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    Island Thriller Bark

    Shadows Asgard Lola and her fellow Thriller Bark victims were surprised by the creature's refusal to accept the power they had discovered, but respected his decision and his devotion to his Lord. "Very well, good luck fighting Moria, strong creature," said Lola. Moria had come to a...
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    General RP General Chat

    @Ranger @Ziosa My Thriller Bark post is awaiting approval. Also, yeah, it's your turn in Jumanji, Ziosa.
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    Island Lemnos

    The sudden departure of people who had just arrived left Proteus stunned. So stunned, in fact, he just sat there. "That's it then," he mumbled to himself. "That bizarre mess has just turned me off my whole life's goal." What's the point if no-one is able to witness me? I had just begun to...
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    General RP General Chat

    A few pages back there was an interesting conversation :dogkek: I mean, yeah, Luffy in the source material is immune to Enel's attacks, but lightning isn't simple electricity, nothing is supposed to stand a chance. But One Piece at the end of the day has a cartoon logic to it - and so, everyone...
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    General RP General Chat

    Hm, keeping Acaremus Weapon in character could be tricky... also not ready for his position to be endangered yet. There better not be any celestial dragons doing shady stuff.
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    General RP General Chat

    Oh that, yeah I don't really think of it as a 'World Government' position, so I forget the association... but I suppose that makes sense. Though I'm not sure what Weapon would do if he were expected to work with the government. Is the event non-canon?
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    General RP General Chat

    WG side? Unless this event uses our secondary characters, I'm not sure I follow. Are there parts to this event not explained in the main post?
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    General RP General Chat

    Nah, I don't have a use for the rewards. A fixed exp boost to increase my level or Conqueror's Haki would be useful but I don't see them listed. Again, if someone needs a host, then I suppose I can help.
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    General RP General Chat

    Does someone need a host? Don't know if I'd want any of the rewards apart from maybe a Lv 50 NPC.
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    Info Activity

    Acaremus Weapon Backyard Pirates Level 73
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    Island Kingdom of Alabasta

    "Speech" / Actions / Thoughts / Narration / Other Having recently finished up their business on Little Garden, Acaremus Weapon, content to have finally got the adventure he craved but did not get on his first island, now had a most pressing matter to attend to: ensuring that the princess of...
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    General RP General Chat

    Catching up on 30 pages of RP gc... also making my Alabasta post, and draft Thriller Bark post (in approvals). Going to get things done today! :blobthinkhappy:
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    One Piece Chapter 996 Roogy Review...

    One Piece Chapter 996 Roogy Review:
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece 996: The Island of the Strongest

    Late with the review again, but still gonna do it anyway. :D One Piece Chapter 996 Review: -Blackbeard? Brushing his teeth? HUH? Alright... -Continues on from last chapter, following Tama, Nami, and Usopp -Yamato fighting, Shinobu insists they take Momo and run, gets refused -Sasaki is...
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    Heyo Walreyn here

    Welcome from beyond the grave @Walreyn to the place of nightmares, hope the chill in the air leaves you feeling right at home.
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