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Wait... whaaaaa?
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he must've seen it

superboy feels more accurate I mean he was a boy back then lol
He only asked for something to binge watch, not something completely new. 😝

He's also not even a Superboy in that series, he's just "Clark keeping a secret" :ROFLMAO:

I watched it some years ago, like 2 seasons or smth. The Boys set the bar too high for any superhero series
I mean you can't compare Smallville to The Boys... that's like comparing a rated R remake to it's original G rated show....
Teenagers trying to understand life and manage a secret vs F*CK EVERYONE I HATE YOU AHHHHHHH *murder murder murder*


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Wassup TB

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Did you ever hear the story of oddoddfruit and evenevenvegetable?
Did you ever hear the tragedy of evenevenvegetable The Wise? I thought not. It’s not a story the fruits would tell you. It’s a veggie tale. evenevenvegetable was a Dark Lord of the veggies, so powerful and so wise he could use the Greenhouse Effect to influence the photosynthesis to create life… He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from being turned to salad. The dark side of the Greenhouse Effect is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice chopped him up in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from the salad, but not himself.
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Nicely done Plageius remix Larsi but that isn't what happened, gather round and I will tell the story of what really happened to oddoddfruit and evenevenvegetable

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It begins with me the oddoddfruit and my adventures with the Half Cut Pirates. A few things to note about me at this stage in time are A) I'm an accomplished Devil Fruit researcher B) I am the user of the Fix Fix fruit, my name just happens to be that of a different Devil Fruit and C) I'm a master of drunken boxing and either drunk or about to get drunk

A few things about the Half Cut Pirates to know is that A) we'd travel from island to island, partying hard and kicking evil's butt B) we would regularly crash and sink whatever boat we were using, we went through so many boats that we just stopped individually naming them and called them all Gringo and C) the Half Cut Pirates were an absolutely stacked crew

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The early HCP consisted of the following

MadieV also called the Crewsaver because of the many times she saved the crew
Nessos, user of the Mythical Easter Bunny Zoan. The HCP helmsma
Gyusa, user of the Ignite Ignite fruit. A dashing swashbuckler and royal prince
oddoddfruit, user of the Fix Fix fruit. DF researcher, drunken boxing
RedDragonStrike, human dinosaur hybrid. No DF, just half human half T Rex.
Flower, user of the Seed Seed fruit. Government spy
Nanashi, spirit medium. Has a ghost girl harem

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At some point during an adventure we were attacked by a wild whaleshark fishman named Jawbei, Jawbei bit off my leg in this attack before disapearing back into the ocean. Using my DF the Fix Fix fruit I could fix things that were broken, damaged or missing and I slowly regrew my leg while partyventuring with the HCP.

Jawbei seemed to be a villain but next time we met he was super chill, apologised for the leg thing, bought a round of drinks for the crew and joined the HCP from there on out.

Jawbei was a good friend and a true pirate but there was a lot more to Jawbei than what met the eye

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We went adventuring on fantastic islands like Umbrella Island, Knife Island and the infamous Apple Island, (we held a big OJ wide fighting tournament for this and practically invented the RP section you have now, before HCP there was zero onepiece roleplay)

We faced off against dastardly villains like Bakura who could summon huge monsters for duelling. Tartan Owl the massive fatass debt collector and Shaguburan, user of the Face Face fruit. His DF let him steal faces right off the skin

We also gained new crew members Farmerdillo, the delinquent cyborg and Xatch the user of the Knot Knot fruit. Good times were had, we drank a lot of alcohol and sunk at least fifteen of our Gringo boats over this time

Sadly we reached the point where OJ got shutdown and the story was over for most, we tried continuing it here but it just wasn't the same and didn't get off the ground. We had just completed a wacky races style race to Gyusa's home island to sort out his arc when we lost OJ.

We were getting to my arc next

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Sorry for all that tangential stuff, it's all oddoddfruit and evenevenvegetable from now on

Jawbei (novaselinenever btw) had a secret, a huge one. His name wasn't really Jawbei, his actual name was evenevenvegetable, the estranged brother of oddoddfruit. He had disguised himself in order to infiltrate his brothers crew and his plan was to kill them all

eveneven was afflicted with a madness that compelled him to do violence, especially against his brother odd who was the one responsible for said madness. That was why he bit his leg off in their first encounter, uncontrollable rage.

Even and the old man he worked for, the only man who could calm his wrath through use of a DF had found oddodd after several years and he was finally going to pay for what he had done

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Hang on, oddoddfruit and evenevenvegetable are brothers? How when even is a fishman and odd is a human. Well my first secret is that I'm actually a fishman, I just look really human like Dellinger from Dressrosa and can blend with humans, eveneven the whaleshark fishman was unable to

My second secret is that I knew that Jawbei was my brother eveneven since the leg bite attack, I recognised him from his bite. I knew that he was pretending to be crew just for the chance to kill me but let him join anyway for my own purposes

My third secret is what I did to eveneven when we were kids

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The third secret...

It's well known that the fishman race are discriminated against by the surface world but fishman children got the worst of it, they were easier to control and made better slaves in the long run.

An evil man named Rumskin with an evil power saw me and decided I don't belong with my own people because I looked like a human, he made it happen with his brainwashing DF. Made me believe lies that I was actually his child and that evil fishmen had kidnapped me as a baby.

Growing up many fishmen in my hometown would bully me because of my human appearance but eveneven would always protect his brother with his awesome strength. He loved his brother no matter what anyone would say.

Then I betrayed my home and everyone I knew to Rumskin and his forces, many died in the ensuing attack, our parents amongst them. My brother bravely fought them off and saved many but could not save me from being taken.

evenevenvegetable knew that I would never do it, despite the rumours and despite the facts, I would never betray him, anyone but him. All that mattered was that I was gone so he came to get me because that's what brothers do.

eveneven hunted down Rumskin and unleashed the rage of the fishmen on him and his crew, the crew all died to his bite. Rumskin barely escaped with me still his brainwashed prisoner and an unknown devil fruit on to the human populated mainland where any fishmen would be killed on sight. Here he made a plan, an absolutely heartless plan

He used his brainwashing df and made me think I was starving to death and that the devil fruit was regular food and I ate it. He made it so I could never swim in the ocean again. I could never go home again, his diabolical scheme was completed. Well almost competed

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Eveneven was on the warpath, anything that got between him and me got obliterated. Surface laws meant nothing, all of the discrimination meant nothing, the only thing that mattered was me. He moved heaven and earth to do it but he found me

Rumskin's brainwashing DF is strong but it has limits, you can't make people do certain things like hurt themselves or go against their nature. That meant that deep down I wanted to do it, betray the fishmen who bullied me for my appearance. All Rumskin did was enable me. That's my third secret, I could have stopped myself but I didn't

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Everything was out in the open between me, my "fake" brother and my "real" father and there was no denying what a treacherous piece of shit I was. Except eveneven just straight up denied it, after all that had happened he forgave me, said he loved me, said that we are brothers and nothing will ever change that.

This act of compassion broke the brainwashing I was under, the mind trick wanted me to believe he wasn't my brother and right then, that went against my very nature. It broke the programming so hard that the brainwash DF would never work on me again, my very essence rejected it. oddoddfruit and evenevenvegetable were united and the battle against Rumskin commenced

He had several strong people as his sleeper agents that would activate upon hearing a certain phrase. "The sun shines upon the worthy" or some antifishman bullshit. The battle was hard but with evenevenvegetable's strength and my new repairing devil fruit we got the upper hand

Rumskin couldn't have me as his own anymore, couldn't hold me prisoner, couldn't use his DF on me and couldn't fight me. His worst nightmare had come true, a strong and free willed fishman that knew his face, two of the bastards

Then Rumskin used brainwashing on eveneven, implanting a desire to kill all the humans who ever wronged him along with the belief that Rumskin was already dead by my hand and the kicker, my DF was the brainwashing one. That the Fix Fix fruit was fixing people's emotions, thoughts and desires to comply with my will.

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The Geas Geas fruit commands on EEV was a perfect mind shattering combo

1st Geas
- Yes humans had always wronged him, they all deserve to die
-No, your brother just looks human. You can never hurt him

2nd Geas
- oddodd killed him, he can't hurt us anymore
- oddodd says he lives but I saw him kill the bastard.

3rd Geas
- the power to repair broken things, it's miraculous
- he can't control it and it's messing with our minds

3 simple lies shuffled in with the facts is enough for the Geas to feed into each other and create a closed loop. Turning his love for his brother against his brother but actually for his brother but actu...etc etc

"Sticking" a mind like this breaks it, the body cannot function when the mind is stuck. You either go insane or catatonic

I didn't know at time exactly what Rumskin had done to him but I'd had it done to me earlier and I could tell he'd gotten in his head

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E - "he's dead brother let's go"
O - "he's not dead, he's standing there"
E - "brother, you got him. It's all over now, that filthy human deserved what he got"
O - "EEV, he's standing right there. He's in your head"
E - "I'm sorry brother but you are wrong, I'm literally standing on his corpse, what did that devil fruit do to you?
O - "My devil fruit!! Thank heavens I can use it to fix your mind."
E - "No, that power isn't what you think it is. You're not well brother, that power is messing with your.head"
O - "It's his power, not mine and he's fucking with your head, not mine . Trust me"
E - "HE'S DEAD!!!.... he's dead.... sorry but you're just wrong, that power is wrong and you even look wrong
O - "Fuck it, I'll show you"

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I tried to heal using the fix fix fruit on him but I was just a traumatised kid who only ate the fruit a few hours ago

Either the Fix Fix has no effect on more abstract concepts like a broken psyche or I wasn't strong enough to do it, the attempt failed.

The failed attempt to heal his mind is what did it

My disgusting human features, me thinking a dead man on the ground was alive and standing, using a power that I can't control, a power that hurt everyone, using it on him

It triggered the loop and stuck him. A stuck mind can only go insane or catatonic, he went insane. In his insanity he attacked me, every hit I took seemed to hurt him twice as much as me but I was still getting beaten to death. He barely stopped himself from killing me and fled to the ocean where I could not follow

Rumskin was still in the room, for a long time he thought about killing me

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I was immune to his power, I had great power of my own and every man in his crew died today. He decided that death was too good for me and letting me live was crueler.

He'd seen the Fix Fix and what it can do and had already figured out ways to bypass it's power. It only fixes things that are broken.

I spent the next few weeks getting burnt, drowned, suffocated, circulation cut off, battered, poisoned, hung, electrocuted, dipped in acid, deafened, blinded, frozen, dehydrated, starved and much more.

My magic healing power didn't help one bit, sometimes he would break bones and the skin. It worked then.
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Rumskin left me to rot in the torture chamber, I escaped by breaking my own bones (they were weak and brittle after the torture) and fixing them in just the right way as to escape my bonds.

On a nearby table was a devil fruit encyclopedia and other devil fruit research materials. Captain Rumskin was a DF researcher, one of the best in the world.

The ocean called to me as it does to all fishmen who spend too long on the surface but it would kill me and I can't save evenevenvegetable when I'm dead. Of course I'll go save him, that's what brothers do.

Next to the books was a bottle of rum, a few weeks ago I wouldn't have dared touch a drop but now there were no fucks given and I bloody well deserved a strong drink.

Also on the checklist
- heal evenevenvegetable
- kill Rumskin
- return to the ocean
- find a ship
- find a crew
- bridge the gap between fishman and human
- get more booze

I skolled some of the rum and poured a bit out for the fallen then threw the bottle against the wall. By smashing that bottle I told the world that my mission had begun, by then fixing that bottle I told the world I won't ever stop

After drinking that much rum, I got a tad inebriated, I was half cut

I soon stole a boat off of some guy called Bingo, said cheers Gringo as I sailed off, I was a pirate

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I'm wondering if this story should be in creative corner or RP :chuu:

Not the RP, they use yucky stat blocks and you can't make your own devil fruits, I believe you have to spend money on things like boats etc and can't steal them like a pirate would

Anyway that was only part 1 of the story, the origin of Half Cut Pirate oddoddfruit. Part 2 is current events oddoddfruit completing that phat story arc

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But that's a story for another day
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BG story finally finished :pepemusic:
I'll dig up the rest of the story, I remember being really drunk when I wrote it. Just like I was yesterday

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When OJ got bopped I think we were at Gyusa's home Flame Island sorting out some royalty trouble.
We were going to call it Fire Island but a quick google search and we abandoned that idea.

Everyone would agree on which player would choose the next island and have their arcs while I went with the overarching plot

My plan was to drop breadcrumbs of my arc every now and then and piece by piece do you all a bamboozle as it unfolded

One night I got drunk and spilled the whole story on the hcp discord, a loose as bullet point rushed version of it like I've done here with the origin story
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