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Here was the original opening to the thread on Orojackson posted by ToBeThriller.
ToBeThriller said:
So basically since the latter half of Dressrosa, the animation quality of OP has been extremely inconsistent, and because of that, the anime has pretty much ruined my impressions on several character due to their poorly drawn designs and poorly directed scenes.

Examples: Cracker, his clap sounds, his slideshow style movements ruined him for me. I thought he was pretty cool in the manga. And the average animation quality for the final move that took him out was the nail in the coffin for me.

Big Mom, she looks very scary and intimidating in well animated scenes, but the animators sometimes draw her so badly that it kills the mood.

So I made this thread where we can share well animated scenes in OP so we can get our feels back up when the bad animation ruins them.

So go ahead and start sharing well animated OP scenes, especially recent ones.
Here is my post about the latest episode.
Episode 898 dropped, and while the first half was literal ass, the second half, although slow, sort of benefitted from having less action, as generally the action was stronger in the first half. Masahiro Shimanuki's scene wasn't the greatest thing ever, but for him, and his output on the show, its a pretty solid contribution that does a decent enough job of selling the moment.

The real highlight this episode came from Tu Yong Ce in his strawman transformation scene, which was greatly padded out by repeating the animation, but in of itself, its quite an impressive scene, and still definitely worth some praise for the really nice morphing animation.

Hopefully he handles some solid action animation next episode(which he confirmed he was working on).


899 dropped, and while the action in the first half, did have it fair share of janky animation to it, there were still some cool scenes.

Tsuyuki, who has been an animator rising in prominence on the show, contributed an overall really solid action cut. His frayed smears, and his frayed eye shots are becoming a tell of him for me, not to mention, lots of impact frames. He did the scene where the strawman attacks using his nail hands.

The main highlight of the episode was easily Ishizuka's Zoro finisher, which is just absolutely nutty, and again demonstrates why Ishizuka is the best animator on the show, with his extremely modern timing and effects work. He did Zoro's tower climb on Ishizuka.

Although more minor, Tsuyuki closed off the episode, with a very effects based scenes, demonstrated his frayed smears in the lightning effects, and hyper detailed impact frames, as well as a fantastic eye zoom on Kaido.

Overall, a mixed bag of an episode, but one with cool stuff nonetheless animation wise.

Episode 900 dropped. There was some nice character acting this episode, with the highlight character acting wise being the gag scene where Zoro tries to get Luffy to go by Luffytaro. Apparently that scene was the key animation debut of Akiko Sugizono. Hope to see more from them in the future. Its rare to see that kind of character acting in One Piece, so stuff like that is very much appreciated.

There was some nice stuff by Yoichi Mitsui in the second half, with Zoro deflecting some of Batmans arrows as well as Luffy deflecting some arrows. My favourite part of that scene was the formation of haki around Luffy's first, I really liked the effects work that went into the scene as whole(though I deplore how Luffy's gattling, that always seems to be an area of weakness for the anime).
Feel free to post here your thoughts, opinions and questions about the animation of the anime, particularly its highlights(in keeping with the original intent of the thread).
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901 dropped. Not much in terms of actual animation, but there was a nice(if controversial) scene, animated by the former character designer for the show, Kazuya Hisada, which involved Batman blocking Luffy's attack. I really appreciated Hisada showcasing his more snappy timing, and I enjoyed the effects work during the scene.

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902 just dropped as well, and Tu Yong Ce handled a very nice bit of action where Zoro and Luffy lay the smackdown on Urashima's followers. Love the use of smears and kinetic choreography of the scene. Easily one of my favourite scenes to come out of Tu Yong Ce in a while. Apparently he was pressed for time in his contributions as well, which makes it doubly as impressive I think.
We also had some nice stuff in adapting Luffy countering Urashima's arm thrust. Far more effects based, but still nice enough in terms of line work and impact. Next episode, Tsuyuki Tesoro looks like he'll be handling some extensions to the fight.

EDIT: Tsuyuki Tesoro appears to have handled Luffy beating the sumo with the double jab and flip. Had his nice smears, though was less exuberant than Tu's scene.
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