is crazy. I'll try to attribute it to Mr. 1 never having a need to train durability, since no one could cut him, rather than what it probably is, which is main character shield.

This is CLEARLY observation haki. What's even more, what Zoro is saying here sounds like "The Breath Of All Things", which only 2-3 peeps have displayed. Whatever the case, it's clearly haki.

Obligatory final attack panel. Probably my 2nd favorite panel.

Chapter 197: The Leaders said:
Chaka and Pell were more awesome than I remember. What I picked up this time around as opposed to last time, was the symbolism. They both speak of being the symbols of Alabasta: Falcon and Anubis. That reflects the statues at the entrance of palace. Great symbolism. Pell and Chaka moved up in my book!

Chapter 198: 4:15pm said:
Crocodile is probably my favorite character. This is why. Most villains just defeat you physically. Crocodile employs mental torture and makes you feel hopeless. Crush their dreams and their future disappears. I mean, LOOK AT VIVI'S FACE! Amazing.

Chapter 199: Hope said:
In line with Crocodile breaking your hopes and dreams, Luffy is the antithesis. He is the one who brings hope and makes dreams a reality. When Crocodile dropped Vivi, Pell and Luffy caught Vivi. This back and forth got me hollering. You can see Vivi hugging him tighter when she puts all her faith in Luffy. <3


Chapter 201: Nico Robin said:
Real talk, Crocodile is a beast. Took Luffy out a SECOND time. A lot of talk from the youngin got him slapped. Gave the arc special stakes and even more excitement when Luffy finally climbed that mountain.

Chapter 202: Royal Mausoleum said:
This panel was extra powerful when knowing the history of Ohara. Cobra thinking he is "protecting" it, when it worked more like censoring the Poneglyph. In context of Robin's experience, this exchange was more powerful.

Chapter 203: Croc-Like said:
Crocodile stabbing Robin. Those words Crocodile said probably hurt Robin more than I initially realized. No one in her life trusted her. This was another example. Devil Child.

Chapter 204: Red said:
I've said it before, but Luffy punching tf out of bigger opponents is one of my favorite things in One Piece. Stated with Don Krieg and ever let up!

Chapter 210: 0 said:
The climax. All the SHs celebrating. You can really see it in their eyes they were not truly confident Luffy would defeat Crocodile. Love to see it!

Chapter 212: Some Justice said:
Smoker doing his boss shit. I love how honorable yet committed to Justice he is. He has my favorite balance of Justice in the whole series. I'd likely be like him if I was a Marine in One Piece world.

Chapter 213: VIP said:
Zoro and Chopper have such a big-brother-kid-brother relationship. Man washes his back! From cutting steel to washing reindeer. Big bro's gotta big bro!



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Skypiea is good, but man does it start slow. Could have shaved off 20 chapters and it'd have been much better. Takes forever to get good.

Enel is a pretty good villain, at least he's terrifying, and Luffy's counter is so obvious in hindsight. Wiper and Gan Fall are good foils for one another. Kalgara and Noland flashback is super solid and sad, with a good payoff in the end. I could take or leave most others characters though. Also feel like how happy the ending is is a bit jarring with how dire the stakes were, but it was the same in Alabasta, so that's One Piece for you.

237: Sanji cooking the strange flat fish immediately and Luffy eating it
238: The crew finding out they didn't have to use the knockup stream
239: Arriving in Skypiea
240: Dials explained
241: Enel's wrath against the escaped prisoner
242: Straw Hats vs White Berets
243: Robin, Zoro, Nami and Chopper abducted
244: Luffy, Sanji and Usopp yelling at Conis for telling them the truth when she would be punished even though she had no choice.
245: Chopper realizing he's all alone and in the most danger.
246: Luffy, Sanjia and Usopp thinking they'd fall to their deaths.
247: Sanji beating Luffy and Usopp so they'll listen.
248: Gan Fall vs Shura
249: Gan Fall defeated.
250: Satori defeated.
251: The reveal that Skypiea was part of Jaya.
252: Shandians vs Priests.
253: The skull map
254: Enel revealed.
255: The reveal that Upper Yard used to belong to Shandians
256: Wiper defeats Shura
257: Luffy oneshots a priest cause he's disappointed its not a goat
258: Luffy immediately apologizes to Wiper when told Upper Yard belongs to the Shandians
259: Zoro defeats Braham. (Imagine if this chapter released today. Sanji was offscreened by Enel in same chapter)
260: Luffy vs Wiper.
261: Gedatsu being stupid
262: Chopper soloing Gedatsu!!!
263: Gan Fall and Nami defeating Satori's brothers.
264: Enel flexes his lightning powers.
265: Robin wrecking Yama
266: Chopper scared by Ohm.
267: Luffy beating up the snake from within.
268: Robin finds Shandora.
269: Conis and Pagaya being idiots and needing to cheer themselves up with loud horns that would let anyone find them.
270: Luffy and Nami meeting in the snake's stomach.
271: Zoro overpowering Ohm
272: Pagaya sacrificing himself to save Conis(even though he stupidly survives)
273: Everyone uniting against Enel.
274: Robin refusing Enel's gift.
275: Enel reviving himself.
276: Enel defeats everyone.
277: Luffy returns.
278: Luffy meets Enel.
279: Enel face.
280: Luffy telling Nami to stop worrying, she's part of the crew of the future Pirate King.
281: Luffy tricking Enel's mantra.
282: Sanji and Usopp sneaking aboard the Ark.
283: Usopp appearing to save Nami and immediately apologizes to Enel.
284: Sanji sabotaging the ship the letting Nami and Usopp escape
285: Enel begins the destruction of Skypiea.
286: Kalgara and Noland flashback begins.
287: Noland kills the snake god.
288: Noland offering to save the tribe.
289: Kalgara deciding to trust Noland.
290: The city of gold ane the poneglyph revealed.
291: Kalgara promising to wait for Noland's return.
292: The tragedy of both Noland and Kalgara.
293: The chief telling the story of Kalgara and Noland to young Wiper.
294: "I'm gonna ring that golden bell!"
295: Nami trusting in Luffy.
296: Nola and Wiper sacrificing their bodies to knock over the stalk.
297: Luffy dispersing the elictricity Enel was about to destroy Skypiea with.
298: Luffy rings the bell.
299: Everyone hearing the sound of the bell for the first time in 400 years.
300: Everyone dancing together around the bonfire. (I don't like how many people turn out to just be alive, like Pagaya)
301: The Straw Hats stealing the gold when they're being offered more.
302: The Going Merry going off the edge of Skypiea.
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Jaya Arc
Probably my least favorite transition arc so far. That said, it is better than I remember, though that’s just because I always thought of Jaya so poorly. As I’m older, I can appreciate the Norland ancestor baggage and feel it more. Loved Cricket. Amazing BB introduction. Legendary. Good break-up from the seriousness of Alabasta.

Best Character: Luffy. Most characters introduced in this arc were awful (outside of BB).

Favorite Panel: Chapter 225: A Man’s Dream, pg. 12-13

Chapter 217: Stowaway said:
Loved this joking at Zoro’s expense when he didn’t express sadness as to Vivi

Chapter 218: Why a Log Post is Round said:
In below panels, Robin asks to join because Luffy is responsible for her now, given Luffy saved her when she resolved to die in the tomb. Reading between the lines, sad that Robin didn’t care to live or where she went next. Looking for a place to die.:cry:

Chapter 222: Hotshot Rookie said:
This has got to be a mistranslation or someone out here trolling! Burgess says “Do you even lift, bro?!” Bwahahahaha!!

Chapter 224: Stop Dreaming! said:
This man, I tell you. Always ready to throw hands for his captain. In this panel, Bellamy throws Luffy down. No hesitation - blade to the Hyena’s head.

Chapter 225 A Man’s Dream said:
The infamous “it’s them” panel. Subject of much theory that BB has three personalities of people inside of him, from his sails, to his mannerisms, to his teeth. Never noticed Zoro saying “most likely”, which I thinks add a whole ‘mother level. Can’t wait to see if theory is correct.

Chapter 229: Let’s Eat said:
Keeping with the overall theme of the show, this panel hits on friendship. I particularly liked this part because Usopp was insulting Cricket calling him a liar. But the man simply calls him a friend, much to Usopp’s embarrassment. Right in the feels!

Chapter 230: Catch The Southbird said:
A pretty important timeline post. If Noland arrived in Jaya in 1122, 400 years before current One Piece timeline, that puts current events at 1522. This more of lesscoincides with our own world’s pirate era after the discovery of America. Neat! :love:

My man Zoro does not trust Robin. He knew even here Robin was hiding something. I point this panel out because of how he softens to her. Starts at Skypia defending her after Enel zaps her, and then at Enies Lobby.

Chapter 232: The 100 Million Dollar Man said:
Obligatory bad-ass Luffy panel. What a punch! 🔥

Chapter 236: Sailing Into The Sky said:
This just made me LOL. Peeps out here losing their shit, thinking they about to die, and Luffy just chilling. :LOL:



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Most characters introduced in this arc were awful
I feel you, Bellamy is still probably my least favorite One Piece character, made even worse in dressrosa
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